Aly James Lab releases Elastic Bender effect plugin

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Aly James Lab Elastic Bender

Aly James Lab has released Elastic Bender, a peak triggered audio pitch bender effect plug-in with extended functions for Windows.

The Elastic Bender is based on emulated dual BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips which delay times are modulated by the peak triggered envelope. While the incoming audio peaks are detected by the circuitry, they will trigger an audio pitch envelope that will dynamically bend the note (s) from lower to the actual pitch or from higher to the actual pitch.

You can act on the depth and the speed of the pitch envelope and also make some unusual dynamic chorus, wild flanger, ring modulation and early vintage pitchshifter effects.

The virtual pedal can also “self oscillate” when the feedback is set to the max and control external hardware such as a Whammy 5 pedal via MIDI.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) for a minimum donation of 15 EUR. An OS X version will be available in 2015.

More information: Aly James / Elastic Bender


IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Custom Shop to v3.14 (incl. Morley Contour Wah)

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Morley Contour Wah

IK Multimedia has released version 3.14 of its AmpliTube Custom Shop, which adds the Morley Contour Wah pedal model and offers general reliability improvements.

Morley has been making products for musicians since the 1960s. The Lubow Brothers “Tel-Ray” company made the first effect pedal that simulated the effect of the “Leslie” rotating speaker cabinet, providing “more-lee” (which became Morley) for players. They were also pioneers in using electro optical components in their pedals to prevent premature mechanical failure issues – a philosophy used to this day at Morley.

The Contour Wah was developed in joint cooperation with Morley. Thanks to its array of controls it can be tweaked to suite many styles and sounds; the Contour and Level controls allow to fine-tune the high-end response and personality of the pedal from mellow to bright and cutting, while the Auto-off feature adds flexibility to the pedal’s functionality. It works with Bass guitar too.

The AmpliTube Custom Shop update is available to download now. New models are available for purchase with Custom Shop Gear Credits. Contour Wah pedal costs 20 credits.

More information: IK Multimedia / AmpliTube Custom Shop


Short links for April 1st, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently:

# AnalogTelePhonographer

Christopher Locke made an Analog Tele-Phonographer, a sound amplifier for his cell phone/portable music player.

I made it from a broken trumpet and a fistful of scrap metal. The unit uses no external power or batteries, has no moving parts, and is entirely self-contained.

More info: Heartless Machine

# Music from Numbers: An Eclectic, Free (CC) Compilation of Numbers Station-Inspired Tracks

Peter Kirn writes:

Number Stations Part 2

Number stations, making their appearance in the post-war radio landscape, were shortwave radio stations of streams of symbols, mysterious to their listeners and apparently code.

Here, the idea of lost and indecipherable broadcasts inspires a wonderfully-varied collection of reflective artists, in a free, Creative-Commons licensed compilation by PublicSpaces Lab. That Barcelona-based netlabel has been reliably curating some of the smartest, most forward-thinking music collections around. This time, the artists are impressive not only in their output but in their range of backgrounds and extra-musical sources of inspiration.

# Antique Light Bulb Organ – MIDI/OSC Controlled

Instructables user capricorn1 shows how to create your own antique light bulb organ to add nostalgic ambiance to any midi instrument.

Antique Light Bulb Organ

12 light bulbs correspond to the 12 notes in an octave (minus the octave note). The rectangular box unfolds to position the light bulbs vertically for display, while at the same time providing a platform for the keyboard in use. Playing a note on the keyboard directly via midi, or through the usb port illuminates the light bulb for a particular key. Releasing the note, releases the key. Pedal presses are also recognized and keep the bulb maintained. The bulbs can be controlled without a computer by using the front mounted midi port, or via computer which allows for remote control via midi or osc messages.

# Dan303: Free hand played percussion loops

Dan Weatherall has posted a new sample pack featuring 10 hand played percussion loops in .wav format.

I'm not saying I'm the best percussionist in the world but I played these percussion loops myself.
These loops are an ideal way to give your track a little bit of human feeling.

All loops are played at 120 bpm.

# Circles and Euclidian Rhythms: Off the Grid, a Few Music Makers That Go Round and Round

Peter Kirn rounds up some music making tools that take the circular approach.

Create Digital Music

There’s no reason apart from the printed score to assume music has to be divided into grids laid on rectangles. Even the “piano roll” as a concept began as just that – a roll. Cycles the world around, from a mechanical clock to Indonesian gamelan, can be thought of in circles.

Imagine an alternate universe in which Raymond Scott’s circle machine – a great, mechanical disc capable of sequencing sounds – became the dominant paradigm. We might have circles everywhere, in place of left-to-right timelines now common in media software. Regardless, it’s very likely Scott’s invention inspired Bob Moog’s own modular sequencers; it was almost certainly the young Moog’s exposure to the inventions in Scott’s basement that prompted that inventor to go into the electronic music business, thus setting the course for music technology as we know it.

# aurex › Launchpad Sequencers

Get more out of your Launchpad + Ableton combination.

The aurex sequencers for the Novation Launchpad are devices and tools to compose, sequence, alter and remix music within Ableton Live. You don't need M4L / Bome / … to use them, just make sure you have a Launchpad and Live 8.1.3 or higher.

# Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World on Vimeo

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of the wah wah effect pedal, from its invention in 1966 to the present day.

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday

Some recent goodies Tom posted about on his blog:

  • Korg Radias samples from Waveformless reader Psyche Poppet.
  • A small selection of free one shot samples from Studio Wormbone’ Animal Robotix release is available from Producer Loops.
  • Alchemy Snares 02: ten snare sounds built, destroyed, mangled, and layered in Camel Audio’s Alchemy.

Overloud VKFX, Vintage Keyboard FX Suite

Overloud VKFX

Overloud has released VKFX, a virtual rack packed with outstanding models of vintage analog effect processors, especially suited for keyboard players.

It captures the sound of the original masters, which were often the key element in defining a classic instrument’s unique ‘voice’.

VKFX is a must for any keyboard player and for anyone who wants to add a vintage colour to the recordings! If you cannot get that kind of warmth from your sample library or your synthesizer, or even on a recorded track, VKFX enriches all your tones and allows you to recreate the sounds of countless records.

VKFX features

  • VKFX includes 8 premium quality effect processors:
    • Essential electric piano preamp with stereo pan/tremolo
    • Opto-compressor
    • Envelope and Dynamic Filter (Wah)
    • Phase shifter
    • Analog Chorus
    • Overdrive
    • Tape multitap delay
    • Tube amplifier
  • Highly CPU efficient coding and module layout means that users can load many instances of VKFX without the fear of watching a system’s processor overloud appear, in the certain knowledge that processing quality is first class.
  • Simultaneous editing of all processors is available via a friendly and intuitive interface presented in the form of a rack of independent modules.
  • Module order can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping modules to where they’re needed, giving users fast and total control over the effects.
  • All rates and times can be sync’d to the DAW or internally timed, or left independent for a more ‘analog’ approach.
  • All parameters are automatable. All parameters are assigned to MIDI controllers.
  • A flexible file management system allows one, several or all modules to be loaded and saved – enabling easy mixing and matching of module presets saved from different sessions.

VKFX is available as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone), priced at 119 EUR (+VAT).

More information: Overloud / VKFX

Note: VKFX was previously available from Scarbee


Fretted Synth

Fretted Synth Audio

The plug-ins on this page are created by Joseph DeHelian of Fretted Synth Audio.

Since the Fretted Synth website is currently not available you can download the plug-ins from, including the FreeAmp series of multi guitar amp effects, phase distortion synth PhazOsc, VA synth and SoundFont & sample player Safron, drum instrument SoftDrum, and many more.

The Fretted Synth instruments and effects are available to download as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Note: these plug-ins require the use of a VST host program. If you need a free one, check Cantabile Lite, VST Host, or here for more options.

Title Description
3rd Bass Bass Amp Sim with multi effects screenshot
Auto MIDI Designed to take an audio signals velocity/loudness and turn it into a continuous controller value of 0-127 screenshot
Chimp First guitar amp sim, designed for a synth but works well with guitar even if not designed for a guitar screenshot
Drive 5 Guitar amp sim with need of a speaker emulator, KVR developer challenge 1 entry screenshot
Drive Stomp Guitar drive pedal screenshot
Drum Direction Old drum pad to MIDI plugin. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value screenshot
Echo 2005 Kind of tape like delay screenshot
FreeAmp 3 Amp Version three of freeamp with no effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp 3 Full Freeamp3 with effects pedals and rack. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp 2.5 Guitar amp simulator with effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp SE 1.5 The original freeamp from way back when. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
GatePlus Noise gate with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain version screenshot
GCBS4 (Guitar Controlled Bass Synth) The update to mono guitar/audio triggered synth for bass tones screenshot
GuitSyn SE Mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Helian Bass Two bass amp simulators screenshot
Helian CP75 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Helian FS12 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Helian FU22 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Junction Simple mono audio to MIDI plugin screenshot
PDP Pack Update to DrumDirection. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value. Also comes in versions with internal velocity split wave layers. KVR developer challenge 3 entry screenshot
Phazosc Phase distortion synth, comes in mono guitar/audio triggered synth and six voice VSTi version screenshot
S2VA (Safron Pro) Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators screenshot
SafFron 2L Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads .sf2 (sound fonts). Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SafFron 2W Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files). Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SafFronSE An update to the original SafFron MIDI triggered sound font synth with a beautiful UI by Vera Kinter (ArtVera) screenshot
SlowBeer Noise gate for guitar with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain version screenshot
SoftDrum SF Drum plugin designed to load .sf2 files. Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SoftDrum LTD Drum plugin designed to load up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files) screenshot
StringSculptor2 Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Trampler Trigger wave files with an audio source screenshot
TrippLead Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Verbish First attempt at a reverb screenshot
WAH_ml2 Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot
Wah Stomp Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot
WAHt Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot

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