Samplecraze has announced the release of MixBus Strategies, an entire book that has been dedicated in exploring and revealing some of the music industry’s secrets on how producers manage the elusive MixBus or Master Bus.

The Definitive Guide For Producers offers over 180 pages of production secrets that will help both beginners and more experienced producers and mastering engineers alike, accompanied by a massive collection of before/after audio examples, screenshots and supplementary videos.

Accompanied with 17 videos and 130 audio files this book is aimed at those that like to get their hands dirty with working exercises peppered with solid physics.

Samplecraze MixBus Strategies

Containing indepth tutorials on the secrets of constructing the Master/MixBus Bus Dynamics this book has chapters devoted to various current popular genres, notably Hip Hop and EDM, plus extensive examples covering all types of mixbus textures from transparent (pre mastering) to silky smooth for film, from airy to hard hitting; all types of mixbus dynamics are explained in detail!

The main focus is on the practical skills and tips that you need to make quick progress, and throughout the book Eddie Bazil demonstrates various techniques using an array of dynamic processes utilising plugins, both free and paid for, where he takes a real-world stereo mix and reworks the mix at the master bus to illustrate exactly the texture he is talking about, and all this on top of the standard MixBus Processes. But he’s also backed this up with plenty of useful theory that will help you keep learning and experimenting for years, including detailed videos that highlight both the processors used and how to use them.

The book’s main aim is to help you in understanding the processes and processors producers and mastering engineers use to work the Master Bus/MixBus, be it for transparent mastering or for genre specific processing.

Whether you are into Hip Hop or EDM this book is aimed solidly at constructing bespoke mixbus textures for various genres and mediums available.

Accompanied with tons of top quality source files (24/44.1 WAVs) and with before and after audio examples the book is structured so you can follow all the exercises and achieve the same results.

This E-book is not exclusive to any software, and can be used as a tutorial for any audio editor and/or sequencer.

MixBus Strategies is available for £24.99 GBP. For 2 weeks, you can get a discount on your purchase with coupon code MIX-ME-UP at checkout.

More information: Samplecraze / MixBus Strategies