Detunized releases 1konkret Live Pack

Detunized releases 1konkret, a sound library for Ableton Live. 1konkret exposes all those daily noises and sounds that actually nobody needs. Because nothing is more annoying than screaming hard disks, rumbling elevators, creaking doors and … read more

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Noise Agency releases Tweak Box

Noise Agency has released Tweak Box, a free sample pack. This sample pack is a series of versatile, atmospheric sample packs by the experienced sound designers of the Noise Agency. In this unique pack you’ll … read more

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ToneBytes releases Vinyl effect plugin

ToneBytes has announced Vinyl, a free effect plug-in that emulates the sounds of old vinyl players. Vinyl recreates the dust noise and frequency response of old recordings. You can adjust intensity, color and amount of … read more

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Rekkerd Sound Recordings Vol. 2 – free sample pack

Ever since recording some sounds a few years ago, I’ve been meaning to take the trusty Zoom H2 for another round. I finally took the time to capture another batch of ordinary, and perhaps some … read more

nLab updates Monolite for Reaktor to v1.0.5

nLab has updated its Monolite experimental noise/drone/fx ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor to version 1.0.5. Changes in Monolite v1.0.5 New stereo grainer. Improved internal limiter. New gain fader style. General improvements and fixes. Monolite for … read more

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ToneBytes/Softrave Analog Noise effect plug-in

ToneBytes and Softrave has released Analog Noise, an effect which adds the sound and atmosphere of analog recordings to your tracks and mixes. The purpose of the plug-in is to add sounds typically found in … read more

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nLab releases Monolite for Reaktor

nLab has announced the release of Monolite, an experimental noise/drone/fx Reaktor Ensemble. Monolite features 4 sine oscillators. Tone cut filter + soft clipper saturation. Grainer unit (granular processing). FX unit with 17 different effects. Automizable … read more

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Noisebud intros Burt free VST synth instrument

Noisebud has announced Burt, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows. Burt is our first attempt to make a VSTi. We needed a bass synth that delivered more grit and dirt and didn’t need hours … read more

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AfroDJMac releases free Noises, Risers, Swooshes Rack for Ableton

AfroDJMac has released a free Noises, Risers, Swooshes Rack for Ableton Live. So much of our enjoyment in life relies on tension and release, and music is no different. This weeks free Ableton Live Rack … read more

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Sinevibes releases Sequential, rhythmic effect plugin

Sinevibes has announced the release of Sequential, a plugin for creating amazing rhythmical effect patterns. It features unique algorithms ranging from filters, waveshapers and distortion, to ring modulation and even audio-controlled oscillators. These effects are … read more

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AfroDjMac Laptop Feedback, free synth for Ableton

AfroDjMac wrote in to let us know about Laptop Feedback, a free synthesizer for Ableton Live. One of the things I want to do with this site is to share some of the tools I … read more

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iZotope updates RX to v2.01

iZotope has released version 2.01 of RX, a collection of audio repair tools for Windows and Mac. iZotope RX™ 2 is the most complete audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove noise, … read more

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Tone Projects updates Sonitex STX-1260 + Spring Special

Tone Projects has released version 1.6 of Sonitex STX-1260, a sonic texturing plug-in for Windows. Sonitex is the ultimate Lo-Fi workstation. It offers a complete suite of processing dedicated to adding texture to digital audio. … read more

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Universal Sampling releases Guitar FX sample library

Universal Sampling has released Guitar FX, a sample library featuring various effects and noises made primarily with heavy, distorted guitar/mic’d amplifier. Scratches, scrapes, chugs, pinches, whammy bar, guitar played with a violin bow, percussive “hits” … read more

Eric Beam “Brings the noise!”, free test tones/noise samples

Eric Beam has posted a number of free audio test files from a Prism dScope III audio analyzer and a Dolby SDU4 surround decoder. For everyone that designs, tests, creates, calibrates, or has an odd … read more

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SoniqWare updates SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate to v1.2

SoniqWare has released version 1.2 of SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate, an effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. SoniqWare SG-1 is a professional stereo spectral noise gate packed with high-end features that you … read more

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Waves W43 Noise Reduction Plugin

Waves has released the W43, a noise reduction plug-in for Windows and Mac. Ambient noise: Hiss. Hum. Traffic. Wind. Air conditioning. They can all wreak havoc on dialog tracks. With Waves W43, they’re a thing … read more

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Short links for June 16th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: The sound of the vuvuzela seems to irritate quite a number of people, so here’s a round-up of some solutions on how to watch the World Cup games without … read more

BIAS updates SoundSoap to v2.4

BIAS has released version 2.4 of SoundSoap, the audio restoration software for Windows and Mac. The update offers new localized tool tips, compatibility with the latest Pro Tools 8 software from Avid, and additional enhancements. … read more

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Voltage Disciple releases Voltage Sequencer

Voltage Disciple has announced the release of Voltage Sequencer, an Ableton Live Pack for noise and glitch musicians. It contains devices, samples, clips and effects for use in LIVE 8.1.3 and above. All samples are … read more