Source Audio has announced that it is now shipping the SA168 MIDI Adapter, bringing full MIDI control to its single-footswitch One Series pedals.

The thumb-sized, bus-powered, intelligent adapter is compatible with any standard MIDI controller with a 5-pin MIDI DIN output.

“Source Audio’s One Series pedals offer a uniquely rich and dynamic feature-set and user experience,” says Source Audio CEO Ray Maxwell. “The addition of the MIDI Adapter offers greater access to the full power of pedals like our C4 Synth. MIDI users can now apply expressive parameter control and program change capabilities to One Series pedals, with this inexpensive, plug-and-play solution.”

The MIDI Adapter connects to the One Series’ Control Input, a 3.5mm TRRS jack on each pedal’s top panel. For recent pedal releases like the C4 Synth, Atlas Compressor, and Spectrum Intelligent Filter, the MIDI Adapter offers access to 128 onboard presets recallable via MIDI program change (PC) messages and full support for real time parameter control via MIDI continuous control (CC) and MIDI clock messages.

For earlier One Series pedals such as the Aftershock Bass Distortion, Gemini Chorus, and True Spring Reverb, the MIDI Adaptor facilitates switching between the 6 onboard preset slots with MIDI program change messages as well as full support for MIDI continuous control messages.

The SA 168 MIDI Adapter retails for $49 USD and is now available from your local Source Audio dealer.

More information: Source Audio