Liine updates Lemur controller app to v5.2

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Liine has released version 5.2 of Lemur, a multi-touch MIDI & OSC controller app for iOS.

Liine Lemur

Lemur, the professional iOS controller app that doesn’t cut any corners, has evolved. Now easier to use than ever, more customisable and with more out-of-the-box functionality. Any software or hardware that receives MIDI or OSC can be controlled by Lemur. Control DJ software, live electronic music performance software, studio production software (DAWs), VJ software, visual synthesis software, stage lighting and more.

Changes in Lemur v5.2

  • Lemur App:
    • Fixed file system access on iOS 8.
    • Fixed On MIDI scripts receive messages from Parent/Project MIDI Targets.
    • Fixed templates loading with mismatch between navbar and displayed page.
    • Fixed CoreMIDI issue where ports were not displayed for some hardware devices (Novation X-Station and others).
    • Fixed Fader.value displaying correct type.
    • Fixed stretch function displaying correct types.
    • Various Canvas fixes and improvements.
    • Added Relative cursor mode to Fader object.
    • Integer values are now parsed as such when saving / loading JZML.
    • Added automatic conversion of OSC INT64 & boolean to INT32.
    • MIDI Target configuration now properly saved when quitting the app and returning.
    • Sequencer objects phase no longer jumps when changing ‘steps’ attribute.
    • StepSwitch now sends out values when out variable goes back to null (i.e. Note Off messages correctly sent now).
  • Editor:
    • Fixed crash with canvas_restore () on Windows.
    • Fixed crashes when opening menus while Canvas is drawn.
    • Fixed copy/paste from Lemur to other applications.
  • Daemon:
    • Fixed issues where Daemon ports would get disconnected and appear in red.
    • Fixed issue with mislabelled Daemon ports.

The Lemur app is available for purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Liine / Lemur


Create mobile music interfaces with NexusUI

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Ben Taylor, Jesse Allison, and Yemin Oh have released NexusUI, a JS toolkit for easily designing musical interfaces for mobile apps and web browsers, with emphasis on rapid prototyping (nexusDrop) and integration with Max/MSP (nexusUp).

NexusUI is a JavaScript library of audio interface components that can control Web Audio or transmit OSC data to other applications.

NexusUI can be used to integrate directly with the Web Audio API in the browser, or to communicate with Max, SuperCollider or Chuck via server-side applications.

NexusUI is mobile-friendly and multi-touch compatible. It enables large-scale collaborative performances by distributing interfaces through a browser — something that many people have at home, in their bag, or carry in their pocket.

NexusUI is available to download at no charge. NexusUI is licensed as open source software (New BSD License).

More information: NexusUI


Introducing MIDI HACK – a MIDI, OSC & CV focused hackathon

MIDI HACK is a 24h hackathon sponsored by Ableton, Native Instruments & Spotify celebrating the protocols (such as MIDI, OSC & CV) and technologies that are the backbone of analog and digital music creation.

The MIDI HACK weekend will offer lectures and performances from artists and creators. The focus of the event will be on letting our participants create new and ground breaking ideas.

The goal of MIDI HACK is to bring together industry leaders, interesting start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians who push the envelope of music creation, and to spawn great and creative ideas for the future. Ever wanted to rip apart MIDI controllers to create a new one? Maybe write a new VST or AU? Or how about finding new ways to perform? Then this is the hack for you.

The name MIDI HACK derives from the midi protocol that has defined music creation for more than 30 years. Together with OSC (Open Sound Control – an open source version of the same idea) and CV (Control Voltage – used to control analogue synthesizers) they are the three pillars of music creation today whenever there’s a synthesizer or computer involved.

A hack is a abbreviation of hackathon, a defined space that during a limited tine engages people in overcome a defined target or investigate a certain subject. Midi hack is aimed for the people who love music creation and sees a potential for involvement within the area.

MIDI HACK will take place May 17th-18th, 2014, at Spotify HQ, Stockholm – Sweden. The application form opens Tuesday March 18th, and closes March 30th, 2014.

More information: MIDI HACK


Niall Moody updates Pedalboard2 plugin host to v2.13

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Niall Moody has released version 2.13 of Pedalboard2, a VST (and AU on OSX) plug-in host designed for live use.

Niall Moody Pedalboard2

Hey there! I’ve just uploaded a new version of the Pedalboard. This update’s mostly about MIDI. Here’s the main features:

  • MIDI learn for application and plugin mappings.
  • Per-plugin MIDI channel filtering.
  • Optional Event Log for debugging MIDI and OSC issues.

Pedalboard2 for Windows and Mac is freeware.

More information: Niall Moody / Pedalboard2


sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ to v2.2

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sonicLAB has announced version 2.2 of Cosmosƒ, a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine.

newest update: Cosmosƒ V2.2 offers a powerful and unique preset morphing mechanism. With 2D / 3D control interface + homogeneous and heterogeneous micro waveform handling, it “rethinks” for you what you know as “morphing”…

A sonic morphing process defines a metaphor of exploring the sonic shape and timbral evolution on intermediate levels. Cosmosƒ V2.2 gives the possibility to manipulate its composants responsable for its bottom-up sonic construction within necessary correspondance, precision and smoothness.

sonicLAB Cosmosƒ
Cosmosƒ advanced stochastic synthesizer.

Changes in Cosmosƒ v2.2

  • 2D / 3D preset morphing mechanism. Up to 4 different preset parameter space can be morphed by traveling inside a 3D sphere by adjusting the polar coordinates within a unique interface design.
  • Stochastic morphing with distribution range for altering the morphing position, speed and interpolation control.
  • Built-in mathematical functions to automatically and precisely move the morphing pointer in the space.
  • Precise audio rate parameter update with the possibility of reaching amazing morphing speeds (44100times a second!)
  • turns Cosmosƒ into a super oscillator by accumulating up to 4 different presets in heterogeneous micro event mixing mode prior to the morphing phase.

Cosmosƒ for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 89 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB


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