Sinevibes has announced the release of a handy multi engine preset converter utility for the prologue and minilogue xd synthesizers from Korg. The utility script allows users to re-arrange their user oscillator slots while keeping preset data compatibility.

Multi Engine Preset Converter utility by Sinevibes is a special script that modifies Sound Librarian preset files for KORG prologue and minilogue xd, and generates 16 versions of each preset – one for each multi engine user oscillator slot number that the plugin may be installed into.

With the use of this utility, you can now rearrange the oscillator plugins on your synthesizer, share your custom presets with another person that has the same oscillator plugin as you – but installed into a different multi engine slot number, and modify presets supplied with a third-party plugin so that it can be installed into any slot number you like.

The multi engine preset converter utility is provided as a shell script that’s compatible with a UNIX shell, such as the default shell available on macOS.

It’s available at no cost to all Sinevibes customers who own either of the multi engine oscillator plugins, including:

  • Bent bent-wave modulation synthesis.
  • Groove multitimbral bass/drum machine.
  • Node four-operator FM synthesis.
  • Tube resonator modeling synthesis.
  • Turbo variable waveshaping synthesis.

Existing customers can simply re-download their prior purchases to receive this script. New customers will also receive it as an extra bonus with their purchase of any of the plugins listed above.

Visit the Sinevibes website for more details on the multi engine oscillator plugins.