Binary Music launches Holiday Sale – 50% off

Binary Music has announced a 50% discount on its products until the end of 2013. Until the end of the year, all Binary Music libraries and bundles for Kontakt, Ableton Live and Logic are on … read more

KX77FREE updates Kx-PolyM-CSE free synth plugin to v1.1

KX77FREE has released version 1.1 of Kx-PolyM-CSE, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows. Kx-PolyM-CSE is a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with CV/GATE sequencer and CS70M emulation. Changes in Kx-PolyM-CSE v1.1 55 KX’s presets added. Now … read more

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HeadlessBuddha Samples releases Tape DD-10 free pack

HeadlessBuddha Samples has announced Tape DD-10, a free drum machine library for Native Instruments Kontakt. HeadlessBuddha Samples Tape DD-10 sampled instrument for NI Kontakt. ‘What a cool old dirty drum machine!’– Me about the Yamaha … read more

iZotope offers Iris Synths sound library & Iris Cookbook

iZotope has announced that the Iris Synths sound library is available to download at no cost. Deep within the four gigabytes of the Iris Sound Library, there lies a treasure trove of samples from vintage … read more

Seaweed Factory releases free FM_SK sample pack

Seaweed Factory has launched FM_SK, a free sample pack featuring sounds from the Yamaha TX81z. The sounds in the video above are from Seaweed Factory’s latest sample pack, FM_SK. The focus is on odd, grainy … read more

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Toontrack releases EZkeys Electric Grand

Toontrack has launched EZkeys Electric Grand, a new virtual electric piano instrument for Windows and Mac. The EZkeys Electric Grand features a Yamaha CP-80 recorded by SampleTekk. Another landmark piano release is here – the … read more

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Dark Side of the Tune releases FM-Flux free sample pack

Dark Side of the Tune has announced the release of its FM-Flux free sample library. Original sounds were created with the Yamaha PSS-470, a Digital FM synthesizer. To add organic modulation, and expand the stereo … read more

Aly James Lab updates FMDRIVE plugin to v1.23

Aly James Lab has released version 1.23 of FMDRIVE, a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis FM synthesizer instrument for Windows. FMDRIVE is not simply an YM2612 emulator, it add many extended features and huge user friendly GUI! … read more

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Gospel Musicians updates Neo-Soul Keys 5X Ultimate to v3.1

Gospel Musicians has announced version 3.1 of the Neo-Soul Keys 5X Ultimate, a virtual instrument library for UVI & MachFive, featuring 5 electric piano emulations. Neo-Soul Keys® is our flagship product and combining our samples … read more

Sample Katra launches with 5 virtual instruments for Kontakt

Sample Katra has launched with the release of 5 new virtual instruments for Kontakt. Sample Katra is a new company specializing in vintage analog synth instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt. The main aim is to … read more

Antisample releases Cinematic Grand for Kontakt

Antisample has released Cinematic Grand, a virtual piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. We chromatically sampled each of the 88 notes of an expertly tuned Yamaha C2 concert grand piano at 5 velocity layers per … read more

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Gospel Musicians releases EX5 & Dyno for Neo-Soul Keys iPad

Gospel Musicians has announced the release of EX5 and Dyno, two new electric pianos for Neo-Soul Keys for iPad. Neo-Soul EX5 is an electric piano library that uses the EP synthesis technology from the Yamaha … read more

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TW-Sounds intros Yamaha FB-01 Bundle

TW-Sounds has announced the Yamaha FB-01 Bundle, a collection of vintage synthesizer sounds for Native Instruments Kontakt. The samples are recorded from the old vintage FB-01 FM Synthesizer from Yamaha. The Bundle include 46 Instruments … read more

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KX77FREE releases Kx-PolyM-CSE modular synth plug-in

KX77FREE has launched Kx-PolyM-CSE, a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer instrument for Windows. This one is a special work to implement a CS70M emulation and the x16 sequencer inside a modular VA. Even if the CS70 … read more

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Noisefirm releases NF-01 Classic Synthesizer

Noisefirm has launched the NF-01, a virtual classic synthesizer instrument. The NF-01 Classic Synthesizer fully captures all the nuances of its classic ancestor, Yamaha’s CS01, and evokes the rich harmonics and fat sounds of a … read more

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Steinberg updates Yamaha sonote beat re:edit to v1.1.0

Steinberg has released version 1.1.0 of sonote beat re:edit, the beat instrument plug-in for Cubase. Based on Yamaha’s innovative sonote technology, sonote beat re:edit lets you create remixes of your beats in next to no … read more

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Ueberschall releases Acoustic Guitar Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall has launched Acoustic Guitar, a new Elastik Soundbank library featuring a loop collection for songwriters and music producers. This Elastik sound bank is part of Ueberschalls Instrument Series and dedicated to the acoustic guitar. … read more

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Digital Sound Factory releases Steinway & Yamaha Grand Pianos for Kontakt

Digital Sound Factory has announced the release of the Steinway Grand Piano and Yamaha Grand Piano for Native Instruments Kontakt 5+. Digital Sound Factory’s Steinway Model L (5’10”) Grand Piano for Kontakt. Steinway Pianos have … read more

XLN Audio releases Electric Grand for Addictive Keys

XLN Audio has announced the release of Electric Grand, a new Addictive Keys piano library featuring a meticulously sampled Yamaha CP-80 electro-acoustic instrument. Its recognizable sound can be heard on countless records from classic artists … read more

Aly James Lab updates FMDRIVE synth plugin to v1.2

Aly James Lab has updated the FMDRIVE Sega Mega Drive / Genesis FM synthesizer plug-in for Windows to version 1.2. FMDRIVE is not simply an YM2612 emulator, it add many extended features and huge user … read more

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