Producertech releases Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments

Producertech has launched Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments, a video tutorial course on Logic Pro’s virtual instruments.

Producertech Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments

Logic Pro is one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations on the market. Used at every level of audio production, it is well known for being both powerful and flexible, but particularly for the incredible range of instruments it is bundled with. In this course from Producertech Course Director Rob Jones, you will be guided through the methods underpinning synthesis and sampling by means of detailed lessons on each of the instruments packaged with this popular piece of audio software.

From programming drums in Ultrabeat or Drummer, creating exciting sampled sounds in EXS24 to complete explanations of Subtractive, Wavetable, FM and Modelling synthesis in the full range of Logic’s plugins – by the end of this course you will be fully equipped to utilise all of these powerful instruments and techniques to great effect.

The course is available for purchase for £59.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech / Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments


Precisionsound releases Victorini Accordion sample library

Precisionsounds Victorini Accordion

Precisionsound has launched Victorini Accordion, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

The Victorini Accordion is a versatile Italian instrument with treble, bass, and chord registers.

We captured not only its delicate and expressive voice, but also its many key and button noises. The result is a virtual Victorini that comes alive under your fingertips.

Our scripted version for NI Kontakt 3+ (all versions from v3 to the latest) also enables creative chorus and harmony effects.

Victorini Accordion features

  • Individually sampled clarinet, bandon and bass voices.
  • Individually sampled major and minor chord registers.
  • Key up and down noises, button noises, and release samples.
  • 2 Round robins.
  • 812 Stereo 24‐bit WAV samples.
  • 1 Program for NI Kontakt 3+ with scripted performance controls and GUI.
  • 2 Programs for NI Kontakt 2+.
  • 2 Programs for Logic EXS24.

The library is available for purchase for $49 USD (download) / $58.95 USD (DVD). All formats are included. Requires full version of Kontakt.

More information: Precisionsound / Victorini Accordion


3R Audio releases VSL Performance Tools for Logic Pro X

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3R Audio has announced VSL Performance Tools, a collection of tools for using EXS24 Vienna Symphonic Libraries in Apple’s Logic Pro X.

3R Audio VSL Performance Tools
VSL Performance Tools for Logic Pro X – Articulation Tool.

The VSL Performance Tools let you use all your EXS24 Vienna Symphonic Libraries again directly in Logic Pro X. The bundle includes four scripter midifx plugin tools : Legato, Repetition, Articulation and Multi Instrument Tool.

VSL Performance Tools features

  • Legato Tool — To use with the Perfect Legato Instruments. The script has all options of the original Legato Tool. You can switch between the different mappings of Standard, Horizon and Guitar Instruments and even have repeating notes alternation optionally.
  • Repetition Tool — Use this tool with the Perfect Repetition Instruments. This new version makes repetitions easy and convenient to play as it substitutes the old pattern scheme with a clever random round robin algorithm. Additionally two cycle repetition modes are included.
  • Articulation Tool — This Tool lets you switch between the different articulations of VSL all-instruments. You can switch via keyswitch, controller and programchange messages. The articulations changes can be automated.
  • Multi Instrument Tool — A tool extending the possibilities of the legacy performance tool. A scripted trackstack patch makes it possible to use all kinds of different single vsl instruments in one multi-instrument and switch between them. Besides the normal keyswitch mode there is the new articulation-id mode, letting you even further program or play a different articulation for every single note.

The VSL Performance Tools are available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: 3R Audio / VSL Performance Tools


Drumdrops updates Multi-Velocity packs incl. TX16Wx support

Drumdrops has announced that it has updated all the Multi-Velocity packs of its drum sample libraries.

Drumdrops Multi-Velocity packs

We have been busy updating our Multi-Velocity packs and now all of these packs have been updated on our site to the latest versions. First up we have updated the EXS24 patches. There is now a new Logic X patch for EXS24 which utilises some of the Logic X features.

Secondly we have added over 500 MIDI Loops to the packs covering a variety of genres (it is the same loops in each pack and from time to time we will update them).

Finally we have just added patches for the excellent free TX16Wx sampler. These patches have been built by Suleiman Ali. This sampler is a free piece of software that the developer has been building for a while. It is an excellent alternative to the many paid samplers out there. The developer is extremely responsive and worked with Suleiman to make sure our patches work well.

For everyone who has already purchased a Multi-Velocity pack from us just head over to your account and download the latest version which will have all the latest updates. The All Samples Packs have also been updated with the latest version.

If you have not purchased a Multi-Velocity pack from us before or want to try out another kit then there is no better time than now. The packs come with up to 16 velocities of each articulation and include 11 different patches for most of the main samplers out there. Now they also come with over 500 MIDI loops. At £ 15.00 a pack you can’t get better than that. Although today for a limited period, we are offering a 20% discount on any of the Multi-Velocity kits. Just use the voucher code MV20 at checkout.

More information: Drumdrops


VST Buzz launches sale on Harmoniums of the Opera by Bolder Sounds

VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale on Harmoniums of the Opera, offering a 30% discount on the harmonium instrument library by Bolder Sounds.

Harmoniums of the Opera

Harmoniums of the Opera is a 630 MB sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 4. This unique sample library features two rare and contrasting harmoniums – an electric harmonium owned by the Metropolitan Opera and a acoustic foot pumped harmonium owned by the Juilliard School, both located at Lincoln Center in New York City.

On both the harmoniums in this library, you can save banks of presets of your own creation for the effect panels which include Space IR, EQ, Chorus, Flange, Rotater, and Delay. For more detailed information, please download the .pdf manual at the bottom of this page, also be sure to watch the video demos made for each harmonium.

Harmoniums of the Opera features

  • 630 MB in size
  • Perfect for a wide range of music genres.
  • Two rare and constrasting harmoniums.
  • Electric harmonium and foot pumped harmonium.
  • Save banks of presets of your own creation for the effect panels which include Space IR, EQ, Chorus, Flange, Rotater, and Delay.
  • Unusual and unique instruments that will make your music stand out.
  • Both EXS and Kontakt versions available.

The library is available from VST Buzz for £25.99 GBP until October 21st, 2014.

More information: VST Buzz


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