DMCA Abuse: Beyonce stair fall video cited as copyright infringement

Sites like YouTube are able to make people popular in a few days. Cool videos are dugg and spread around the internet like a virus, and nobodies rise to fame. The list of YouTube Celebrities … read more

Sony odo: environmentally-friendly gear

I’ve experienced some “oh no, batteries died!” moments in the past, so it’s cool to see a big player is coming up with a whole range of gear which a) does not require batteries to … read more

Sony releases Sound Forge 9 Professional Digital Audio Production Suite

Sony Creative Software has released the upgrade to their Sound Forge® professional digital audio editing application to version 9 (press release here). New in Sound Forge 9 Multichannel file editing and processing, Multichannel audio recording … read more

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Wanna dance? Robots with rhythm could rock your world

NewScientistTech has an article on Keepon, the robot that can dance (for real!). Keepon – dancing his socks off This squishy, yellow robot picks out the beat in a piece of music and moves along … read more

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Sony ACID Pro 6.0 released

Sony Media Software has released ACID Pro 6.0 which now adds multitrack recording and full MIDI sequencing to its superior looping functionality. New features include Multitrack Audio and MIDI recording Multiple media events per track … read more

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Sony Winter 2006 Catalog available

The Sony Media Software catalog contains information about Sony’s full line of multimedia creation and production tools, including complete product descriptions, helpful comparison charts, software specifications, and user profiles. The Sony Media Software catalog features … read more

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