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Subject Sound Music Theory Foundations

Learn advanced harmonics concepts in Music Theory Foundations course at Subject Sound

Subject Sound has announced availability of Music Theory Foundations, a new tutorial course focused on advanced harmonic concepts, aimed towards electronic musicians.This course is...
Subject Sound Delay Masterclass

Subject Sound launches Delay Masterclass tutorial video course

Subject Sound has announced its Delay Masterclass, an online course with a refreshing approach towards delays.The course features over 3.5 hours of quality content,...

Subject Sound announces Creatively Mixing Electronic Music online course

Subject Sound has announced a 12-week online course in which Jor van der Poel will help you get control over your sound.With modern tools...
Subject Sound Modular Synthesis with iOS apps

Modular synthesis with Moog Model 15 and Ripplemaker at Subject Sound

Subject Sound and sound designer Jor van der Poel (Camel Audio, Loopmasters, Pyramind, SoundFreqs, ADSR) have launched Modular Synthesis with iOS apps, a new...

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