IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Custom Shop to v3.14 (incl. Morley Contour Wah)

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Morley Contour Wah

IK Multimedia has released version 3.14 of its AmpliTube Custom Shop, which adds the Morley Contour Wah pedal model and offers general reliability improvements.

Morley has been making products for musicians since the 1960s. The Lubow Brothers “Tel-Ray” company made the first effect pedal that simulated the effect of the “Leslie” rotating speaker cabinet, providing “more-lee” (which became Morley) for players. They were also pioneers in using electro optical components in their pedals to prevent premature mechanical failure issues – a philosophy used to this day at Morley.

The Contour Wah was developed in joint cooperation with Morley. Thanks to its array of controls it can be tweaked to suite many styles and sounds; the Contour and Level controls allow to fine-tune the high-end response and personality of the pedal from mellow to bright and cutting, while the Auto-off feature adds flexibility to the pedal’s functionality. It works with Bass guitar too.

The AmpliTube Custom Shop update is available to download now. New models are available for purchase with Custom Shop Gear Credits. Contour Wah pedal costs 20 credits.

More information: IK Multimedia / AmpliTube Custom Shop


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