Crysonic releases newB V2

Crysonic has released of newB V2, a bass enhancer and maximizer VST plug-in for Windows PC. newB V2 has been redesigned from the ground up for better performance and more importantly much improved Audio quality … read more

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Crysonic releases Crysonic Mac Pack

Crysonic has released Crysonic Mac Pack, a new bundle featuring three of Crysonic’s most popular Audio DSP plug-ins for the Mac OS platform. The Mac Pack includes the following three plug-ins in Mac OS Universal … read more

Crysonic releases SINDO V2

Crysonic has released version 2.0 of SINDO, a hybrid stereo image expander (widener) / narrower with many enhanced new features offering an extremely high level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. SINDO V2 offers … read more

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CRYSONIC releases SpectraPhy LE

CRYSONIC has released SpectraPhy LE, a highly optimized look-ahead Brickwall Limiter and Loudness Maximizer based on it’s bigger brother SpectraPhy. SpectraPhy LE has been designed to be used for tracking, mixing, Mastering and Live use … read more

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CRYSONIC releases CryBASS and CryVINTAGE bundles

CRYSONIC has released 2 new bundles with a 40% discount, CryBASS and CryVINTAGE. CryBASS Audio Plugin Bundle Included in this bundle is our Spectra C1 Mastering Vintage Compressor together with the Ultimately unique newB BASS … read more

CRYSONIC releases nXtasy V2

CRYSONIC has released nXtasy V2, an analog harmonic saturation audio DSP plug-in. With 64-Bit internal precision nXtasy can be used through out the entire chain of music production from tracking, live use to mixing and … read more

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Renoise BeatBattle V: Underwater

Renoise has launched BeatBattle V: Underwater, the fifth edition of Renoise’s official music competition. Despite its name, the competition focuses on themes rather than on beats. The entries are made available in Renoise format to … read more

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