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ADSR Sounds releases BASSIC bass synth for Reaktor

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ADSR Sounds has released BASSIC, a bass synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor, made with the modern electronic producer in mind.

Stripped of all the things that can distract or confuse when designing killer bass music instruments, BASSIC has all the basic components needed to create professional sounds in just a matter of minutes!

No more spending countless hours dialling in settings across parameters that aren’t even necessary. No more complex routing decisions. And no more time spent on things that only seem to derail the creative process!

We created BASSIC with one thing in mind – Simplicity.

BASSIC features

  • Synth with 3 oscillators, including a sampler.
  • Oscillators have bandlimited hard sync.
  • Filter featuring zero delay feedback with saturation.
  • Modulate any knob or parameter on the synth.
  • Distortion, Formant, Bitcrusher, Vibrato, Flanger, Chorus and Doubler effects.
  • EQ section with Low Shelf, a Peak, and a High Shelf filter.
  • Includes presets by OhmLab and BHK Samples.
  • Bassic is open source.

BASSIC is available to purchase for $19 USD. Requires full version of Reaktor 5 (Reaktor Player not supported).

More information: ADSR Sounds / BASSIC


ADSR Sounds releases Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 & 2

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OhmLab Future Sounds of Razor Vol 1
OhmLab Future Sounds of Razor Vol 2

ADSR Sounds has launched Future Sounds for Razor Volume 1 and Volume 2, two soundsets by OhmLab, each featuring 28 presets for the Native Instruments Razor synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 is the first in a series that brings you top shelf retro-future, sci-fi and cutting edge lead and FX sounds for Razor.

Each patch is professionally programmed for maximum impact, flexibility and usability by OhmLab.

This preset collection consists of 14 lead synths and 14 FX synths that will inspire you and your fans alike.

Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 pushes the boundaries of what you can do with Razor, and these sounds are not like any others you will find elsewhere.

Truly unique and original synths, for your original productions. OhmLab has embraced the forward thinking design of this additive synth and programmed 28 of the finest lead and FX sounds with some serious attention to detail.

Future Sounds for Razor Volume 1 (Lead Synths & FX) and Volume 2 (Bass Synths & Pads) are available to purchase for $15 USD each.

More information: ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds intros The Ultimate FM8 PASS Collection Vol.1 by OhmLab

OhmLab Ultimate FM8 PASS Collection

ADSR Sounds has introduced the Ultimate FM8 PASS Collection Vol.1, a soundset by OhmLab, featuring pads, atmospheres, soundscapes & samples for the Native Instruments FM8 software synthesizer.

The highly anticipated Ultimate FM8 P.A.S.S. Collection Vol. 1 introduces a new way to explore and get more out of this amazing synth from Native Instruments.

Each preset has been carefully crafted to provide you with the most flexibility and usability possible. With a nice selection of pads, soundscapes and atmospheres, OhmLab takes things a step further by including a handful of original, and truly unique, samples specifically designed to be used with FM8 and the patches included in this collection.

Many people overlook the fact that FM8 allows you to use audio samples, and in more than one way. The samples included in this collection were created with the intent of being layered with these incredibly diverse patches inside of the synth to introduce more texture, character and atmosphere to your instruments in ways that you may have never considered before.

The soundset is available from ADSR for $12 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Ultimate FM8 PASS Collection


OhmLab releases DeepBionic Vol.1 Mini Pack for Massive

OhmLab DeepBionic Vol 1

MassiveSynth has introduced DeepBionic Vol. 1 by OhmLab, a mini soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

DeepBionic Vol. 1 Mini Pack is the first in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth.

Exploring the outer limits of sound design with a synth this versatile is really a never-ending journey, so join us as we leave the boundaries behind and find new ways to create music, atmospheres, FX, soundscapes and instruments that may leave you wondering how they were ever conceived.

This first installment in the series brings you blips, plucks, noises and bass that can be twisted and stretched in ways that will help bring new inspiration to your projects. It also features a couple of intense soundscape pads that are seemingness endless in what they can produce and where you can take them. From haunting and chilling to cute and fun, the sounds can considered avant-garde one moment and pop the next.

The soundset is available to purchase for $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / DeepBionic Vol. 1


MassiveSynth intros OhmLab presents In Motion soundset for Massive

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OhmLab In Motion

MassiveSynth has announced In Motion by OhmLab, a mini collection of sequences & textures for Native Instruments Massive.

IN MOTION Vol. 1 Mini Pack is the first in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth, in regards to sequenced patches. Exploring the opportunities of motion within sound design is a never-ending journey, and Massive is the perfect synth to carry us along the way.

This first installment in the series brings you sequenced sounds and textures that can easily be tweaked for your own projects, that will help bring you new inspiration and hopefully spark a passion for mastering the incredibly powerful Massive modulation controllers. From bright and airy to dark and haunting, this mini pack is full of flexible sounds ready for you to manipulate and enjoy.

The soundset costs $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / OhmLab In Motion


OhmLab releases SubGenre – Bone shaking sub bass for NI Massive

OhmLab SubGenre

OhmLab has released SubGenres, a mini soundset for Native Instruments Massive featuring 6 sub bass sounds.

If you are looking for a typical, plain old sub bass this is not the collection for you! SubGenres Vol. 1 is a new approach to sound design below 30Hz, and it’s going to help take your music to a whole new dimension.

You will not only feel the bass deep down in your bones, but you will also be able to hear the impact it has upon your sounds. That’s right, these sounds surpass the audible threshold on both sides. One of the many benefits of this new approach is that your fans don’t need a high end sound system to enjoy some of the extra low end presence. Adding new character and definition to your kick drums and baselines like you’ve never experienced! And with the 8 fully programmed Macro controls, you can tweak parameters like pitch, distortion, feedback, release and many other unique parameters that dig deep into the potential of NI Massive with a simple twist of a knob. Long gone are the days of sub bass that simply is what it always was. This is sub bass that gives you complete control!

The SubGenre set is available to purchase from MassiveSynth for $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / SubGenres


MassiveSynth intros EchoSpace Vol. 1 by OhmLab

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OhmLab EchoSpace Vol 1

MassiveSynth has released EchoSpace Vol. 1, a collection of Massive patches by OhmLab.

EchoSpace Vol. 1 is one of the most flexible and stylistic NI Massive preset collections released by OhmLab to date. Every sound has been carefully programmed to ensure that it can be used in several different musical genres without any parameter tweaking. So whether you are producing Dub Tech, Ambient, Electro, Deep House, Chill or any other style of music that features deep environments and sounds that range from ultra minimalistic to extra large, then this OhmLab Mini Pack is for you!

A Sample of each patch in action can be heard below in the audio player. There has been no processing of any kind use in this recording and everything you hear (except the drums) is from the synths themselves, with only Macro controls being used to generate any changes that occur. (There is not even any EQ used.) This is so you can hear the sounds in their original states and not be mislead in any way as to what they sound like or how they function. A wide range of music styles are used in this example to help drive home the idea that these patches can be used in just about any kind of project. Though none of them were heavily tweaked, so there is still plenty for you to discover on your own!

The soundset costs $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / EchoSpace Vol. 1