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Audec Shot

Audec releases Shot sampler plugin with humanizer (VST/AU)

Audec has launched the Shot one-shot sample player plugin, featuring a humanizer that adds an organic feel to mechanical beat sequences. The humanizer randomizes three...
Audec Clap Extra Pan Transient

Audec releases Clap, Extra Pan & Transient audio plugins (VST/AU)

Audec has released its latest audio plugin Clap, a handclap synthesizer that is based on the TR-808 circuit configuration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHbLlEsL14U Clap enables you to easily adjust...
Audec Spread Delay

Audec releases Spread Delay effect plugin for Mac

Audec has launched its new audio plugin Spread Delay, a ping-pong style multi-tap delay effect for Mac. It produces delayed sounds that gradually spread from...
Audec adc Drive

Audec releases Drive free waveshaping plugin for Mac (VST3/AU)

Audec has announced availability of its new Drive waveshaper audio effect plugin. Drive is a flexible waveshaping effect that makes a variety of sounds from...
audec adc Formant

Audec releases adc-Formant filter plugin for Mac

Audec has launched its new adc-Formant plugin, an audio effect that creates vocal-like vowel sounds. adc-Formant features Graphical Vowel Selector. 3 Filter Types:...
Audec adc StereoImage

Audec releases adc-StereoImage plugin for Mac (AU)

Audec has launched a new effect plugin that alters the stereo image of your audio with 3 parameters. adc-StereoImage features Width: Widen/Narrow stereo width. ...
Audec Crush, Ring & Vibrato

Free bitcrusher, ring modulator & vibrato plugins for Mac by Audec

Audec has released adc-Crush, adc-Ring and adc-Vibrato, three free audio effect plugins for Mac. All three plugins offer a minimal amount of controls in a...

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