Elektron has announced substantial firmware upgrades for its Digitakt digital drum computer and sampler and the Digitone and Digitone Keys digital synthesizer.

It’s time to get elbow deep in a host of cracking features that will make each device even more powerful and your music-making experience even sweeter.

Changes in Digitakt OS v1.20 / Digitone OS v1.30

  • Class Compliant USB Audio: Connect your Digitakt or Digitone to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and easily capture the audio recording from your unit on the fly. Hook up to all kinds of apps to add extra control in any number of ways: more effects, more LFOs, more freedom.
  • Step Recording mode: This feature lets you input chords and notes into the sequencer step by step. Or use jump mode to skip to the next predetermined spot in the sequence via the Length parameter, making it even easier to control your melodies and build them a step at a time.
  • Trig Probability: Adjust Trig Probability on the Digitakt and Digitones to introduce a little controlled randomness to proceedings.
  • Trig Preview: You can now preview individual trigs whenever you want, without having to wait for the track to catch up.
  • New Play Modes for Digitone: Switch between Poly, Poly with Mono LFOs, Mono, and Mono Legato.
  • Increased sample skills for Digitakt: You can now use Parameter Randomization on the Digitakt to shuffle sample slots. And keep your sample list or sound pool better organized across all Digi machines with easier removal of unused sounds.
  • Lots more improvements & fixes.

To use the upgraded Digi OS with Overbridge, please update to Overbridge 2.0.39, also released today to support the new firmware.

More information: Elektron