Audiobus app-to-app audio for iPad & iPhone by A Tasty Pixel and Audanika

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A Tasty Pixel in partnership with Audanika has launched Audiobus, a revolutionary new app for iPad and iPhone set to reinvent iOS music making with its ability to connect music apps together, just as cables connect audio equipment.

Support for the app is already built into such leading iOS music apps as Rebirth, JamUp, NLog, Sunrizer and more, with over 750 more developers registered to implement Audiobus in their own music apps.

“Audiobus is going to fundamentally change the way people make music on the iPad and iPhone,” said Audiobus developer Michael Tyson. “The app works like virtual audio cables, turning a platform of isolated apps into a community of pluggable components that work together seamlessly, far greater than the sum of their parts. Nothing like this has even been attempted before.”

The app is the result of a twelve-month collaboration between A Tasty Pixel, developer of iOS audio apps Loopy and Loopy HD, and Audanika, developer of SoundPrism and SoundPrism Pro. Loopy, Loopy HD, and SoundPrism Pro have been placed on sale for the launch.

With a clean and simple user interface, the app allows users to easily connect the output of one Audiobus-compatible app into the input of another, playing a synthesizer live into a looper or multi-track recorder, or using one app to manipulate the live output of another.

“It’s what so many iOS music makers want: to be able to use multiple apps at the same time, mixing together the audio from each of them into a single project,” wrote leading musicians’ gear website Music Radar recently, dubbing the app “groundbreaking”.

Audiobus is launching today together with eleven other leading iOS music apps which have added support for the inter-app audio routing platform: Propellerheads’ Rebirth for iPad, JamUp and JamUp Pro, Sunrizer Synth, SoundPrism Pro, Loopy and Loopy HD, MultiTrack DAW, NLog Synth Pro and NLog MIDI Synth, sir Sampleton, and Funkbox.

Twenty-five additional noteworthy developers, including Moog and Intua, have been invited to the developer program and have already begun to add Audiobus support, prior to a public launch of the Audiobus Software Development Kit (SDK). Over 750 additional developers have signed up to add Audiobus support to their apps once the Audiobus SDK is made public.

Audiobus is now available on the App Store for $9.99 USD.

More information: Audiobus


Audanika updates SoundPrism to v2.5

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Audanika has released version 2.5 of its SoundPrims music app for iOS.

With its new MIDI features SoundPrism Pro is now able to be used as a destination for other MIDI controllers which means its sound packs can be triggered by other iOS MIDI apps, or even external controllers like USB MIDI-keyboards. It is now even possible to route the MIDI information generated by SoundPrism Pro to iOS arpeggiators like StepPolyArp and back again into SoundPrism Pro. Furthermore SoundPrism Pro is now also compatible to the DSMI standard which lets it connect to Mac, Windows and even Linux systems.

SoundPrism Pro’s new MIDI control features in version 2.5.

Changes in SoundPrism v2.5

  • Retina Support for the new iPad.
  • [Pro only] MIDI-In: Control SoundPrism with other MIDI controllers and apps.
  • [Pro only] Vastly improved MIDI-capabilities (local-off, dedicated Virtual-MIDI-ports, etc.)
  • Improvements in usability.
  • Fullscreen Mode has been moved to the Settings App so it won’t be triggered by accident.

SoundPrism Pro is available to purchase at a limited time 50% discount, priced $7.99 USD. SoundPrism is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

More information: Audanika


Audanika updates SoundPrism to v2.3

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Audanika SoundPrism

Audanika has announced an update to SoundPrism, an instrument and MIDI controller app for iPhone/iPad.

SoundPrism Pro 2.3 is now able to interconnect with other music apps via virtual Core MIDI. MIDI notes and controller data generated by SoundPrism Pro can now be sent to synthesizer apps running in the background. With this step iOS devices become modular creative studios. No additional hard and software is needed anymore.

One special synthesizer app that can be controlled via SoundPrism Pro is TempoRubato‘s NLog. NLog is an extensive synthesizer that provides multiple high quality synthesis modules, SoundCloud upload, Audio and MIDI Export as well advanced real time control. Thus NLog and SoundPrism Pro complete each other perfectly: NLog provides a high quality analog audio synthesis to SoundPrism Pro and vice versa SoundPrism Pro provides a highly intuitive musical user interface to NLog. A demonstration video can be found at

SoundPrism 2.3 is a free update for both standard and Pro versions from the iOS App store. Note: the virtual Core MIDI features are only available in SoundPrism Pro, priced $15.99 USD / £9.49 GBP / 12.99 EUR.

More information: SoundPrism


Audanika releases SoundPrism 2.0 for iOS

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Audanika has released version 2.0 of its SoundPrism iPhone/iPad touchscreen instrument and MIDI controller app.

Audanika SoundPrism

The new version features a redeveloped sound engine and an in app store where additional instrument packs can be purchased to extend the range of SoundPrism’s sonic possibilities and which also includes a free soundpack for users to play with.

In addition to this the new sound engine has allowed Audanika to add FX such as delay and reverb to SoundPrism’s patches, adding a new layer of depth to new and existing sounds.

The SoundPrism interface has also been redeveloped for this release and now features a piano keyboard display which allows users to see the notes they are playing on SoundPrism’s beautifully designed touchscreen interface. Users can now also shake their device to access a fullscreen version of the instrument which removes the menu options and allows for a wider range of notes. Additional features which have been added to SoundPrism 2.0 include retina display support for iOS 4 devices and multitasking, which will allow the instrument to run in the background whilst users are accessing other apps on their device. A YouTube video which demonstrates these new features and soundpacks can be found at the Audanika YouTube-Channel.

Changes in SoundPrism 2.0

  • New Interface.
  • Keyboard View.
  • New Sound Engine.
  • Fullscreen Mode (just shake your iOS device to activate).
  • New Sounds can be downloaded from the SoundPrism Pro Store.
  • Retina Support.
  • Multitasking Support.
  • It’s faster, brighter, crisper, sounds better and we’re going to update it more often.

SoundPrism Pro 2.0 for iOS is available to purchase for $15.99 USD/£9.49 GBP/€12.99 EUR. The update is free for existing users. A standard version is free to download.

More information: SoundPrism


Audanika updates SoundPrism Pro to v1.4, new MIDI control features

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Audanika has released version 1.4 of SoundPrism Pro, a touchscreen instrument and MIDI controller for iOS.

SoundPrism Pro

This new version of the app allows you to use your iOS device to control MIDI control channels (which can be assigned to synth parameters & FX) through movement. By assigning a MIDI control channel to the X & Y axis and using the devices accelerometer you can manipulate sound through movement like never before – and whilst still using SoundPrism’s Pro’s innovative touch interface to play multiple MIDI channels, as demonstrated in this video

The latest update also enables velocity, which opens up a new level of expression and realism to playing synths and VST instruments with SoundPrism Pro. Velocity sensitivity can also be set within the apps options, allowing the user to a good level of control over this feature.

SoundPrism Pro has already proven to be popular with the ever growing number of mobile music producers and performers and has already been used in work by Roger O’Donnell and Sleeping at Last, who have used the app to record their recent ‘Yearbook’ project. The app currently features in the top 100 music apps for iPad on the app store and is regularly recommended by Apple to their iOS users.

SoundPrism Pro is available to purchase for for $15.99 USD / 12.99 EUR / £9.49 GBP. A free version of the app, which allows users to try out the apps basic features is also available.

More information: SoundPrism


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