Native Instruments releases Evolve Mutations Bundle

Native Instruments has released the Evolve Mutations Bundle, a bundle of both Evolve Mutations products for Kontakt. This bundle contains both versions of the Heavyocity-designed EVOLVE MUTATIONS Kontakt instruments. Together, this bundle delivers 4 GB … read more

Big Fish Audio releases Cinematic Sound Design

Big Fish Audio has announced the release of Cinematic Sound Design, a sample library featuring over 1.2 GB of Hollywood-style sound design elements in 13 categories, created and compiled specifically for composers and producers of … read more

Short links for February 5th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # NAMM Oddities 2010 Barry is back with the NAMM Oddities of 2010: My NAMM experience went really quite smoothly this year. I didn't have to deal with any … read more

Togeo Studios releases Dreamscapes 4

Togeo Studios has released Dreamscapes 4, a free Ableton Live Pack. Part 4 of the Dreamscapes series, another free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios is now available for download. Dreamscapes has always been one … read more

Fable Sounds announces Broadway Big Band Kontakt 4 Player Edition

SONiVOX, on behalf of Fable Sounds, has announced the imminent release of the latest version of Broadway Big Band, a virtual instrument for Windows and Mac. Fable Sounds’ Broadway Big Band™ Virtual Instrument upon its … read more

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Les Productions Zvon releases Memory Collection sample pack 01

Les Productions Zvon has released Memory Collection sample pack 01, the follow up of the previously released Halloween and Holidays packs 2009. The samples in this collection are taken from Public Domain movies, TV shows … read more

Sonic Reality releases Serafine FX Tron and Cinema Sessions Gold Edition

Sonic Reality have announced the imminent release of Serafine FX Tron and Cinema Sessions Gold Edition, a massive range of sounds for film and other media. Serafine FX Tron is the first complete sound effects … read more

Zero-G releases Dark Skies – Cinematic Ambiences

Zero-G has released Dark Skies – Cinematic Ambiences, a 2 DVD set packed full of ambiences, soundscapes, drones and FX and is the perfect accompaniment for any professional film, TV or video game producer and … read more

Prime Loops releases Ambient Funk

Prime Loops has released Ambient Funk, a collection of atmospheric music loops in seperate stems. Dim the lights and start up the projector, it’s time to sit back and take in the deepest, smokiest atmospheres … read more

Loopmasters releases Movie Dialogue Vol 3

Loopmasters has released Movie Dialogue Vol 3, an inspirational set of samples taken from original early Film Dialogue. If you need some inspiring vocal samples for your music, then Movie Dialogue includes a truly original … read more

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Haunted House Records releases Ambient Worlds 2: Evolution

Haunted House Records has announced the release of Ambient Worlds 2: Evolution, a sample collection featuring drones, pads and evolving textures, ideal for adding tension to any electronic music or film sound track. The sounds … read more

Cinesamples releases Hollywoodwinds

Cinesamples has announced the release of Hollywoodwinds, a comprehensive sampling of the orchestral woodwind ensemble. This library’s collection of scales, runs, phrases, chords, textures, trills, FX and full ensemble patches, will get you thinking again … read more

Cinesamples announces HollyWoodWinds

Cinesamples has announced HollyWoodWinds, a comprehensive sampling of the orchestral woodwind ensemble. This library’s collection of scales, runs, phrases, chords, textures, trills, FX and full ensemble patches, will get you thinking again about using woodwinds … read more

Motion Samples releases Galactic Atmosphere

Motion Samples has released Galactic Atmosphere, a new sample library. Motion Samples presents the sounds of Galactic Atmosphere featuring 36 scores of synthesizer strings and pads created for film scoring projects in the themes of … read more

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Sonokinetic releases Cop Radio SFX

Sonokinetic has released Cop Radio SFX, a collection of original speech sound effects. “10-20-Over….code 8 request backup…..officer down!” All the police dispatch quotes you’ve come to know from movies and tv recorded in high quality … read more

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Bluezone releases Score & Break Producer

Bluezone Corporation has released Score & Break Producer, a sample library dedicated to music for films, TV series and also for video-games. Score and Break Producer is the new reference for composers of TV series … read more

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Haunted House Records announces Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop

Haunted House Records has announced Electronic Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop, the latest sound library in the Electronic Critters series. The sounds in this library are inspired by the early work of the BBC Radiophonic … read more

Review: Cinesamples Drums of War

Cinesamples Drums of War is sample library featuring a variety of cinematic drums. Reading through the Drums of War manual I liked the intro text so much I’m just going to share it here: Drums … read more

Homegrown Sounds Homegrown Complete now includes 14 sample libraries

Homegrown Sounds has added the Acoustic Drum Grooves library to Homegrown Complete, the entire collection of Homegrown Sample CDs in downloadable format. Buying this product saves half the price of buying all titles individually! It … read more

Review: Native Instruments True Strike Tension

Native Instruments‘ True Strike Tension is the latest in the ever growing collection of KORE SoundPacks. This new expansion brings a collection of percussive sounds for cinematic scores to KORE. The title of this SoundPack … read more

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