Audiomodern has launched version 2.0 of ATOM, a unique virtual instrument with a powerful custom engine.

The update brings NKS compatibility, a brand-new preset browser which allows custom folders for user presets, and a scale-selector/randomizer for each of the arpeggiators with 30 scales. The convolution reverb section comes with 50 new IR samples.

The machine is built around a beautifully diverse collection of intricate textures and organic elements, that were created from a huge collection of field recordings, custom made acoustic instruments including a tuned anker, propellers, the famous Koka’s experimental Box even a WWII Torpedo and analogue machine noises, which were then painstakingly recorded, edited using the most advanced sound design techniques and finally assembled into a stunning collection of abstract cinematic & experimental organic elements. with over 180 patches & presets to be mixed and matched as desired.

ATOM 2 features

  • Optimized functionality & multi-genre versatility.
  • 7.2 GB of sounds (Compressed to 6.73 GB using .NCW Lossless format).
  • Random sequence & pattern generator.
  • Individual effects & arpeggiator for each layer.
  • 180+ categorised sound sources encompassing a wide variety of sounds.
  • Custom convolution reverb impulse engine.

ATOM 2 is available for 149 EUR. It requires Native Instruments Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player version 5.7 or higher.

The update is free for existing users of ATOM.

More information: Audiomodern