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TubeOhm releases free Alpha-Ray synth plugin

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TubeOhm has released Alpha-Ray, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Yeah, 5 years TubeOhm First a big “thank you” to all TubeOhm users for their support for the 5 last years. We hope you have had a good time with our Instruments.

We are now glad to present you Alpha-Ray, a VA synth including special TubeOhm features. And the best, the full version is free, except the effect unit. Unlocking the effects unit costs only 4.95 €

Don’t worry, you can use the effects in the freeware version, only saving the settings is disabled.

TubeOhm Alpha-Ray
TubeOhm Alpha-Ray VST plugin for Windows PC

Alpha-Ray features

  • 2 main and 1 sub-oscillator / 10 Voices polyphony.
  • 2 main and 1 mod LFO (Pitch wheel), tempo host sync and phase sync.
  • 3 filters, a 6 dB HP , a 24 dB ladder and a main 12 dB state veriable filter. The 6dB filter coupled to the main filter gives a BP filter.
  • OSC FM with OSC 1+2 and OSC SYNC with OSC 1+2.
  • Polyphonic overdrive for OSC 1,2 and sub osc.
  • Auto Portamento mode. Activates the portamento when 2 keys are played in mono mode.
  • After touch for enhanced modulation for the filter and the pitch modulation.
  • User manual in 4 languages (German, English, French and Italian).
  • Additionally, unlocking Alpha-Ray enables saving the effects settings per patch:
    • 2-stage overdrive.
    • 3-stage chorus.
    • Delay ‘x’ and ‘ normal mode, tempo sync to host.
    • Special reverb, delay cluster, normal reverb, oil tank effect.

Alpha-Ray for Windows (VST) is a free download at TubeOhm. The effects section will be unlocked (allowing settings to be saved) after purchasing a license for 4.95 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Alpha-Ray

TubeOhm updates Vintage to v1.92

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TubeOhm Vintage

TubeOhm has updated Vintage, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Changes in Vintage v1.92

  • Six LFO new tempo sync to BPM host.
  • Pop-up help menus for all Faders/Knobs.
  • Comes with a second soundbank with 128 new sounds.
  • A few bug fixes.
  • Free Assign knobs work now globally.
  • Sample Management workaround.

Vintage for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 70 EUR. Registered TubeOhm users pay 60 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Vintage

TubeOhm releases Anti-Transpirant 8000

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TubeOhm Anti-Transpirant 8000

TubeOhm has announced the release of Anti-Transpirant 8000, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

After the VINTAGE prog stress we build a ,back to the roots‘ synth. Powerfull VA sounds with 8 x OVERSAMPLING – thats new !! It looks, feels and sound‘s like the old hardware synths. And A-T had it‘s own character.

Anti-Transpirant 8000 features

  • Audio frequency filter FM.
  • Audio frequency PWM modulation.
  • Multimode filter 12/24 dB /envelope /VCA/VCF.
  • Delay effect.
  • Multi trigger ADSR with LFO.
  • 6 voices max.
  • A-T 8000 with 2 GUI‘s.
  • Includes 3 Instruments , A-T 8000 with 8x oversampling, A-T 4000 with 4x oversampling, and A-T 6 without oversampling.

Anti-Transpirant 8000 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 29 EUR. A monophonic version with 8x oversampling is free for all registered TubeOhm users, available on request.

More information: TubeOhm / Anti-Transpirant 8000

TubeOhm Vintage, virtual synth for Windows

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TubeOhm Vintage

TubeOhm has released Vintage, a new virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Vintage is a new synth that brings the old school sound from the classic big old synthesizers directly to you: Atmospheres, Strings, Organ and Synthetic Voices that sound human, not electronic.

Vintage features

  • Two complete synthesizers (Structure 1 & 2).
  • Key-split function.
  • Two arpeggiators.
  • Sound randomizer function.
  • Free programmable Vector Modulation.
  • Four 12/24dB VCFs.
  • Ten multi-function envelopes, also with loop function.
  • Six LFOs.
  • Effects section with EQ, tube distortion, chorus, delay, reverb and a modulation matrix.
  • Four sample players and/or four oscillators with superwave, OSC-ring modulation, and PART ring modulation can be used to sculpt sounds.
  • Includes 128 factory patches.
  • Manual in English and German.

TubeOhm Vintage for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 70 EUR. Registered TubeOhm users can purchase Vintage for 60 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Vintage

TubeOhm PURE D16/24 Grain, virtual synth plug-in

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TubeOhm PURE D16/24 Grain

TubeOhm has released PURE D16/24 Grain, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

If you want analouge sounds you are wrong here. Use Bruno or Pure-Pten. But is you want new fresh experimental sounds for movie background, industrial music, sound effects YOU ARE RIGHT HERE !!

GRAIN is an experimental GRAIN synth with komplete new sounds. GRAIN works with the GRAIN SYNTHESIS. You can load you own Samples into the synth, drive through the sample, modulate the grain or stop the GRAIN on a position in the sample. After the GRAIN oscillator you can use a ,normal‘ VCA, VCF, CHORUS, DELAY, REVERB and a GATER function to design the sound.

PURE D16/24 Grain features

  • One Grain Oscillator – static/dynamic mode.
  • Three LFO, mono, poly, host sync, pwm, phase.
  • Using your own samples.
  • Two different samples generate one grain.
  • Gater function.
  • Multi-mode filters.
  • Multi-stage envelope for GRAIN manipulation.
  • Effects unit with delay, chorus, reverb, arp.
  • Soft distortion.
  • MIDI Learn.

PURE D16/24 Grain is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows for 59 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / PURE D16/24 Grain

TubeOhm releases Bruno-205

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TubeOhm Bruno-205 (Rack)

TubeOhm has released Bruno-205, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Old scool look with modern features like TUBE DISTORTION and HARD CLIPPING. Phatt great analouge sound, a fun machine. Bruno-205 comes with 1761×615 pixel screen solution for full HD.

BRUNO-205 Rack is a smaller version with the same sound and engine ! You will have a lot of fun with it. It look and feel like a real synthesizer.

Bruno-205 features

  • Super wave oscillator synthesis.
  • LFO for pitch modulation.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Filter 12/24 dB/envelope/VCA.
  • Delay.
  • 3 stage chorus.
  • Hard clipping and tube distortion.
  • LFO for filter and oscillator modulation.
  • BRUNO-205 with great GUI for a HD monitor and BRUNO-205 Rack – normal size.
  • For one price you get both, BRUNO-205 an BRUNO-205 RACK.

Bruno-205 is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at 39 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Bruno-205

TubeOhm releases T-Xciter and N-Gate

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TubeOhm has released T-Xciter and N-Gate, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

TubeOhm T-Xciter and N-Gate
TubeOhm T-Xciter and N-Gate

T-Xciter / N-Gate features

T-Xciter enhances your sound with harmonic processors.

  • Two harmonic generators, deep and high frequencies.
  • Frq, add harmonics, mix.
  • High frequency enhancement with the high frequency boost (use B switch).
  • Stereo – master effect.

N-Gate is a noise gate featuring separate gate on and gate off threshold parameters for better control when the release phase has some spikes.

  • Two thresholds: gate on/gate off.
  • Attack / Hold / Release adjustment.
  • Enhanced VCA / VCF ADSR.

T-Xciter and N-Gate for Windows PC (VST) are available to purchase in a bundle, priced at 24 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / T-Xciter & N-Gate

TubeOhm releases Pure-D16/24R

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TubeOhm Pure-D16/24R

TubeOhm has released Pure-D16/24R, a virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

The Pure-D14/24R Synthesizer generates the sound with three sample oscillators. With the step-sequencer and the gater modul it gives moving soundscapes

It can use different samples for the basic waveforms. A complete subtractive synthesis engine behind the sample unit with VCF,VCA, LFO‘s, ADSR and multistage envelope gives a rich warm sound spectrum.

The Pure-D16/24R comes with four effect units. Delay, leslie, phaser,chorus and reverb.

Pure-D16/24R features

  • Effects: Delay, Leslie, Phaser, Chorus and Reverb.
  • Multi-stage Envelope for modulation, loop, curve.
  • 10 Voices.
  • 3 Sample Oscillators 16/24 bit mono/stereo / three loop modes.
  • 1 Multi-mode Filter 12/24dB, TP/HP-BP.
  • 1 Filter-ADSR / timestretch function T*1, T*5, T*10.
  • 1 VCA-ADSR / linear-log / timestretch.
  • 2 LFO / LFO 1 phase-sync.
  • 6-channel Mixer.
  • Soft Tube Limiter.
  • Mono/Poly mode.
  • Glide function.
  • 1 Arpeggiator with gate-time / live function.
  • Ring Modulator.
  • Single Distortion.
  • 2 Modulation Busses with 6 sources, 9 destinations and 5 controllers, intensity adjustable with 2 x amount.
  • Quick Tune.
  • LIN or LOG damping for the filter-signals.
  • Velocity VCA.
  • Velocity VCF.
  • MIDI Learn function for all parameters.
  • 128 presets.
  • 32 step 64 pattern Pattern Sequencer and Poly Gater function.
  • Pattern chain is possible.
  • Enhanced VST Host sync features for the Delay and the Step / Pattern Sequencer.
  • English manual on request.

Pure-D16/24R is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for 59 EUR (49 EUR for all registered TubeOhm users).

More information: TubeOhm / Pure-D16/24R