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Analogue Drums releases Buckshot sample library

Analogue Drums Buckshot

Analogue Drums has released Buckshot, a drumkit sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and EXS24.

The Buck stops here. A modern take on a vintage kit with plenty of punch to cut through and enough tone to sit right in a rock track.

The kit is a vintage 1970s Gretsch Stop-Sign Maple with Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. The kit was tracked in a big old wooden theatre and dialing in the room sound can go from tight to espansive. As usual we’ve used nothing but the finest gear to capture the kit including classic Neumann mics, vintage Neve 1064 preamps. The tracks were then processed through vintage DBX 160 “VU” compressors for added grit and girth.

Buckshot features

  • Multi-sampling: each key contains 24 velocity layers for expressive detail. Hihats are extensively sampled for convincing realism with 6 articulations (tight, closed, loose, semi-open, open, pedaled).
  • Mic layers: 3x separately controllable layers for close mics, overheads and room mics.
  • Layouts: General MIDI (GM) and Extended Mapping (EX) layouts provided.
  • Kontakt instrument interface*: with volume and pan controls for individual drums and room mics. Instant snare-swapping button.
  • Sensitivity control*: increase the sensitivity of the kit for more subtle performances or leave it set to full dynamic range for rock and heavier tracks.
  • Presets*: for quickly changing sounds.

Buckshot is available to purchase for $24.95 USD.

More information: Analogue Drums / Buckshot

* features only available when using Kontakt.


Voxengo updates AcuDrums drum sample library, new snares and cymbal packs

Voxengo has updated AcuDrums, a professional sound sample library that captures acoustical sound of various drum and cymbal instruments.

The main idea behind AcuDrums library is to capture a maximally pristine and unprocessed contemporary drum kit sound. Library as a whole contains more than 11000 WAV files and takes more than 8 GB of disk space. Instruments of this library have multiple velocity layers with each velocity layer having 5 sample variations reducing the “machine gun” effect greatly.

Voxengo AcuDrums
Voxengo AcuDrums – New Ludwig and Pearl snares + Sabian cymbal

New in AcuDrums

  • Snare Drum 1465 PL-RSS-A
    14-inch (6.5-inch deep) steel snare drum with a massive punchy sound, naturally panned to the right side a bit. 1405 WAV sample files total.
  • Snare Drum 1450 LW-BB6-A
    14-inch (5-inch deep) nickel-plated brass snare drum with a cutting-through light sound, naturally panned to the right side a bit. 1335 WAV sample files total.
  • Crash Cymbal 19 SB-HHX-X
    19-inch crash cymbal with a big dark rough sound, naturally panned to the left side a bit. 745 WAV sample files total.

AcuDrums sample packs are available to purchase as individual instruments or in custom bundles (a discount may apply), with prices ranging from $8.95 USD to $18.95 USD per instrument.

More information: Voxengo / AcuDrums


Native Instruments releases Abbey Road Modern Drums, Kontakt-based drum instrument

Native Instruments Abbey Road Modern Drums

Native Instruments has announced the release of Abbey Road Modern Drums, a new instrument developed together with the iconic British recording studios.

Providing two high-end drum kits for use in the free KONTAKT PLAYER and the KONTAKT 4 sampler, ABBEY ROAD MODERN DRUMS gives musicians and producers access to expertly engineered drum sounds for contemporary music production of any genre, with the highest possible level of fidelity and authenticity.

ABBEY ROAD MODERN DRUMS complements the previous 60s, 70s and 80s installments, and is based on two renowned drum kits that are a staple of modern studio productions – a Drum Workshop Collector’s Series “White Kit” and a Pearl Reference “Sparkle Kit”. Further expanded with various distinctive cymbals from Sabian and Zildjian as well as three snare drum options each, both kits were recorded with painstaking precision in Abbey Road’s Studio Two and Studio Three, taking full advantage of the acoustic properties of these famous recording rooms.

Abbey Road Modern Drums features

  • Utilizes both contemporary and vintage high-end recording equipment to achieve ultimate sound quality across all individual instruments of the kits.
  • Over 40,000 samples, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • 7.2 GB library size, using the new Kontakt 4 sample compression (17.4 GB uncompressed!)
  • Up to 27 velocity layers for a single articulation.
  • Up to 6 variations of drum hits at the same velocity for added realism.
  • Additional compressed Mono Overhead and Mono Room samples for additional sound possibilities.
  • Three snare options for each kit.
  • Separate Right and Left hand samples for the most common Snare, Tom, and Hihat articulations.
  • Snare Top/Bottom and Kick In/Out samples.
  • Optional snare bleed samples for many drums.
  • Includes a selection of different MIDI mappings accommodating the established layouts of various popular
    electronic drum kits and third-party drum libraries.
  • Highly functional user interface offers convenient control over all articulation, sound shaping, mixing and routing functions. Advanced randomization can even add subtle nuances to the tone and timing to make it virtually indistinguishable from a studio-recorded drum performance.

Abbey Road Modern Drums is available to purchase as a download and on DVD for $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Abbey Road Modern Drums


FXpansion releases BFD Jazz Maple, expansion pack for BFD2 & BFD Eco

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FXpansion Jazz Maple

FXpansion has announced the release of BFD Jazz Maple, an expansion pack for the BFD2 & BFD Eco family.

BFD Jazz Maple is an expansion pack featuring a Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit, compatible with BFD 2.1 and BFD Eco. The expansion features several bonus ‘lite’ kit-pieces – a Yamaha signature Roy Haynes copper shell snare and a suite of Sabian cymbals.

The Maple Custom is an embodiment of the advanced progression in drum and hardware construction technologies developed by Yamaha, resulting in stunning sustain, warmth and projection. Although the tone of the kit lends itself particularly well to jazz, fusion and funk, BFD Jazz Maple is suitable for all styles of music that demand expressive, great-sounding drums. BFD Jazz Maple comes with a selection of great-sounding BFD2.1 and BFD Eco presets which offer some stunningly produced sounds right out of the box.

BFD Jazz Maple features

  • Low-cost, download-only expansion packs for BFD2 and BFD Eco.
  • Includes bonus ‘lite’ signature Roy Haynes snare and with matching beaters.
  • Includes bonus ‘lite’ Sabian cymbals with matching beaters.
  • Stunning sounding presets with custom grooves.
  • Includes 5 groove palettes from Platinum Samples – Real Jazz.

BFD Jazz Maple is available to purchase as a download-only expansion pack for £35 GBP / €49 EUR / $70 USD.

The expansion is available at a special offer price of £25 GPB / €35 EUR / $50 USD for any registered BFD Jazz ‘n’ Funk owner. Purchasing BFD Jazz Maple entitles registered users to purchase BFD Signature Snares vol. 1 and/or BFD Signature Snares vol. 2 at a discount price of £25 GBP, €35 EUR, $50 USD each.

More information: FXpansion / BFD Jazz Maple


Sabian B8 Pro, improved richer sounding bronze cymbals

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Sabian B8 Pro

Sabian has announced that it has improved the B8 Pro, the bronze cymbal that was introduced 20 years ago.

What better way to mark 20 years of the SABIAN B8 Pro series than launching a new, even better B8 Pro?

Bright, tonally focused sounds, a wide range of models and Brilliant looks that kill have been hallmarks of the SABIAN B8 Pro series since 1991. These qualities have propelled B8 Pro to consistently solid sales figures throughout its 20 year history. However, not content to rest on their laurels, the artisans of the SABIAN Vault are marking 20 years of this iconic cymbal with the design of a new, better B8 Pro.

“The knowledge and techniques we have acquired by producing some of the world’s best cymbals – such as the HHX and Artisan series – don’t get forgotten when we come to the design table for B8 Pro,” says SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Even though this is a cymbal designed for players just getting into their first set of quality B8 Bronze cymbals, we have introduced a new, larger hammering pattern as well as subtle design changes to the bell that have significantly improved its sound.”

The results speak for themselves. The new, better B8 Pro is richer sounding, with a complexity of tone not typically found in cymbals at this price point. It opens up when hit hard, but now also “gives up the goods” when played lightly.

It’s the latest cymbal development from award winning cymbal maker SABIAN, and it’s fully protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

More information: Sabian / B8 Pro


Sabian introduces Performance Packs for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music

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Sabian Performance Packs for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music

Sabian has introduced Performance Packs for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music, two pre-packs in AAX and HH/HHX cymbal combinations.

The challenge for many in choosing appropriate cymbals for church, gospel, and similar applications has led SABIAN to introduce Praise & Worship pre-packs in AAX and HH/HHX cymbal combinations.

Each contains a splash, hi-hats, a crash, and a ride. Also included as a bonus is a second, free, crash for a total of 5 models per pack – everything a drummer requires. The choice of series and models is based on what has proven popular with top Gospel and Praise & Worship players including Jeff ‘Lo’ Davis, Calvin Rodgers, Brian Haley, Brian Frasier-Moore, and Ken Lewis, who because they also play various other styles also appreciate the versatility of the chosen cymbals. Each set is ‘Sonically Matched’ for sound and performance compatibility. Both sets are quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

Available Praise & Worship pre-packs

  • Praise & Worship Pack 1
    • AAX Performance Pack for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music.
    • 11” AAX X-Plosion Splash.
    • 13” AAX Stage Hats.
    • 16” AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash.
    • 21” AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride.
    • BONUS 18” AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash.
  • Praise & Worship Pack 2
    • HH/HHX Performance Pack for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music.
    • 12” HH Splash.
    • 13” HH Fusion Hi-Hats.
    • 16” HHX Evolution Crash.
    • 21” HH Raw Bell Dry Ride.
    • BONUS 18” HHX Evolution Crash.

Cymbals in Praise & Worship Performance Sets are available in Natural Finish, or, at no extra charge, high-gloss Brilliant Finish.

More information: Sabian / AAX Performance Pack / HHX/HH Performance Pack


Sabian introduces Vault Artisan Traditional Suspended Cymbal

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Sabian Vault Artisan Traditional Suspended Cymbal

Sabian has introduced the Vault Artisan Traditional Suspended Cymbal, a cymbal for Old World sounds, with improved performance for orchestral percussionists.

Available in sizes 15” through 20”, the Suspended joins the recently released Vault Artisan Traditional Hand Cymbals in offering premium ‘Old World’ sounds that are tonally deep, dark and rich, with a robust vintage musicality. Medium-thin in weight, the Suspended responds readily for crashing or crescendos, ensuring complete control for the player.

Commented SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love, “The sound of a Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic cymbal is that of a century-old model that has matured through decades of playing. It’s a combination of high-density traditional hand hammering and a touch of innovation that actually improves on the performance and sound of those older cymbals. Like the Vault Artisan Hand Cymbals, this Suspended model responds easily and dynamically, so the desired sound is readily accessible.”

Added Nick Petrella, SABIAN Director of Education, “Because it sounds dark, responds quickly, has that age-old ‘mysterious’ tone, and quickly opens up to a roar, the Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic Suspended is perfect for today’s wide range of orchestral work. In my opinion, this is the best suspended cymbal available—bar none!”

Vault Artisan Traditional cymbals are designed by the SABIAN Vault Team in collaboration with a number of the world’s leading percussionists. “Accurately recreating, let alone improving upon the complex sound of hundred-year-old orchestral cymbals is a massive challenge,” concluded Love. “Thanks to the insight of these musicians and the traditional craftsmanship skills of our artisans we are able to design and craft such sounds.”

Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic models are individually hand crafted from premium B20 bronze by SABIAN Master Artisans. They are quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

Vault Artisan Traditional Suspended Cymbal

  • Size: 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”.
  • Weight: Medium-Thin.
  • Finish: Natural (Brilliant is optional).
  • Metal: B20 Bronze.
  • Hammering: ‘High-Density’ Traditional Hand Hammering, Innovative HHX ‘Tone Projection’ Dimpling.
  • Lathing: Narrow ‘pin-style’.
  • Special Feature: Combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative SABIAN techniques.

More information: Sabian