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Third Party Developers on Reason’s Rack Extensions

Propellerhead Software has posted a video featuring various third party developers who are working on bringing their products to the Reason platform with Rack Extensions.

3rd party devs on Rack Extensions: Rob Papen, Magnus Lindström (Sonic Charge), Dave Spiers (GForce), Kurt Kurasaki & Makoto Kobayasgi (Korg), Angus Hewlett (FXpansion), Rico Baade & Robert Fehse (Sugar Bytes), Niklas Odelholm (Softube), Urs Heckmann (u-he).

Meet some of the developers bringing Rack Extension devices to Reason’s rack! Rack Extensions allow 3rd party developers to bring their expertise, sounds, and inspiring workflow into Reason by merging some of the best elements of typical plugin expandability with the best elements of Reason’s ongoing commitment to stability, efficiency, and musicality.

In this video you’ll get a look at some of the first Rack Extensions to arrive in Reason’s rack, hear direct from the developers themselves and, most importantly, see just how massive this expansion will be for your music.

More information: Propellerhead / Rack Extensions

Soundcells updates Greenhouse ReFill to v2

Soundcells Greenhouse ReFill

Soundcells has updated its Greenhouse ReFill for Reason to version 2.

“Greenhouse v2″ is an awesome ReFill based on samples coming from the popular Synplant software synthesizer; without doubt, one of the most innovative plugins of recent years.

Greenhouse contains 155+ combinator patches that provide an insight into the highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer. In addition, some One-Shot-FX kits are included to let you produce some glitchy electro beats. Greenhouse also includes 35+ drum samples (as well as 11 Rex files highly processed with additional EQing, compressing…) from the MicroTonic plugin.

Version 2 is adding 30 combinator patches based on 370+ new Synplant samples…

Greenhouse v2 features

  • 159 combinator patches full of the typical and widely acclaimed Synplant character.
  • 135 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators, 7 Redrum kits.
  • 850 Synplant samples, 830 MB uncompressed.
  • 37 drum samples and 11 Rex loops coming from the MicroTonic plugin.
  • 5 demo tracks are included.

Greenhouse v2 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 19.90 EUR until April 10th, 2012 (regular 27.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / Greenhouse v2

Praxworld releases Salad Spynner

Praxworld Salad Spynner

Praxworld has announced the release of Salad Spynner, a sound library for Ableton Live.

Add some greenery to your tracks with a helping of fresh delicious drum and percussion samples harvested from the SonicCharge Synplant synthesizer.

Contains 213 single hits in .wav format, and seven fiber-rich Ableton drum racks.

The Salad Spynner library is available to purchase for $3.86 USD.

More information: Praxworld / Salad Spynner

Loopmasters launches Plugin Boutique webstore dedicated to selling music plugins

Loopmasters has launched the Plugin Boutique, a brand new venture dedicated to selling Instruments, Effects and Studio Tools from leading music software companies worldwide.


The website was designed from the ground up to provide a custom solution to sell downloadable products such as Soft Synths, Music Plugins, Studio Effects and Synth Presets – and launches with some great names already involved including Fxpansion, Ohm Force, Flux, PSP, D16, Sinevibes, Waves, Sonic Charge and G-Sonique alongside many others.

The website features product ratings, instant download and authorisation, a service to ensure all your plugins are up to date, one login to see all your plugins from different manufacturers, free plugins, trial versions, and a virtual cash scheme which rewards you with each purchase.

Matt Pelling, Director comments “With such a fantastic amount of Digital Music Software currently available, we felt we could use our experience and knowledge in this sector to create a great looking website where all the best products could be easily compared, so producers can research, purchase and download the best audio plugins for their projects, and start using them immediately”.

As an introductory offer all first time purchasers will get a free Loopmasters Sample CD. Until the end of March every additional £100 GBP you spend entitles you to another free Sample CD.

To claim your free samples simply leave a comment on the Pluginboutique facebook page with your order number and the type of music you produce – your mystery sample CD/s will arrive in the post.

More information: Plugin Boutique

ZooZither releases Off The Beaten Path for MicroTonic

ZooZither Off The Beaten Path

ZooZither has released Off The Beaten Path, a collection of presets for the µTonic (MicroTonic) software drum synthesizer by Sonic Charge.

ZooZither hits you with 50 smashing presets for SonicCharge’s µTonic drum synth.

In Off The Beaten Path, or OTBP, the focus is on the sound design of the individual kit elements rather than pattern building, though each preset does have a pattern in it.

You can listen to a demo below to get an idea if you are interested in these sounds for your music.

The Off The Beaten Path soundset is available to purchase for $5 USD.

More information: ZooZither

Sonic Charge updates Bitspeek to v1.0.2

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Sonic Charge Bitspeek

Sonic Charge has updated Bitspeek, a real-time pitch-excited linear prediction codec effect for Windows and Mac.

We have just uploaded a minor but important upgrade to Bitspeek. It is minor because it brings no new features to the table, but it is important because:

1) It is our first venture into the great wild yonder of 64-bit.

2) It makes Bitspeek compatible with a bunch of hosts that will not play nicely, or not at all with monophonic plug-ins, e.g. GarageBand and Sonar.

To clarify the latter point, Bitspeek 1.0.2 still runs monaural processing under the hood but it is configured for stereo I/O and will simply mix the two input channels and produce identical output for left and right channels. This is an unfortunate necessity in order to improve compatibility.

There is also a slight name change on the Windows DLL from BitspeekVST.dll to Bitspeek.dll.

We have made thorough tests with all major hosts to assure that these changes will not cause any problems when you upgrade, but there are some minor exceptions. Notably, in Reaper you will need to reconfigure the plug-in outputs if you open projects created with Bitspeek 1.0, and in FL Studio you will need to replace the plug-in due to the .dll name change.

Bitspeek for PC and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $29 USD (+ VAT). The update is a free download for current users.

More information: Sonic Charge / Bitspeek

Sonic Charge celebrates Patternarium anniversary with preset packs

Sonic Charge Patternarium

Sonic Charge has announced the first anniversary of the Patternarium, the online pattern generator for µTonic.

Everyone’s favorite interstellar beat mutator has turned one year old today! Happy birthday Patternarium!

To celebrate this we have begun publishing charts with the best and worst for every Patternarium generation.

The charts are published on our forum, including zip-packages with the actual .mtpreset files.

The charts and downloads are available to authorized Sonic Charge customers.

More information: Sonic Charge

Sonic Charge updates µTonic to v3.0.1

Sonic Charge MicroTonic

Sonic Charge has released version 3.0.1 of µTonic, a virtual drum and percussion synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

You can use µTonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, or you can use the built-in pattern engine to play drum patterns in sync with your sequencer. The sound of µTonic is 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms are used.

Changes in µTonic v3.0.1

  • Fixed a problem in the AU version when loading version 2 projects that could make µTonic use the wrong program number.
  • Fixed a problem with clicks in exported audio when using the “Append” tail mode.
  • Fixed a rare timing drift problem between GUI and audio when using certain audio cards.
  • Solved a compatibility problem with the Windows version of Nuendo that froze the application when using copy functions in µTonic.
  • Eliminated some almost inaudible but unwanted aliasing in the sine oscillator.
  • µTonic now displays a special message when attempting to register with a version 1 or 2 key.
  • Code is PPC G4 compatible again (just as version 2 was).
  • Updated scripting engine.

µTonic for Windows and Mac (AU/VST) is available to purchase for $99 USD + VAT.

Sonic Charge has also announced the launch of a community forum, and the release of documentation on the scripting engine, including a zip package containing a few interesting scripts to start off (available from the forum).

More information: Sonic Charge / µTonic