Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.2.3


Ross Bencina has updated the AudioMulch software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition to version 2.2.3.

This is a stability update. It fixes several crashes, bugs with LiveLooper, PulseComb and SDelay contraption behavior, and a number of plugin hosting issues (mostly on Mac). It is recommended that users of version 2.2.0 thru 2.2.2 upgrade now.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.2.3

  • Fixed bug where clicking the LiveLooper Start button would sometimes not start recording, especially with high CPU load or when the audio driver buffer size was not set to a multiple of 64 samples.
  • Fixed crash: assertion failure “length >= fadeLengthSamples_” if you changed the sample rate in AudioMulch’s Audio General settings while LiveLooper was recording.
  • Fixed bug where PulseComb hold would get permanently stuck on if you set the Hold Quantize Divisions multiplier to zero with Quantize Amount set to non-zero.
  • Fixed bug in PulseComb hold quantize behavior (present since version 2.1): Hold Quantize was taking priority over the Hold Period causing rapid holds when the hold duration should have been at least as long as Hold Period. To get the previous “buggy” behavior use a very short Hold Period.
  • Fixed bug in SDelay where delay times would not be displayed correctly (clamped to a maximum value of 32) when recalling presets that switched delay units from rhythmic units to milliseconds.
  • Display preset names in preset automation hover tooltips.
  • Fixed crash when recalling AudioMulch presets with DFX Transverb VST Plugin.
  • Mac: fixed crash when selecting the contraption editor “Close All” menu item when the mouse cursor was positioned over a sub-control of the editor.
  • Mac: fixed bug where using the “Refresh Plugins List” context menu would cause subsequent documents to load the wrong VST plugins until AudioMulch was restarted.
  • Mac: increased limit on concurrently open file handles to improve compatibility with some streaming sampler plugins (e.g. NI Kontakt). Fixes crashes when selecting File > Open… or File > Save As… after using a Kontakt sample set that streams many files from disk.
  • Mac: fixed VST plugin unloading logic that could cause crashes when mixing VST and AU versions of some plugins (e.g. Korg Legacy).
  • Mac: fixed white flashes when closing some Audio Unit plugin custom editor windows.
  • Mac (OS X 10.7 Lion only): fixed intermittent crash when switching Metasurface to full screen.

AudioMulch for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $189 USD.

More information: AudioMulch


Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch music performance software to v2.2

Ross Bencina has released version 2.2 of AudioMulch, the creative software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition.

AudioMulch allows you to make music by patching together a range of sound producing and processing modules.

AudioMulch 2.2 delivers a solid line up of refinements targeted at live performance, including increased responsiveness and expanded MIDI control and routing capabilities. Additions include: lower audio latency, support for routing MIDI output to external devices, improved MIDI and network clock synchronization, and MIDI-controlled snapshot switching for AudioMulch’s unique Metasurface control interface. A range of other enhancements and bug fixes are included.

This release also marks the launch of a new community patch sharing area at where AudioMulch users can share sound processing patches and compositions: (

Performers processing live audio or playing virtual instrument plug-ins will benefit from the responsiveness of the overhauled low-latency sound processing engine. The engine now supports lower latency buffer settings with improved stability.

Musicians using AudioMulch in conjunction with MIDI synthesizers and outboard effects units can take advantage of extensions to AudioMulch’s modular MIDI routing system. MIDI data can now be routed to external MIDI devices from sequencer and control generator plug-ins.

AudioMulch 2.2’s new timing engine improves timing stability when chasing MIDI or network synchronization. A new “pattern mode” MIDI clock sync option provides compatibility with pattern-based hardware step sequencers.

Performers who control AudioMulch from a MIDI controller will welcome the ability to switch Metasurface parameter snapshots under MIDI control.

Mac users will appreciate AudioMulch 2.2’s improved plug-in compatibility stemming from the switch to a Cocoa-based user interface framework. AudioMulch 2.2 is ready for OS X Mountain Lion today.

Other enhancements include:

  • Unlimited contraption presets and improved preset workflow via a new streamlined header bar.
  • Support for composing with musical pitch names when using frequency parameters usually expressed in Hertz.
  • A versatile new stereo chorus contraption.
  • A new Welcome Screen gives quick access to recent documents and common tasks.
  • An updated help system with a clear, step-by-step tutorial format to bring users up to speed quickly.

AudioMulch for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $189 USD. The upgrade for version 1.0 users is $89 USD. All version 2 updates, including this one, are free to licensed AudioMulch version 2 users. A 60 day trial version is available to download.

More information: AudioMulch


Ross Bencina AudioMulch, interactive music studio updated to v2.1


Ross Bencina has released version 2.1 of AudioMulch, an interactive music studio for Windows and Mac.

This version includes support for custom time signatures, Audio Unit plugin support on Mac OS X, new dynamics processing contraptions, an optional light grey color scheme, and more.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.1

  • Time signatures and rhythmic units — AudioMulch now supports custom and user-defined time signatures and rhythmic units. Automation supports time signature changes. This opens a world of potential for polyrhythmic and polymetric music. Everything that used to be hard-wired to 4/4 time now allows selection of a time signature (including CanonLooper, LiveLooper and LoopPlayer). Everything that used to be hardwired to 16ths (semiquavers) allows the selection of a rhythmic unit (including BubbleBlower, DLGranulator, Drums, LoopPlayer, Nebuliser, PulseComb, SDelay and SouthPole).
  • New rhythmic matrix pattern editors for Arpeggiator, SouthPole and Bassline — All contraptions with rhythmic pattern editors now support user-selectable pattern lengths, matrix resolutions, non-4/4 time signatures and time signature changes. You can also click and drag to “paint” multiple triggers in the matrix pattern editors.
  • Dynamics processing contraptions: Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate — New Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate contraptions in mono and stereo versions. These contraptions are useful for shaping the dynamics (loudness) of your sound. They can be found in the new Dynamics category of the contraptions palette.
  • Audio Unit plugin support on Mac OSX — AudioMulch now support’s Audio Unit plugins on Mac OS X, giving you access to a new range of third-party audio effects and instruments.
  • A new, light grey color scheme — You can now select between light and dark color schemes on the Appearance page of the Settings/Preferences dialog box.
  • Support for hot-plugging MIDI devices — AudioMulch now remembers selected MIDI devices when they’re not connected. You can connect them while AudioMulch is running. Just toggle the Enable MIDI button to activate them.
  • Improved documentation — We’ve re-written and reorganised the MIDI help page and the contraption reference pages for every contraption to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements — Version 2.1 includes a range of other enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes. They’re all listed in the release notes.

AudioMulch is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $189 USD.

More information: AudioMulch


Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.0.4

Ross Bencina AudioMulch

Ross Bencina has released version 2.0.4 of AudioMulch, a software for live performance, audio processing, sound synthesis and music composition.

This update resolves a small number of bugs to improve stability on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. This is anticipated to be the final 2.0.x series release prior to version 2.1.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.0.4

  • Fixed hung notes and/or plugin crashes when using VSTi plugins controlled by MIDI. The bug occurred when MIDI data is received on multiple MIDI channels simultaneously and the plugin Receive Channel is set to a single channel (i.e. not “None” or “All”).
  • Fixed intermittent crash when displaying a VST generic editor while audio is running: “assertion failed: slider .= 0″.
  • Fixed rare crash while previewing a sound file in the open sound file dialog: “assertion failed: lastAlloc_->Blocksize()==size”.
  • Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Fixed audio freeze when selecting files in open sound file dialog.
  • Mac: Fixed crash on startup if Preferences .plist file had become corrupted. Fixed preferences mechanism to avoid Preferences corruption.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where sometimes double clicking on an AudioMulch document in Finder would launch the help viewer instead of AudioMulch.

AudioMulch is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $189 USD.

More information: AudioMulch


Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.0.2

Ross Bencina AudioMulch 2.0

Ross Bencina has released version 2.0.2 of AudioMulch, an interactive musician’s environment for PC and Mac.

This version includes usability improvements and bug fixes. Improvements have been made to Audio/MIDI synchronisation on Mac and to stability on OSX 10.4 (Tiger). Mac VST scanning has been improved to avoid start-up freezes when VST plugins prompt for activation. Cut/Copy/Paste can now be used when renaming Contraptions.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.0.2

  • Fixed bug where help pages were not available and displayed “The page could not be found” error if the computer was upgraded to a new version of AudioMulch.
  • Improved event deletion in Drums contraption pattern editor. Supresses creation of hits on top of each other which made them confusing to delete. Fixed bug where click-delete didn’t work if the mouse was moved while clicking.
  • Fixed bug where contraption positions were sometimes scrambled after reloading a document. Contraption locations were not saved correctly if the contraptions had been connected using drag-and-drop patching.
  • Added support for cut/copy/paste/select all of contraption names in the Patcher using context menu and keyboard shortcuts while editing contraption name.
  • Added F2 keyboard shortcut to start editing contraption names (Command-2 on Mac).
  • Windows: fixed bug where the first time a custom VST editor was displayed it appeared partially behind other contraption property editors.
  • Mac: fixed intermittent crash on OSX 10.4 (Tiger) after using the select sound file dialog box.
  • Mac: improved timing of MIDI and Network sync.
  • Mac: made changes to address bug where VU meters, transport and automation playback position would intermittently stop updating after 20 minutes to an hour on some machines.
  • Mac: changed MIDI device name handling for better compatibility. Fixes problems with some devices not working. Akai devices are still not 100% functional, see KnownBugs.txt for workaround.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where AudioMulch would freeze at startup if VST plugins displayed an activation dialog box when they were scanned.
  • Fixed alignment of beat number indicators on Arpeggiator pattern editor.
  • Fixed height of status bar and appearance of soundfile loading progress bar.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of MIDI output ports on some contraptions.
  • Fixed bug with contraptions palette not auto-showing if AudioMulch didn’t have focus.

AudioMulch is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $189 USD. A 60-day trial version is available for download.

More information: AudioMulch


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