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DNR Collaborative announces All-Inclusive Subscription Packs

DNR Collaborative

DNR Collaborative Designs has announced the availability of all-inclusive subscription packs, which give users all current and legacy products sold on the DNR webshop, along with either a 1-year or a 2-year subscription plan, which give users all new releases immediately, no matter the price or the type of release.

These subscription packs have been introduced to give users who want to get all the latest products without using their paypal account over and over again to purchase new releases.

The subscription packs also represent an enormous savings up front, and in the long run, as the price of these packs is a discount on the current products alone.

The subscription packs are priced at $99 USD for a 2 year subscription, and $79 USD for a 1 year subscription.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Bundles

DNR Collaborative releases Helix.Reconstructed, bundle of sounds for Audjoo Helix

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DNR Collaborative Helix.Reconstructed

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Helix.Reconstructed, a bundle of sound banks for the Helix virtual synthesizer by Audjoo.

This package of sounds for Audjoo Helix consists of 102 custom instruments, ranging from complex soundscapes and otherworldly textures, to electronic/dynamic key sounds and morphing leads.

This bundle of sounds is from our original collection of soundpacks, which includes our “Elektro Keys“, “Electronic Elements” and “Rhythmic Passages” banks, along with a small bonus package of morphing lead sounds.

Helix.Reconstructed is available to purchase for $9 USD. Previous customers who bought one of DNR’s previous soundsets for Helix can purchase the bundle for $5 USD. If you purchased more than one, the entire bundle will be added to your account at no charge.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Helix.Reconstructed / Audjoo

DNR Collaborative updates Ace.Animated to v1.1, now 250 sounds for u-he ACE

DNR Collaborative Ace.Animated

DNR Collaborative Designs has released version 1.1 of Ace.Animated, the sound set for u-he’s ACE virtual modular synthesizer plug-in.

There are 19 new and derivative patches included, along with more description updates and additional modulation capabilities of the original patches.

Existing users can download the update from their user accounts on the DNR website.

Ace.Animated now includes 250 instruments and is available to purchase for $24 USD, or for $19 USD for Symmetry Pro users. A bundle of Ace.Animated and Symmetry Pro is available for $29 USD.

More information: DNR Collaborative

DNR Collaborative releases Mono Destroyers, free sample pack

DNR Collaborative Mono Destroyers

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Mono Destroyers, a free sample pack.

DNR Collaborative has released a FREE samplepack of .wav format samples, created from a Bugbrand DIY boutique synthesizer with a few custom modifications. The synthesizer has been outfitted with posts with with you can patch capacitors of varying values and potentiometers in order to have a much more flexible circuit-bending experience.

This samplepack has been created by recording a very large portion of audio from the synth and splitting up the usable content into “long” and “short” sample categories. The longer portions of audio are great for creating atmospheres and textures, while the short samples are good for creating usable synthesizer sounds. The samples have not been processed in any way whatsoever.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Mono Destroyers

Review: TeamDNR Ace.Animated, soundset for u-he ACE

TeamDNR Ace.Animated

TeamDNR has recently released Ace.Animated, its second set of sounds for the virtual semi-modular synthesizer ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) by u-he.

The library features no less than 225 patches, designed by TeamDNR’s Reason Lahalla and Josiah Christensen.

Ace.Animated is a new sound library for u-he Ace synthesizer which combines 225 cutting edge dance, trance, club and IDM sounds with solid workhorse patches to give producers, musicians and sound designers an ultra-wide range of sonic possibilities.

Also included in the package is a group of template sounds which can help users create their own patches with minimal effort. These templates include a variety of popular lead, bass, pad and sequenced sounds.

Ace.Animated features

  • 20 Atmospheric and Textures
  • 39 Bass sounds
  • 6 Sound FX sounds
  • 23 Keys / Organ sounds
  • 31 Leads, mono/poly
  • 28 Pads and Swells
  • 9 Percussive sounds
  • 30 Plucked /Decayed sounds
  • 17 Sequences & Rhythmic sounds
  • 25 Templates

Many of the patches have parameters mapped to the modwheel and velocity controls, providing more dynamics to the sounds. Lots of patches have some kind of movement/modulation going on already, something I really enjoy.

About 30 patches in the collection are tagged “Alt”, indicating they are derived from a patch with the same title. A few of these sound quite similar to the original patch indeed, others could easily have been added as completely new patches.

Ace.Animated includes sounds that are useful for many electronic music genres. From evocative atmospheres that would do well in sound tracks to heavy duty dubstep bass sounds, uplifting trance leads to chords for deep house.

I made a number of audio clips to demonstrate some of the sounds of Ace.Animated.

The loops are 100% Ace.Animated, with a tiny bit of EQ and compression courtesy of FabFilter. Some of the preset sounds were slightly tweaked and I recorded modwheel and filter automation.

You can download the 24bit wav files from the SoundCloud player above or all 15 in a pack here (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license).

So what do I think?

Product: TeamDNR Ace.Animated
Format: ACE patches (.h2p)
Price: $19 USD until 31 December, 2010 (reg. $24 USD)
Like: large amount of well programmed sounds
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 9/10

ACE is one of my favorite synthesizer plugins. It just sounds so fat and analog-like to me.

With Ace.Animated TeamDNR shows that this virtual instrument does not only sound amazing, but it is also capable of producing a great variety of sounds. Highlights for me are the atmospheric patches, the pads and the keys. There’s hardly a dud to be found in this set of 225 patches. Excellent sound design.

Actually, the Ace.Animated set has a “constant update products” label, which means that more patches will be added to it in future updates. And it so happens that TeamDNR just updated to set to v1.05, including 6 additional patches, some minor changes like descriptions and usage notes, and a few gain changes. Excellent value for money.

More information: TeamDNR / u-he ACE

TeamDNR releases Ace.Animated, soundset for u-he Ace

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TeamDNR Ace.Animated

TeamDNR has released Ace.Animated, a collection of presets for the Ace virtual modular synthesizer instrument by u-he.

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs announces the release of Ace.Animated, a new sound library for u-he Ace synthesizer which combines 225 cutting edge hybrid dance, trance, club and IDM sounds with solid workhorse patches to give producers, musicians and sound designers an ultra-wide range of sonic possibilities.

Also included in the package is a group of template sounds which can help users create their own patches with minimal effort. These templates include a variety of popular lead, bass, pad and sequenced sounds.

Ace.Animated is available to purchase for the introductory price of $19 USD until December 31 (regular price $24 USD).

A $5.00 discount is available for all Symmetry Pro owners, including those who won in any contests and giveaways. A bundle deal is also available including all contents of Symmetry Pro and Ace.Animated (345 instruments) for $24 USD.

More information: TeamDNR / Ace.Animated

TeamDNR releases Entropy: The Precursor, sample pack available in Cyber-Monday Weeklong Sale

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TeamDNR The Precursor

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has announced the release of Entropy: The Precursor, a new cinematic sound-design kit based on the recordings of anique bells, swords, mutilated voices, amped violins and other unique sound sources.

Other content includes a package of custom single-cycle waveforms, reconstructed audio loops ranging from 110BPM to 140BPM and unprocessed/processed versions of samples.

Entropy: The Precursor is not available for sale, but only with the purchase of any product in the TeamDNR product line through the end of the Cyber-Monday weeklong sale, which ends on Friday December 3rd, 2010.

More information: TeamDNR

TeamDNR releases Sonic Physiology: Anatomy01 – Fractal+Sine Hybrids

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TeamDNR Sonic Physiology: Anatomy 01

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has announced the release of Anatomy01, the first in its new Sonic Physiology sound library series.

The goal behind Anatomy, and all other libraries in the sonic physiology series, is to provide a palette of fundamental sound templates and raw waveforms in a manner that would most increase productivity and streamline your workflow.

Anatomy01 comes included with a standalone package of single-cycle fractal and sine-based hybrid waveforms, with 53 base waveforms and a minimum of 6 octaves (1 cycle per octave) containing 365 individual wave cycles, as well as a package of 82 Kontakt template instruments and 20 Kontakt multi-instruments.

The standalone waveforms are categorized by waveform base shape (ie.. Sine-Based) and each waveform has either 6 or 7 samples (one per octave – C0, C1, C2, etc..). The reason for multisampling these waveforms is so that users who are utilizing software without the necessary anti-aliasing abilities required to shift a single-cycle across an entire keyboard range can also achieve high-quality results by selecting a sample with the proper root key. Each sample in the library is named with all pertinent information in the filename, such as sub-selection number, waveform type and root key.

Each group of waveform multisamples has been built into a complete package of template sounds and starter instruments, which will allow you to quickly find raw sounds by timbre and edit them quickly to fit your compositions. Each Kontakt instrument also has a custom front panel design with access to both the AHDSR and envelope curve control as well as control over the FX chain which is implemented in each instrument.

Anatomy01 is now available for $5 USD. Until November 25th, a pre-order will be available for those who wish to purchase the entire 3 volume set at a further discount.

More information: TeamDNR / Sonic Physiology: Anatomy01