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Eric Beam releases LEVel Up Gain Stage Nebula Program

Eric Beam LEVel Up Gain Stage

Eric Beam has released LEVel Up Gain Stage, a program library for Nebula 3 Pro by Acustica Audio.

LEVel Up Gain Stage features

  • Sought after makeup gain/bus amplifier. Inspired by the Ampex tape deck repro push-pull circuit.
  • Elegant discrete component signal path.
  • Flattering frequency response.
  • Stereo signal path/image.
  • Captured @ 24/96.
  • -20 & -18 calibration standards.

LEVel Up Gain Stage for Nebula is available to purchase for $10 USD. A quality/kernel limited demo program is available to download at no cost.

More information: Eric Beam


Cupwise releases Tube FM 1, 2 & 3 libraries for Nebula

Cupwise Tube FM

Cupwise has released three Tube FM libraries for Acustica Audio Nebula.

The sound characteristics of 4 table-top tube radios and 2 tube tuners were captured to be reproduced through Nebula. Sampled at 96khz.

These radios date to the 1950s. Two different FM transmitters were used, to get the signal into the radios. In some cases though, instead of transmitting the signal, it was directly injected into the radios’ circuitry. The tuners have RCA outputs which were used, but the table-top radios don’t. For those, the signal was taken from the speaker leads, after they were disconnected from the speakers.

Tube FM libraries for Nebula

  • Tube FM 1 – Four table-top tube radios. Two tube tuners. Two FM transmitters. Direct outputs.
    In all cases, the signal used to sample the radios was taken from them by a direct electrical connection. This means the speakers were bypassed. This provides the cleanest method of capturing the characteristic behavior of the radio’s circuitry. Each radio leaves a unique fingerprint on any audio ran through it, and these ‘colors’ were captured for use with Nebula.
  • Tube FM 2 – The same radios/tuners were used as with Tube FM 1, but this time their sound was captured with microphones. The overall sound is distinctive, yet each effect is different.
  • Tube FM 3 – Vintage Reverb – Custom reverbs made using tube radios, to add a vintage touch.

Tube FM 1 and 2 are available to purchase for $16 USD each; Tube FM 3 is $15 USD. Some free demo programs can be downloaded from the product pages.

More information: Cupwise


CD Sound Master releases Q8 444X EQ/Console Combo for Nebula Pro

CD Sound Master Q8

CD Sound Master has released the Q8 444X EQ/Console Combo, a library of programs for Acustica Audio Nebula Pro.

This vintage hardware with remarkable sound is inspired by one of the most perfectly preserved and rare pieces of audio history; an original Quad-Eight Electronics Film Console EQ/Mic/Line/Pre! To appreciate the sound, think everything from early film scores to Motown, to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The “Q8″ represents the apex in the Electrodyne, Quad-Eight Electronics, Sphere Console, Western Electric legacy.

Q8 for Nebula features

  • 36 programs in “EQ” and “PRE” sub-categories.
  • Sampled at 96kHz and are tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula3 Pro.

The Q8 library is available to purchase for $49 USD. Previous customers pay $39 USD.

More information: CD Sound Master / Q8 for Nebula


Eric Beam releases Zodiac Console Compressor for Nebula

Eric Beam Zodiac Console Compressor

Eric Beam has released Zodiac Console Compressor a collection of Nebula programs featuring the compressor of the AMS-Neve DFC Gemini console.


  • Two free programs capturing the compressor from most highly regarded & powerful modern console available.
  • Captured @ 24/96.

Program Spec

  • Attack = 5ms-40ms – Release 50ms-1600ms
  • Ratio = 4:1 + 20:1

Usage Tips

  • Use your ears & not your meters. Set MAKEUP GAIN/OUTPUT for final output level, & Most importantly experiment.

The Zodiac Console Compressor programs for Nebula are available as a free download.

More information: Eric Beam


AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO for Nebula 3 released

AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO

Alessandro Boschi has releasd Modern White Dynamics PRO, a library for Nebula 3 by Acustica Audio.

New and powerful approach to dynamic processing! This widely-acclaimed dual compressor/limiter embodies feed-forward (modern) and feed-back (vintage) mode, both with that legendary, classic and elegant silky sound.

The sampled unit has been improved with NOS Signetics ICs, Rubycon audio caps, and DC path revised.
Compared to the original unit the sound is more detailed, warmth and with better stereo image.

Modern White Dynamics PRO features

  • 32 differents programs at 5K.
  • Stereo programs and Stereo with sidechain function.
  • Feed-forward (modern) and Feed-back (vintage) modes.
  • Over 150 MB library programs.

AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO is available to purchase for 20 EUR. Existing customers get 25% off their order.

More information: Alessandro Boschi / Modern White Dynamics Pro


Cupwise releases Color Springs for Nebula


Cupwise has released Color Springs, a collection of programs for Nebula 3 by Acustica Audio.

What: A Gibbs spring reverb tank made in the early 70′s, of the type commonly used in Hammond organs and various Fender equipment. Two springs.

How: Sampled 14 different ways, some with the goal of capturing just the spring sound with little extra coloration, others with added flavor. The idea was to provide many variations of the spring reverb sound, giving several options for any situation requiring verb. Among the methods used- placing small objects on the springs (or wrapped around them), using the clamp (which I believe is to keep the pan/springs from moving around much during transportation) to dampen the effect, using different feedback paths, different sources of amplification, using cassette tapes, and playing the tones through the setups at different speeds/sample rates to shift the behavior up and down the frequency spectrum (check program specific details for more info on this). All were sampled with the RME hdsp 9632, at 96khz.

Color Springs for Nebula (full version required) is available to purchase for $6 USD.

More information: Cupwise / Color Springs


Eric Beam releases Analog Doubler – Nebula Programs

Eric Beam Analog Doubler

Eric Beam has released Analog Doubler, a collection of programs for Nebula by Acustica Audio.

Analog slapback doubler delay effect captured from the ADA TFX4 time effects.

Three delay time programs sampled @ 24/96

Analog Doubler is available to download at no cost.

More information: Eric Beam