Pulsar Audio has announced version updates to its entire product line, including new features requested from the community of users, graphical and usability improvements, and general bug fixes.

Updated plugins include the Pulsar 1178 perfectly emulated and enhanced FET compressor, Mu modern yet legendary tube compressor for mixing and mastering, Smasher straightforward extreme compressor modeled after the “British mode” of a uniquely modified 1176 compressor, and Echorec emulation of the iconic magnetic-disk delay from the ’60s.

Changes in the updates

  • Separate oversampling setting for offline rendering.
  • Lock parameters, to prevent changes when loading presets.
  • Restore factory presets.
  • Option to completely disable background hiss (Mu and Echorec only).
  • Improved management of mouse cursors.
  • Improved drawing and image rendering accuracy.
  • Improved rendering speed.
  • Improved rendering of fonts at intermediate zoom factors.
  • Improved compatibility with some older OpenGL drivers.
  • Improved appearance of help balloons.
  • Fixed various rendering bugs.
  • Fixed bug when entering MS mode while in “screen” view mode.
  • Fixed iLok-related audio bugs.
  • Fixed crash on some old Xeon processors.
  • Fixed bug on Restore Factory Presets option.
  • Fixed Apple windowing issue on MacOS Lion.
  • Fixed “clean install” option in Windows installer.

The plugins are available for purchase from Pulsar Audio and at Plugin Boutique. Updates are available to all users (free for previous owners) via the respective plugin’s About menu.