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u-he announces Satin, Bazille and future Diva modules

u-he has announced some more details on its upcoming releases, recently introduced at the Musikmesse 2013.

We had a great time at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt in April. Check out the photo album we posted on our website:

Apart from all those updates we also presented a couple of new products and the new modules for Diva…

u-he Satin
u-he’s all new Satin Tape Machine plug-in.

Satin is a tape simulation plug-in that includes tape delay and true flanging. Under-the-hood features: record / playback head calibration, tape coating selection, NR-encoding/decoding and more.

Satin created such a buzz during the show that we can’t wait to release it!

Satin is scheduled for release in May for VST2, VST3, AU (AAX tba), estimated at $129 USD.

u-he Bazille

The long-awaited virtual modular synthesizer instrument Bazille is expected June, 2013, with an estimated price of $149 USD.

Many of you will already know the alpha version of Bazille, a spin-off from our long-term project “Berlin Modular”. It’s been a few years already, so its about time we finished the job!

For those who didn’t know, Bazille is a large modular synth with FM, PD and Fractal Resonance built into each oscillator:

  • Unique FM / PD based modular synthesizer, audio-rate modulation
  • Quality effects and many other features not available in the alpha version

The Diva virtual analog synthesizer is also getting another update, expected this June.

Despite the current update to V1.2, Diva will undergo yet another free update to include the following new modules:

  • digital oscillator emulation with dual multi-saws, internal feedback, pitched noise and more
  • ‘uhbie’ emulation of a certain legendary 2-pole filter
  • powerful arpeggiator and sequencer
  • ETA is June 2013, free update from Diva 1.x

Furthermore, u-he announced that a public beta of its Presswerk compressor plug-in will be available shortly.

More information: u-he

Tone2 releases Arpeggiator for Saurus

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Tone2 Arpeggiator for Saurus

Tone2 Audiosoftware released Arpeggiator, an expansion soundset featuring an extensive collection of arpeggios, grooves and rhythmic soundscapes for the Saurus virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

The Arpeggiator expansion library is filled to the rim with inspirational sounds, running in perfect sync to the tempo of your track and ready to breathe life into any club track.
Featuring Trance arps, pulsating basses, evolving sequences, phat rhythms and groove laden textures, Arpeggiator takes it all to the next level.

The Arpeggiator expansion also contains an inspiring collection of arp patterns, no less then 100 new arp patterns were added to create your own sounds or refresh presets.

Arpeggiator features

  • 200 superb new presets by professionals
  • 100 new arpeggiator patterns
  • 2 additional skins (White & Black)

The Arpeggiator expansion costs 39 EUR.

More information: Tone2 / Arpeggiator

Kirnu Cream MIDI performer plugin v1.0 released

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Kirnu has announced version 1.0 of Cream, a MIDI performer plugin for Windows and Mac.

Kirnu Cream
Kirnu Cream is intended to be used in both live and offline DAW usage.

With Cream it’s very easy to create catching lead parts, bouncing bass lines, swinging drums and lots of other cool stuff. The only obstacle is your imagination :)

Cream isn’t like any traditional MIDI arpeggiator or sequencer. It’s a lot more. With simple and clever design it has been made easy to learn and operate. You can easily create cool performances by tweaking only couple of controls. If this is not enough for you there are so many ways you can control Cream that you never feel bored with it.

Cream 1.0 features

  • 4 independent tracks which can be assigned to different key range and MIDI in/out.
  • 12 patterns per track.
  • Control Zone for changing most important parameters via external keyboard or MIDI events.
  • Free rate tweaking. Now rate can be changed also in hertz.
  • Chord memory with 16 independent memory slots.
  • Pattern sequencer for automated sequencing.
  • Sample accurate MIDI engine.
  • MIDI learn for all knob controls.
  • Note release functionality which enables more smooth live playing.
  • New preset system.
  • Copy/paste functionality.
  • Complete new pattern step data section:
    • New tool section enables easy data editing.
    • All data sections are independent from each other.
    • Data sections can be looped with several different loop modes.
    • CHRDMEM section enables different chords to be used in every step.
    • SEQ section enables sequencing the notes.
    • 8 CC controls in each pattern.
  • And lots of more…

Cream for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit, VST/AU) is available to purchase for 35 EUR.

More information: Kirnu

Novation intros Bass Station II analogue synthesizer

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Novation has announced Bass Station II, an analogue mono-synth based on the classic original Bass Station.

Novation Bass Station II

To celebrate our 21st birthday, Novation is proud to announce the launch of Bass Station II – a powerful analogue synth that’s made for bass but equally well adapted to leads.

Based on the classic Novation BassStation from 20 years ago, Bass Station II has been completely re-worked for the 21st Century, with two filters, two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator, patch save and a fully-analogue effects section. Plus there’s a step sequencer, arpeggiator, a two octave (25-note) velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-sized keys and a powerful modulation section. There’s even MIDI I/O and USB connectivity.

Bass Station II features

  • Analogue synth – brand new version of the classic BassStation: Bass Station II has a pure analogue audio signal path, reviving the spirit of the original BassStation with an all-new design optimised for bass.
  • Two distinct analogue filters: In addition to the original ‘Classic’ BassStation filter, there’s a brand new ‘Acid’ diode ladder filter for squelchy 303-esque bass sounds.
  • Load and save patches: 64 factory patches on-board with room for 64 more of your own. Save more to your computer via USB.
  • Pattern-based step sequencer and arpeggiator: Bass Station II has an arpeggiator with a programmable step sequencer that enables you to store and call up patterns as well as quickly sketch out ideas.
  • Instant hands-on control: Instant hands-on control of the sound engine via a traditional analogue synth control panel.
  • Two oscillators plus an additional sub oscillator: Bass Station II has two sync-able, tune-able oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator for generating enormous bass sounds.
  • Analogue effects section: Bass Station II includes fully analogue distortion and filter-modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive to add aggression and crunch.
  • Powerful modulation section featuring two Envelopes and two LFOs: Two ADSR envelopes for amp, filter, pitch and pulse width modulation alongside two LFOs with waveforms including triangle, sawtooth, square and sample & hold.

The Bass Station II is expected to start shipping in June, priced at £399.99 GBP / 469.99 EUR / $499.99 USD.

More information: Novation / Bass Station II

u-he sneaks new Diva modules

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Urs Heckmann of u-he has posted a screenshot showing the upcoming new modules of the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Diva
The preliminary screenshot of the upcoming Diva 1.2.

New Diva modules arriving in June: Digital Osc, Uhbie-Filter and Arpeggiator/Sequencer. Here’s a preliminary screenshot :-)

More information: u-he / Diva

u-he Musikmesse 2013 announcements: Bazille, Satin, Presswerk & more

Urs Heckmann of u-he has made some announcements for the upcoming Musikmesse 2013, April 10-13th.

u-he Musikmesse 2013
A beautiful render of the Bazille modular synthesizer plug-in.
  • we’ll showcase Bazille 1.0 (to be released in June/July)
  • we’ll showcase Satin (tape machine emulation, due in May)
  • we might showcase Presswerk, a massive compressor (ui pending)
  • we’ll have a Digital oscillator module for Diva
  • we’ll have a new “Uhbie” filter module for Diva and ZebraHZ
  • we’ll have a sequencer/arpeggiator combo for Diva (all coming in June)
  • we’ll have Caffè corretto to pick you up

And also, wish us luck for Diva’s second nomination for the MIPA award. It took Zebra twice to get it, so we’re in good spirits.

More information: u-he / u-he forum

Tek’it Audio updates Arp-EG plug-in to v1.1

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Tekit Audio Arp-EG

Tek’it Audio has updated its Arp-EG classic MIDI arpeggiator plug-in to version 1.1.

Arp-EG classic is a MIDI arpeggiator, play arpeggios on all your instruments. All the VST instrument you like and even your hardware synth (using your DAW MIDI out) can now play arp sequence with Arp-EG.

Changes in Arp-EG Classic v1.1

  • BUG user manual link on Help screen don’t work, resolved.
  • BUG in some cases the shuffle generate a beat drop, resolved.
  • Faster Undo initialization.
  • SSE2 instruction sets requirement.
  • Reduced plug-in load time.
  • Added Right click octave selector pop-up menu to Transpose knob.
  • Added 4 new presets.
  • GUI improved Transpose knob graduation.
  • GUI improved Main screen display.
  • GUI moved social, help and info buttons to the top.
  • SETUP some improvements.
  • User Manual updated and improved.

The plug-in is available to purchase for 16 EUR / $20 USD (Windows VST).

More information: Tek’It Audio / Arp-EG

EZ-SOUND sets free Arp-Edge plugin

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EZ-SOUND has announced that its Arp-Edge arpeggiator VST instrument is now available as freeware.

Arp-Edge rompler features 36 patches wich have been multi-sampled from hardware and sofware synthesizers such as Nord lead, MC505, Sequential six tracks, voyager, AN1x, Sid, plastic CZ.

The short, punchy sounds are suited to play arpeggio in poly or mono mode (with adjustable glide/portamento)

Arp-Edge features

  • 36 presets windows VSTi.
  • Each preset includes 24 multisamples.
  • Sampling quality : 16 and 32 bits.
  • Optimized volume/ key tracking.
  • Cool glide / portamento.
  • Mono/Poly mode new.

Arp-Edge for Windows is now a free download. Arp-edge is also available as a soundfont (SF2).

More information: EZ-SOUND