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Tone2 releases IMS Exclusive for RayBlaster

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Tone2 IMS Exclusive for RayBlaster

Tone2 has announced the release of IMS Exclusive, a soundset featuring 150 patches for the RayBlaster software synthesizer.

IMS Exclusive takes Rayblaster’s Impulse Modeling capabilities to the next level, breaking sonic barriers with a smooth blend of unique and twisted sounds. Our designers focused on sounds which are exclusive to IMS and not possible with other synthesizers.

This set contains 150 expressive presets, each build to have its own unique texture and character, providing a wealth of inspiration and creativity for you to work with.

Gritty energetic basses, intricate arpeggios, haunting keys, vivid leads and warped effects, all infused with an attitude and fresh flavor. Unique, Fresh, Exclusive!

The IMS Exclusive soundset costs 39 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / IMS Exclusive


Patchpool introduces MetaVox for Alchemy

Patchpool MetaVox

Patchpool has announced MetaVox, a sample library for the Alchemy sample manipulation instrument by Camel Audio.

MetaVox for Alchemy focusses on the exceptional overtone singing of Gareth Lubbe, a true master of his craft who recently became the first professor for overtone singing in Germany. As Gareth is actually a professional orchestral viola player this library also contains several patches with viola sounds, the viola being a string instrument with a great resemblance to the human voice. During the recording session we also recorded duets of Gareth singing and playing the viola at the same time, these sample will make for some more beautiful and wondrous Alchemy sounds.

There will also be several patches with female vocals using samples which were recorded during a recent session with Frauke Albert, a renown german vocalist (soprano), working mainly in the field of contemprary music.

As an additional string instrument I will also use some recently recorded violin samples, another instrument which has a very voice-like character and blends beautifully with the vocals sounds in this library.

Besides using the original vocal and string samples (and resynthed derivatives thereof) for making the Alchemy patches, I am fascinated in the microcosmic interior of harmonics, so I am producing quite a few electronic derivatives of the samples, created by e.g. detaching the harmonics from the root note, then deleting the root note only leaving the harmonics which are then furtherly processed, timestretched, spectralized, tuned to a tempered scale and more.

The MetaVox library is scheduled for release on September 9th, 2013. It is available to pre-order for 28 EUR (20% off regular 35 EUR).

More information: Patchpool / MetaVox


Waves intros SoundGrid Extreme Server

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Waves has announced the release of its SoundGrid Extreme Server.

Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server

The most powerful SoundGrid DSP Server ever, Waves SoundGrid Extreme is pumped up and ready to tackle your heaviest processing challenges.

Try these numbers on for size: SoundGrid Extreme can run over 500 instances of Waves stereo SSL E-Channel or C4 Multiband Compressor plugins, with latency as low as 0.8 milliseconds! Featuring an Intel® i7 Extreme microprocessor which delivers over 40% more power than the SGS Server One, and housed in a rugged road-ready 2U chassis, the Extreme DSP Server is a massive upgrade to any SoundGrid system.

The SoundGrid Extreme Server is available to purchase for $2490 USD.

More information: Waves / SoundGrid Extreme Server


Virtuasonic releases Twisted Beatbox for Kontakt

Virtuasonic Twisted Beatbox

Virtuasonic has released Twisted Beatbox, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

TWISTED BEATBOX contains 400+ Loops organized in 35 Suites. This collection features unique vocal percussions, electronic drums and hybrid sounds, designed from processed human and drums recordings.

This particular collection has been created to spice up many modern and hybrid music styles with some of the most fresh and cutting-edge vocal percussions.

The loops are available in many popular formats (Apple Loops, Rex2, Acid Wav) and optimized for a smooth conversion to the Stylus RMX format.

Each Suite contains one or more main mixes (e.g. Airbeat A MIX, Airbeat B MIX) and other submixes (e.g. Electronic Drums, Vocal Percussions, Human HiHats-Kicks-Snares, etc.). This kind of structure gives great flexibility, since allows you to mix, process and mangle the loops to your personal taste.

TWISTED BEATBOX also includes 11 Kontakt instruments: 7 Vocal Percussion Sets and 4 Hybrid Electronic Drum Kits.

Twisted Beatbox is available to purchase for the introductory price of 24.95 EUR until August 15th, 2013 (regular 29.95 EUR).

More information: Virtuasonic / Twisted Beatbox


iMusicAlbum releases Master Record for iPad

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iMusicAlbum has announced the release of Master Record, a recording application for iPad developed by DMAX Audio and Igor Vasiliev.

Easy to use recording application with convenient controls and very creative effects like analog tape recorders will gives your music warmth and natural sounding professional grade quality.

Master Record can use any external audio source for record or used as Effect or Output in Audiobus. Also you can upload audio files to this application for final processing or before mixing.

After recording you can cut any part of track, make fade-in and fade-out and dubbing track with applying all built-in effects. Then you can send the track to another audio application thru “Open in” option or use AudioCopy/AudioPaste. Built-in web access service gives you easy way to share files in your wifi network.

Master Record features

  • Tape recorder effect with three types of frequency response and controlled wow/flutter.
  • Classic High/Low shelf EQ for accurate input signal correction.
  • Tape saturation effect with three types similar to the different equipment modes.
  • Noise effect with four types of noise for more natural sounds.
  • Separate level control for each channel with link option and channel selection.
  • High quality limiter prevents clipping and makes sound more intense.
  • Highly visible level meters, time counter, free space and battery meters.
  • Predefined presets, ability to create own presets.
  • Compare two different preset or effects settings in real time.
  • All effects settings are stored for each file and recoring mode.
  • Dubbing recorded or uploaded tracks with using all of effects.
  • Cut part of track and make Fade In and Fade Out with three types of envelope.
  • Support Audiobus in Effect or Output position.
  • Compatible with AudioCopy/AudioPaste.
  • Option “Open in” sends file to another audio application.
  • Sharing files thru internal Web service in wifi network.
  • Support iTunes file share.

Master Record is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Master Record


IK Multimedia releases iKlip Stand

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IK Multimedia iKlip Stand

IK Multimedia has announced that its iKlip Stand desktop riser stand for iPad and iPad mini are now shipping.

iKlip Stand allows users to position their iPad above their gear on a tabletop or desktop surface, providing for optimum viewing and superior touchscreen access and ergonomics.

iKlip Stand’s ball-joint-equipped device holder supports both portrait and landscape mode, and can be rotated easily between them with a flick of the wrist. Both iKlip Stand models also come with a clamp that can be used in place of the base to secure the tablet to the edge of a desk or table. desktop riser stand is now available to purchase.

iKlip Stand features

  • Desktop riser stand compatible with 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-generation iPads.
  • iPad mini version available.
  • Tall enough to fit any type of equipment underneath.
  • Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility.
  • Adjustable viewing angle.
  • Quickly and easily switches between portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Made of sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal-reinforced base.
  • Included tabletop clamp provides alternative mounting option.
  • 360-degree rotation when used with the clamp base.

The iKlip Stand is available to purchase for $69.99 USD / 54.99 EUR (excluding taxes).

More information: IK Multimedia / iKlip Stand


Plugin Alliance launches ALL Bundle

Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of the ALL Bundle, a discounted ‘Über-Collection’ of all its native plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

So what’s the deal? Well, it’s a big deal, actually. And when we say big we mean big… for Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle represents remarkable value by bundling all 33 remarkable plug-ins available at the present time from highly-respected Plugin Alliance partner brands Brainworx, elysia, Mäag Audio, noveltech Audio, ProAudioDSP, SPL, and Vertigo, covering everything from audio analysis to dynamics, equalisation to mastering, and specialist processing — priced to go at $2,388.00 USD. Though that’s an amazingly attractive 58% saving on purchasing those superior-sounding plug-ins separately for $5,658.00 USD, that’s not all…

Prospective purchasers can choose to spread spending that discounted $2,388.00 USD total cost over 12 monthly instalments of $199.00 USD or six monthly instalments of $398.00 USD — all interest-free, of course! Choose whatever best suits your pocket. Either way, 30-day lease licenses for all plug-ins are issued upon the first monthly instalment being paid, with repeat 30-day lease licenses issued for each monthly payment made thereafter until all six or 12 payments are duly completed, after which unlimited full licenses are automatically issued. Even better, background checks are not necessary. Lease licenses simply stop working after 30 days if a user fails to pay the next instalment. Can’t say fairer than that now, can we?

But what happens if you’re genuinely short of cash and can’t afford to make a payment at the end of a month? Not to worry. We understand that this sometimes happens, so — since you also have up to eight months in which to complete the six-payment scheme or 15 months in which to complete 12 payments — you are free to take a payment break and reactivate your plug-ins for another 30 days as soon as you pay the next instalment. Fair enough, eh? Fairer still, anyone already owning any number of Plugin Alliance plug-ins will be automatically recognised as such when logging into the Plugin Alliance web store so that they can always upgrade to the complete collection at the best possible price. Hypothetically speaking, say someone has half of the available plug-ins purchased and installed so far. Then the price to complete their collection would be approximately $1,200.00 USD — again, payable over six or 12 monthly instalments. In reality, of course, the web store always calculates an exact personal price accordingly. Couldn’t be simpler, surely?

So who better to formally introduce Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle than Plugin Alliance CEO Dirk Ulrich himself: “When we started Plugin Alliance, many users approached us and asked about an easy way to finance what they consider to be the best-sounding native audio plug-in collection available. After establishing our own license system in 2012, we are now able to let users experience the complete collection from day one while paying Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle off over six or 12 manageable payments. After putting years into the development of these plug-ins, I am proud and pleased to announce availability of Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle today!”

There you have it, then. Thanks to Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle, there has never been a better time than now to treat your recording, mixing, and mastering workflows to the best native plug-ins money can buy and also keep your bank manager happy while you’re at it! MIX NOW. PAY LATER.

The ALL Bundle is available to purchase for $2,388 USD.

More information: Plugin Alliance / ALL Bundle