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Isotonik Spellbook

Hypnus Records launches Spellbook Max for Live device inspired by sacred geometry

Isotonik Studios has introduced a new Max for Live device by Hypnus Records. Developed in collaboration with ​Chaos Culture, The Spellbook is inspired by...
Chaos Culture Signal

Build your own signal flow with Chaos Culture’s new Max for Live toolbox

Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Signal by Chaos Culture, a set of Max for Live building blocks that allows you to build...
Isotonik Studios Freak Q

Isotonik Studios intros Freak-Q FFT Max for Live device by Chaos Culture

Isotonik Studios has released Freak-Q, an equalizer like Max for Live device specialized on sound design. Following up on the MultiClip Editor for Ableton Live,...
Chaos Culture MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators

Isotonik Studios releases MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators for Ableton Live

Isotonik Studios has announced MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators, an unconventional arpeggiator for Ableton Live. The original MultiClip Editor from Chaos Culture broke new ground...

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