LFO Store has announced the release of three new sound packs for Korg synthesizer instruments.

Cinematica for the Korg Radias virtual analog synthesizer features 128 organic presets, including lush and massive strings, deep atmospheric pads, complex sequences and grooveboxes, beautiful immersive keys, and more.

Imagine Korg Radias as a Hero of Action Film. How it can sound? Warm? Authentic? Add famous sounds & you are here. Introducing: “Cinematica” soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Korg Radias.

With Cosmos for Korg Wavestate, LFO store delivers a collection of 40 performances for the wave sequencing synthesizer, featuring strings, drones and spheres, keys and plucks, and pads.

Its been more than five years since Nick Klimenko made first soundset for Korg Wavestation & form LFO.store Team. We had recieved lot of feedbacks regarding this sounds around the world & thats how our company was born. “Cosmos” soundset with 40 intergalactic performances is a dedication to Vector Synthesis in its updated form – Wasvestate.

Lastly, the Ambient Treassures Samplepack contains a collection of 300 samples from the Korg M3 music workstation synthesizer.

The 1GB royalty free pack by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos includes 203 pads, drones, swells, spheres, landscapes, ambiences, and sweeps, 76 dynamic melodies and arps, and 18 field recordings and nature sounds.

The Cinematica and Cosmos soundsets are priced $25 USD and $15 USD, respectively; the Ambient Treassures Samplepack is $20 USD.

More information: LFO Store