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Plugin Boutique Essential Creative FX Bundle

Essential Creative FX Bundle: Duck, Halftime & Backmask for $39 USD

Plugin Boutique has launched a new Exclusive Bundles+ title featuring three creative effect plugins at a discounted price. The Essential Creative FX Bundle includes sidechaining,...
PIB Audio Annihilation Bundle

Audio Annihilation Bundle: Get 60% off Trash 2, Backmask & Kombinat Tri plugins

Plugin Boutique has introduced its latest Exclusive Bundles+ title, the Audio Annihilation Bundle. This collection of plugins aims to help you distort, destroy and...
Freakshow Industries Back Alley Bundle

Plugin Boutique launches Freakshow Industries intro sale + Dissonance Bundle

Plugin Boutique has welcomed Freakshow Industries with an introductory sale on its creative audio effect plugins. Freakshow Industries makes plugins that are meant to be...
Freakshow Mishby

Freakshow Industries releases Mishby Tape Abomination plugin

Freakshow Industries has returned with another unique audio plugin. Mishby "The Tape Abomination" brings the filtering of a modeled portable cassette player to your...
Freakshow Industries Dumpster Fire

Freakshow Industries releases Dumpster Fire FSU shifter plugin

Freakshow Industries has launched Dumpster Fire, a pitch shifter plugin for Windows and Mac. With strange knobs and likewise sound manipulation, this "Shifting Nightmare" is...
Freakshow Industries Backmask

Backmask reverser plugin by Freakshow Industries released

Freakshow Industries has launched Backmask, a reverser audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Backmask is a chaotic reverser plugin that uses government approved paradox...

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