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Acousticsamples releases JazzGuitarysM

Acousticsamples JazzGuitarysM

Acousticsamples has released JazzGuitarysM, a sampled jazz guitar for Kontakt.

The JazzGuitarysm guitar is an ES335 Gibson jazz guitar fingered and recorded at 24bits 44.1khz from the direct output of a tube preamp

JazzGuitarysM features

  • 1.03GB sample library, no loops.
  • 9 velocity layers for the sustain, 15 for the release and 14 for ghost notes.
  • Additional fret noises.
  • Easy to play monophonic hammers and slides, and simple polyphonic chord slides.
  • KONTAKT2 format only, advanced scripting.
  • Really easy to play on a keyboard or to program events on a sequencer.

JazzGuitarysM is available now for €39 EUR. Check the manual (pdf) for details.

Visit Acousticsamples for more information and audio demos.

Gibson announces Les Paul Traditional and Guitar Rig 3 giveaway

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Gibson has announced a contest where you can win a Les Paul Traditional Goldtop and a Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Edition from Native Instruments.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional and Guitar Rig 3 giveaway

The Les Paul Traditional and a Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Edition, everything you need to start your own Home Studio!

All you need to do is fill out a form with some personal information (oh-oh!) and you have a chance of winning. That is, if you’re in the USA.

The contest ends September 30th, 2008

Visit Gibson for more information.

Propellerhead Software announces Reason Electric Bass

Propellerhead Software Reason Electric Bass

Propellerhead Software has announced the Reason Electric Bass, a ReFill which puts eight fully playable electric bass guitars into your Reason rack.

All instruments in the Reason Electric Basses ReFill were recorded using multiple microphones and dedicated bass amp setups, giving you full control of your overall bass sound. Based on note for note Hypersampling, these basses come complete with bends, glissandos and fret noises, making them very responsive, and very much alive.

Electric Bass ReFill features

  • Instruments used:
    • Fender Jazz Bass (1968), String type: roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
    • Fender Precision Bass (1965), String type: flats. Playing style: fingered.
    • Gibson Les Paul (1969), String type: vintage roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
    • Rickenbacker 4001 (1974), String type: roundwound. Playing style: Picked.
    • Gibson EB-0 (1970), String type: roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
    • Kay Hollowbody (1963), String type: flats. Playing style: Picked.
    • MusicMan Stingray Fretless (2001), String type: flats, 5-string. Playing style: fingered
    • Fender Precision Bass (1978), String type: roundwound. Playing style: picked.
  • ReFill (2 DVD, 16- and 24bit versions):
    • Preset patches: basic, instrument specific Combinator patches for various mic/amp combinations.
    • Producer patches: Producer-made, mix-ready bass sounds.
    • Style patches: Ready-made patches styled for different types of music (Pop, Rock, Funk/Disco, Reggae, Electronic, Hip hop/RnB).
    • Template patches: Empty, pre-routed patches for building advanced bass/amp/mic combos.
    • Effect patches: Stomp box type bass effects that make full use of Reason’s effects and routing powers.

The Reason Electric Bass ReFill will be available on May 28th.

Visit Propellerhead Software for more information.

Waves releases GTR Solo

Waves GTR Solo

Waves has released GTR Solo, the guitar/bass modeling software which delivers the sound of real amps, cabs, stomps, and mics—in your computer.

Just plug in, fire it up, and experience precision models of amplifiers by Fender®, Marshall®, Vox® and others. Then take it to the next level with awesome distortion, modulation, and ambient effects.

GTR Solo features

  • GTR Solo Amps
    10 Amps based on classics from Fender®, Marshall®, Vox®, and more, modeled using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond anything you’ve ever heard.

    • Clean – Clean Based on a 1959 tweed Fender® Bassman®, Sweet Based on a 1968 Gibson® Skylark.
    • High Gain – Crunch Based on a custom Garcia™ from Paul Reed Smith’s personal collection, Shredder Based on a Marshall® JMP1 preamp, PRS Scorch Based on a boutique amplifier from Paul Reed Smith’s personal collection, PRS Crush Based on a modified 50W Marshall® MK2.
    • Drive – Edgy Based on a 1980 Vox® AC-30 TB-2, Drive Based on a 1964 blackface Fender® Super Reverb®, Overdrive Based on a 1980 Marshall® JMP.
    • Bass – SolidState Based on a Hartke® 3500.
  • GTR Solo Cabs
    10 Cabs so real, you can feel the electric excitement of the speakers moving air – 12″ OpenBack, 2×12″ Closed Back, 2×12″ Open Back, 4×10″ Open Back, 4×12″ Standard, 4×12″ Vintage, Acme 12″ Custom, Bass 8×10″ Pro, Acme 4×12” Vintage Gibson® Skylark, Acme 8” OpenBack Hiwatt®.
GTR Waves Solo Stomps
  • GTR Solo Stomps
    13 Stomps to twist, distort, contort, color, bend, mutilate, and mangle your sound to the max. OverDrive, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, WahWah, Spring, Pitcher, Vibrolo, GateComp, EQ and Volume.

Waves GTR Solo is available in native format for $140 USD.

Visit Waves for more information and a link to download a demo version of GTR Solo.

Short links for December 5th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on December 5th, 2007:

  • Gibson Robot Guitar – The guitar is tuned by tiny servo motors that tune all strings in no more than five seconds.
Gibson Robot Guitar
Gibson Robot Guitar