Ocean Swift Synthesis has announced Automaton WT-1000, a new series of algorithmically constructed wavetable packs.

Ocean Swift Automaton WT 1000

With each entry in the series we create a special program that creates wavetables based on an algorithm populated by randomized parameters. These packs will be offered for a modest price and provide lots of opportunities to experiment with wavetables.

For this first such pack four wavetables are created and then modulated and morphed with each other, crushed and mutilated and mixed into one final wavetable. The algorithm randomizes all the available parameters and creates a new wavetable file at each pass, resulting in 1000 unique wavetable files. Some are crazy, some are tame, some are all over the place, some are very basic, some are beautiful, some are renegades.

Use in your favorite wavetable synthesizers, like Defiant WT, Pathfinder WT, Polyphenom 2, Serum, Codex, Kontakt, Reaktor, Hive2, Synthmaster 2.9, Synthmaster One, Dune2, Dune3, Falcon, Icarus and more!

The Automaton WT-1000 packs are available for 2 EUR each.

More information: Ocean Swift Synthesis