Cinesamples announces HollyWoodWinds

Cinesamples has announced HollyWoodWinds, a comprehensive sampling of the orchestral woodwind ensemble. This library’s collection of scales, runs, phrases, chords, textures, trills, FX and full ensemble patches, will get you thinking again about using woodwinds … read more

Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Band

Wallander Instruments has released WIVI Band, an application for musical performance, running on the iPhone using the microphone as a wind controller, and an easy-to-learn piano fingering with 5-octave range. WIVI is normally used by … read more

Vir2 Instruments announces MOJO: Horn Section

Vir2 Instruments has released MOJO, a virtual horn section instrument powered by the Kontakt engine. Now at the tips of your fingers is the most versatile horn section in the world, MOJO: Horn Section, offering … read more

Akai Professional releases EWI USB

Akai Professional has released the EWI USB, an electronic wind instrument for musicians looking for an easy-to-play, easy-to-use controller. EWIs are the only choice for serious wind players looking to make music electronically. While EWI … read more

LinPlug updates SaxLab to v2.0.2

LinPlug has released version 2.0.2 of SaxLab 2, a virtual saxophone instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac. This update fixes a few smaller bugs and mainly the ECS (MIDI Learn) not working. SaxLab 2 features … read more

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HV Synth Design releases FluteCollection

HV Synth Design has released FluteCollection, a collection of an acoustic modeled Bass Flute, C(concert)Flute and Piccolo. The instruments are based on a unique modeling method, called Eclectic Acoustic Synthesis (EAS), created with SynthMaker. FluteCollection … read more

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LinPlug releases SaxLab 2

LinPlug has released SaxLab 2, a virtual saxophone instrument plug-in for Windows (Mac version coming). Inspirational SoundSets combined with an easy-to-use interface make the LinPlug SaxLab the ideal virtual instrument for musicians wanting to emulate … read more

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Bela D Media releases Retro Flute

Bela D Media has released Retro Flute, a flute sample library for Kontakt. Though it will sit extremely well in a Cinematic, Classical or Jazz ensemble track, it is the retro sound used by many … read more

Short links for May 26th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 26th, 2008: # glitchDS – A free homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. Perfect for creating IDM and Glitch style loops. glitchDS – a music … read more

Swar Systems releases Volume 4

Swar Systems has released Volume 4, a sample collection of Indian instruments for use with Swar products. Volume 4 is our latest addition of rare instruments from all regions of India. Some of them are … read more

Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps

Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps, two titles in the Modular Series 24 bit sample libraries for Kontakt 2 and Gigastudio. Rare Winds includes the following instruments: Sopranino Recorder Soprano Recorder Alto Recorder Tenor … read more

Venuc releases Wisine v1.0

Venuc has released version 1.0 of Wisine, a freeware woodwind/brass model VSTi plug-in for Windows. Wisine does NOT use samples; its sound is generated from synthesis. Wisine features Woodwind Model synthesis Brass Model synthesis Great … read more

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Ableton announces Ableton Live 7, new instruments and Ableton Suite

Ableton has announced some new products, scheduled to be released before the end of 2007: Ableton 7, some new add-on instruments, and Ableton Suite. Ableton Live 7 Ableton Live 7 renews the core of Live, … read more

Back In Time Records releases Ethnotronic VST

Back In Time Records has released Ethnotronics, an acoustic, electric and electronic world instruments sample library plus percussion collection, powered by the Wusik engine. Ethnotronic features Acoustic instrument multisamples, in-depth (length, mapping), several tone colors … read more releases Miles’tone v1.0 virtual trumpet VSTi has released Miles’tone, a virtual trumpet VSTi plugin. Miles’tone is based on a mixed use of traditional synthesis (oscillators, filters) and physical modeling synthesis (tuned delay lines, resonators), but more importantly it reflects the … read more

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Bela D Media releases Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media has released Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02, a projected multi volume sample collection of authentic instruments from various countries and cultures. Features 24-bit/44.1KHz instruments: Armenian Duduk, Bulgarian Kaval, Didgeridoo, Koncovka (High Overtone … read more

VSL announces Symphonic Cube Instrument Collection

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the Symphonic Cube, a collection of Virtual Instruments with more than 550GB of sounds. Over the next few months, VSL will release ten Vienna Instruments that form the Symphonic Cube: … read more

Best Service releases 2 Peter Siedlaczek titles

String Essentials is a comprehensive, thought-through and ergonomic virtual string orchestra. Features 17 GB of great sounding samples in 5 lengths and 3 or 4 dynamic layers 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos & 6 … read more