Tonebuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back 40% off in Tax Man Sale

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back

Tonebuilder has launched a Tax Man Sale for Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back, offering 40% off the electronic drum and percussion sample library for a limited time.

2072 brand-new samples, of which 90% have never before been heard and the other 10% is presented in a completely new fashion.

Intended for any genre that includes electronic drum sounds. Included are a wide variety of new sounds spanning the range and expanding the boundaries of contemporary music. Club, techno, trance, dubstep, house, ambient, electro-acoustic, dnb, experimental, film-beds, pop, hip-hop, rock … sure, why not, those genres use drums. For me, the focus is making a wide variety of samples to be used as a musical instrument, transcending genre and inspiring you thru life.

Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back features

  • 2072 Premium Designer Drum Samples.
  • 24-Bit/96kHz WAV, 24-Bit/96kHz AIF.
  • Intelligently organized and labeled for optimal creative work-flow.
  • Also comes in 16-Bit/44.1kHz WAV, featuring premium dithering/SRC and 8 character names for classic samplers such as the MPC and Akai series.
  • 22 NI Maschine Kits, 22 FXPansion Geist and Guru Kits.
  • Logic EXS24 and Native Instruments Kontakt patches (Deluxe version only).

Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back is available to purchase at a 40% discount, priced $45 USD (Standard) / $52 USD (Deluxe) until April 15th, 2012.

More information: Tonebuilder

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