Micah Frank Tectonic, free sonification compilation & Ableton Live instrument

Micah Frank has announced the release of Tectonic, a free sound library. The Tectonic compilation includes almost an hour of earthquake sonifications that can be listened to as a full length album, or played as … read more

Short links for January 31st, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently: # Touchscreen or Tangible? Use Both: A Practical, Affordable, Playable PC Rig with Usine Peter Kirn writes: Touchscreens? Good, old-fashioned faders, knobs, and pads? Why not just use what … read more

parallelogram mlrv 2.0, Max/MSP instrument for grid-based controllers

Parallelogram has announced its mlrv 2.0 a hypersampling instrument for grid-based music controllers like the monome, livid ohm/block, novation launchpad, and akai apc/mpd. the software allows a sound file or live recording to be mapped … read more

Cycling ’74 announces Universal Jitter Event, $100 off Jitter (+ Vizzie released)

Cycling ’74 has announced the Universal Jitter Event, a special opportunity for everyone to adopt Jitter. From now until January 19, we’ve knocked $100 off the price of Max/MSP/Jitter bundle and all Jitter upgrades. Visit … read more

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Short links for December 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Nintendo NES Does MIDI and Live Music, Integrated into Your Studio Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music: Retro chip music appeal and the occasional Super Mario Bros. game … read more

Short links for September 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Everything is a Remix, Part 1 : Everything Is a Remix Check Songs Used in Everything is a Remix Part 1 for details. # Dan303: FREE Samples: “Synth … read more

Ewan Hemingway Androidome, Android + monome

Ewan Hemingway has released Androidome, a android-based emulator for the monome music making device. Androidome is a portmanteau of Android + monome, android being the popular operating system for mobile phones, and the monome being … read more

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Johan Looijenga MIDI real-time Harmonizer 2, professional features for serious MIDI-based harmonizing

Johan Looijenga has released version 2 of his MIDI real‐time Harmonizer, a MIDI-based harmonizer software application for Windows and Mac. The MIDI real-time Harmonizer will take input notes via MIDI and generate 4-note chords that … read more

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Audiobulb Records Ambient, unique ambient soundscape generator (standalone Max/MSP application)

Audiobulb Records has released Ambient, a multi-effect standalone software module by Christopher Hipgrave and Mike Podolak. A unique ambient soundscape generator. AMBIENT is capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre … read more

Skinnerbox sbx 2049, powerful drum machine made with Max for Live

Ableton has announced the release of sbx 2049, a free Max for Live drum machine from electronic artists Skinnerbox. sbx 2049 is a six-voice synthesis-based drum machine with an integrated pattern sequencer. Its powerful sound … read more

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Roger Linn Design LinnStrument

Roger Linn has posted his research project LinnStrument, a new musical instrument prototype. If you’ve read my (Roger’s) New Musical Instruments page, you know that I’m interested in the idea of new musical instruments that … read more

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Short links for April 9th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # ESKAMON "Fine Objects" ESKAMON is the new colaboration project between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) & Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu, Ancestor). “Fine Objects” is the first single by the … read more

Symbolic Sound announces Open Sound Control (OSC) for Kyma

Symbolic Sound Corporation has expanded the list of real-time controllers and software that can communicate with its Kyma sound design environment by adding support for Open Sound Control (OSC) to its Paca(rana) sound engine. By … read more

Short links for February 22nd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # The Stretta Procedure: Free 2GB modular synth sample library Matthew Davidson writes: If you woke up this morning thinking, "Gee, I wish I could download two gigabytes of … read more

Leo van der Veen releases c74

Leo van der Veen has released c74, an iPhone / iPod Touch app that let’s you connect your device with Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP 5. Custom interfaces are built straight from within Max, presets can be … read more

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Grame releases Faust v0.9.10

Grame, Centre National de Creation Musicale, has announced the release of Faust (Functional Audio Stream) 0.9.10, a functional programming language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and synthesis. This version introduces several new possibilities. It … read more

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Robert Henke releases Max For Live Devices

Robert Henke has released a number of free devices for Max For Live. MaxForLive is a flavor of the Max programing language that only works in conjunction with Ableton Live and allows users to create … read more

Short links for December 22nd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Make: Online : Open source hardware 2009 Make’s definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009. Welcome to definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009. … read more

Ableton Freebies: The Schwarzonator & KJ Sawka’s loop and sample packs

Ableton has released some free downloads. The Schwarzonator is a Max for Live patch from Henrik Schwarz, Berlin’s own jazz/soul/electronica legend. “The Schwarzonator is a note twister. It’s all about helping musicians (or non-musicians) find … read more

Novation releases StepSeq Beta

Novation has released a beta version of StepSeq, a free Max For Live Patch that turns Novation’s Launchpad into a fully fledged melodic step sequencer. Conceived as a cool but powerful sequencer to enable Launchpad … read more

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