Toontrack releases N.Y. Studios Collection Producer Presets Bundle

Toontrack N.Y. Studios Collection Producer Presets Bundle

Toontrack has announced the release of N.Y. Studios Collection Producer Presets Bundle, a bundle including 6 individual titles of presets for the SDX sound libraries in the New York Studios Collection: the core Superior Drummer 2 library, the New York Studios Vol.2 SDX and the New York Studios Vol.3 SDX. In total, the collection includes 30 individually crafted and mix-ready kits.

The three Big Drums titles were crafted by Toontrack’s own head of sound design, Mattias Eklund, and designed to showcase the amazing acoustics of the main recording rooms at the renowned Avatar Studios, Allaire Studios and The Hit Factory. Get ten incredibly creative takes on how to mix ambient drums, using a number of varying tools, channel selections and the built-in effects in Superior Drummer 2, tweaked to the very outer limits.

The preset collections by Neil Dorfsman and Pat Thrall take you back directly inside the creative minds of the very men who helmed the consoles when the original sessions took place. Get fresh, new ideas on how to squeeze, tweak, shape and mold the raw material of these pristine recordings into all-new, layered, hybrid kits. From ambient to dry, punchy and edgy.

Use these settings as a starting point to hone your own tones, or just call up a preset and sit back. Get the most out of your SDX libraries – put the powerful framework of Superior Drummer 2 to work.

The bundle is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / N.Y. Studios Collection Presets Bundle


Toontrack bundles entire New York Studios suite

Toontrack Music has announced the immediate release of the New York Studios Collection for the award-winning drum production tool and sampler Superior Drummer 2.0.

Toontrack New York Series Collection
This collection combines the award-winning Superior Drummer software with the complete suite of sound libraries in the New York Studios series.

The focus of the series has been to capture the most notable and legendary studios in the New York area: The Hit Factory, Allaire Studios and Avatar Studios. These recording facilities have housed chart-topping artists for decades and are all world-renowned for their unique sonic qualities. All sounds were recorded by Grammy Award-winning engineer Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen), Pat Thrall (Katy Perry, Beyoncé) and in-demand session drummer Nir Z (Genesis, Chris Cornell).

Since Superior Drummer was first introduced on the market, it has become the indisputable industry standard tool for professional drum production. The sounds from the New York Studios series are used daily in major label studio productions, motion pictures and commercials around the world. By combining this collection of drums with the powerful sound shaping tools in Superior Drummer, the sky is literally the limit as to what you can achieve.

New York Studios Collection features

  • Approx. 50 GB of unprocessed drum sounds recorded through the best of modern and vintage equipment.
  • 6 complete kits, 26 snares & 14 kicks in total.
  • A large amount of cymbal setups.
  • Award-winning drum production software.
  • Large built-in mixer with internal quality FX.
  • Included presets for instant mix-ready sounds.
  • Optional tools available on select drums (brushes, mallets, rods).

The New York Studios Collection costs $499 USD/ 429 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / New York Studios Collection


Toontrack releases N.Y. Vol.3 Presets – Neil Dorfsman & Pat Thrall

Toontrack Neil Dorfsman & Pat Thrall NY Vol 3 Presets

Toontrack has announced two new preset packs for the New York Studios Vol.3 SDX.

Available today is a double-release of producer presets for Toontrack Music’s latest Superior Drummer sound expansion, the New York Studios Vol.3 SDX.

The presets were designed by the masterminds behind the recording, engineer/producer duo Pat Thrall and Neil Dorfsman. Between them, they have worked with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Bob Dylan and Kiss – to name a few!

This collection of ready-made drum mixes will squeeze the most out of your Vol.3 experience and let you in on some of Pat and Neil’s tweaking secrets!

The preset packs are available to purchase for $15 USD / 12 EUR each.

More information: Toontrack


Toontrack releases New York Studios Vol.3 SDX

Toontrack New York Studios Vol 3 SDX

Toontrack has announced the release of New York Studios Vol.3 SDX, the continuation of Toontrack’s New York Studios Legacy series, focusing on capturing the best studios in the New York area.

We are proud to present a new addition to the Superior Line: New York Studios Vol.3 SDX! Straight from the Avatar Studios in the heart of Manhattan comes breathtaking drums recorded by the same team that did Superior Drummer and the Vol.2 SDX – engineer duo Neil Dorfsman and Pat Thrall together with session drummer Nir Z.

New York Studios Vol.3 SDX features

  • Recorded in the legendary Avatar Studios in New York City.
  • 18 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded through Neve, Pultec and GML signal chains.
  • Three (3) full kits (Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers) and additional snares.
  • Several setups of different cymbals.
  • Included MIDI library played by session drummer Nir Z.
  • Included presets for instant mix-ready sounds.

The New York Studios Vol.3 SDX is available to purchase for 159 EUR / $179 USD. The New York Studios Vol.3 MIDI pack taken from the SDX is also available, priced at 25 EUR / $29 USD.

More information: Toontrack / New York Studios Vol.3 SDX


Toontrack Music presents official Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

Toontrack Music has announced the official Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial.

The tutorial, presented by Mattias Eklund Toontrack Music Head of sound design and founding partner together with Pat Thrall, Neil Dorfsman and drummer NIR Z, the team behind the recordings for Superior Drummer® 2.0, features a thorough walkthrough of all aspects of working with Superior Drummer® 2.0 to gain professional results.

As an added bonus Neil Dorfsman also goes through Toontrack drum replacement app Drumtracker® explaining its feature set.

Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

  • Getting started — Setting up Superior Drummer in your DAW.
  • Sound good quick — Walking you through how to get a great drum sound from Superior Drummer in a matter of seconds!
  • Construction Window — Explaining the different functions from Left to Right inside the Construction view of Superior Drummer.
  • Mixer — Demonstrating the Mixer of Superior Drummer and its functionality.
  • Multichannel to host — How to setup Superior Drummer as a Multiple Output plugin.
  • Combined Presets — What Combined Presets are and various ways of implementing them from within Superior Drummer.
  • Bounce / Render to audio — There are many options when looking to export your drums from Superior Drummer. The guys guide you through the process.
  • Drumtracker / S 2.0 Tutorial — Drummer Nir Z jams and the team uses Drumtracker to render his live audio recording to MIDI as well as showcasing the possibilities when using the retrieved MIDI in Superior Drummer.
  • Interview with the N.Y. Recording Team — An interview with the team behind the N.Y. recordings for Superior Drummer. With Pat Thrall, Neil Dorfsman, Nir Z & Mattias Eklund.

The tutorial is available on-line at the Toontrack website.

More information: Toontrack Music


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