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Benedict Roff-Marsh releases electro 3-57

Benedict Roff-Marsh electro 3-57

Benedict Roff-Marsh has announced the release of electro 3-57, a ReFill for Reason 4 featuring sounds from the late 1970′s to the early 1990′s.

Benedict writes:

Many of these sounds are from real pieces – including all the sounds from my Cassini Album.

electro 3-57 features

  • 357 sounds in categories: Arpeggios & patterns, basses, drums & percussion, effects, leads, organs & poly, pads, piano & clav, sound fx & bells, strings & brass.
  • Patches are also arranged by unit: Combinator, Thor, Subractor, NN-XT & Maelstrom.
  • Featuring the types of sounds found on recordings using:
    • late 70′s – Moog, ARP, Roland analog synths.
    • early to mid 80′s – Roland, Korg, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits digital analog synths.
    • mid to late 80′s – Casio, Yamaha, PPG, Waldorf digital synths.
    • early 90′s – Roland, Korg sample player synths.
  • Included are Starter Pieces loosely in styles common to the time period covered.

The electro 3-57 ReFill is available for purchase for $19.95 AUD. A demo is available for download.

More information: Benedict Roff-Marsh

Gunnar Ekornås updates Memorymoon to v1.5 and Messiah to v1.1

Gunnar Ekornås has released version 1.5 of Memorymoon, based on the Memorymoog, and version 1.1 of Prophet 5 inspired synthesizer Messiah.

Gunnar Ekornås Memorymoon v1.5

Changes in Memorymoon v1.5

  • New GUI keyboard system developed by Andy Medforth. It saves CPU and loading times.
  • New filter model for filter2, both filters are now 64 bit.
  • Less CPU. Overall CPU for the synth should be 5-6% faster than the 1.4 version.
  • Cleaner filter sound and filter2 has improved algorithm for controlling self-oscillation level.
  • Filter2: 6 new modes for FM (audio rate modulation), 3 chain modes and 3 ladder modes.
  • Filter modelling means better distortion and +/- 5% variations in all vital components.
  • Midi learn by right clicking any controls, stored in patches/banks.
  • Dual core problem solved.
  • New glide system, works like the original.
  • LCD now shows patch name, and you can click on the name and select patches from a list. Arrows to select patch up/down and LCD letters have more red colour.
  • Clicks when changing presets improved. For perfect patch change use the red arrows.
  • Incoming program change from MIDI should work perfect now.
  • Reduced note stealing clicks, 3 hidden voices makes note stealing less audible.
  • Voicecard drift: Independent pitch drift for osc1 and osc2. The detuning between osc1 and osc2 will be different for each voicecard.
  • New soundfont player with high quality zinc conversion possible. (“CPU” button).
  • New GUI knob and new GUI wheels.
Gunnar Ekornås Messiah v1.1

Changes in Messiah v1.1

  • New factory bank with 34 new patches, including 13 new patches from Grzegorz Bartoszek.
  • The extra bank is now a full bank with 128 patches.
  • New GUI keyboard system developed by Andy Medforth. It saves CPU and loading times.
  • Midi learn by right clicking any controls, stored in patches/banks.
  • Dual core problem solved.,/li>
  • Lower static CPU (when the synth is not played).
  • LCD now shows patch name, and you can click on the name and select patches from a list. Arrows to select patch up/down.
  • Clicks when changing presets improved. For perfect patch change use the red arrows.
  • Incoming program change from MIDI should work perfect now.
  • Reduced note stealing clicks, 3 hidden voices makes note stealing less audible.
  • New GUI knob and background holes for the GUI wheels.

Note: When importing old banks in Memorymoon and Messiah there will be a “205 parameters could not be loaded” error message. This is due to a cleanup in the patch.mem, with 205 parameters having been deleted for the new GUI keyboard system developed by Andy Medforth. It saves CPU and loading times.

Memorymoon and Messiah are available as VST instruments for Windows PC for $30 USD each, or together in a bundle for $40 USD.

Visit Memorymoon for more information and audio demos.

New Atlantis Audio releases B.E.A.S.T. ReFill

New Atlantis Audio B.E.A.S.T.

New Atlantis Audio has released B.E.A.S.T., a complete realtime analog bass workstation for
Propellerhead Reason 4.

We’ve captured the raw, low-end sonic power from an arsenal of classic analog synths and infused it with the high-tech sophistication of Reason. We included the sounds of the original analog filters from each instrument, and gave you a dedicated Analog Knob to control them in realtime. The result is killer authentic vintage tone, brought to totally new places with the power of the Combinator, and your imagination.

B.E.A.S.T. also doubles as an extremely powerful filter, effects and modulation workstation for any of your Reason devices!

B.E.A.S.T. features

  • 100 Combinator patches, 51 NN-19 sampler patches.
  • Flexible. Tweakable. Powerful. — Operating from within a completely modular customdesigned rack, B.E.A.S.T. features a cache of high power audio weapons for all of your tracks. The extremely unique design allows for control and possibilities never seen before. There is a dedicated knob and button within fast reach for every function. Load up a single instance of B.E.A.S.T., configure your MIDI controller once, and jam for hours. Easily tap into the powerful filter, effects and modulation sections with dedicated ins and outs for external devices! The possibilities are endless.
  • Built for Speed — Freely swap instrument sounds on the fly without effecting the rest of the rack or stopping the music. Bend, twist and mangle the fattest analog bass tones around in realtime with 4 independent LFOs in the custom modulation section. Make them pound and shake with a custom Thor-powered multimode filter section. Take them to totally new places with a stockpile of killer effects.
  • Keeping It Real — Achieve genuine vintage status with the Analog Knob. That’s right, the sounds of the original analog filters are embedded in every instrument. Tweak the sound of TRUE ANALOG in realtime for sonic power that simply is not possible with software alone.
  • The Sounds — The following analog monsters were sampled direct to disk at 24 bit, using identical high quality preamps, cables and A/D converters: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Axxe, Akai AX-60, Octave CAT, Moog Little Phatty, Moog Minimoog, Moog Memorymoog, Korg MaxiKorg, Korg MonoPoly, Korg MS-20, Dave Smith Evolver, Roland MC-202, Roland SH-101, Roland TB-303, Oberheim OB-8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and the EDP Wasp.

B.E.A.S.T. is available as an instant download for $39.98 USD. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF).

A free demo (Reason Published Song) is available for download from the product page.

New Atlantis Audio Polar Elements

New Atlantis Audio has also updated Polar Elements:

It has doubled in size! We’ve added 50 brand new patches for a total 100 Combinators, and they are absolutely beautiful. Cleaned up a few routing issues, prettied up the original skin and added a new one that is quite lovely to look at. The patches are now organized by type for super convenient access. This update is free for all existing Polar Elements users, check your email for links.

Visit New Atlantis Audio for more information and audio demos.

25 free drumkits for Kontakt 3 drumkits for Kontakt 3

Vergel Evans recently posted a nice collection of drumkits for Kontakt 3.

After finding some nice drum machine samples at, Vergel created a multi-set of drum kits for Kontakt 3.

It was quite a find… not only did soundlib have an extensive collection of TR-808 and TR-909 samples, it also has a whole collection of samples for the Boss-660, and a set of custom built Cwejman modular drums. Each with tons of variations.

Leaving those extensive sample banks aside, I compiled a broad selection of my favorite retro drum machines, into a multi-set of drum kits for Kontakt3. The kits aren’t perfect, but atleast the drum sets are laid out in order and ready for anyone to personalize them to make them their own.

The multi pack includes kits of these drum machines:

  • Linn – LinnDrum
  • Sequential Circuits – DrumTracks
  • Univox Drum Machine
  • Emu- Drumulator
  • Rhodes – Polaris Drums
  • Moog – MG-1
  • MFB – 512
  • Rhythm Ace Drum Machine
  • Boss – DR55 & DR110
  • Sakata – DPM-48
  • Simmons Drum Kit
  • Korg – KPR-77 & DDD-1
  • Access – Virus Drumkit
  • Fruity Loops Drumkit
  • Yamaha – DD10 & PSS80
  • MachineDrum – BombiBit & E12 Standard Kit
  • Roland – R8m, CR-78, TR-505, TR-606 & TR-707

Check for a link to download the drumkits.

Arturia shipping Origin

Arturia Origin

Arturia is now shipping Origin, a hardware DSP system that houses several synthesizers in one machine.

Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time, Origin lets you combine these modules and take advantage of the additional possibilities put onboard. The result: a new type of sound accessible through an extremely intuitive interface.

Origin features

  • Create your own synthesis patch by connecting independent modules. These modules are either innovative modules we introduced (such as Galaxy) or taken from the best synthesizers ever made (such as the Moog Modular, the Yamaha CS-80, the Roland Jupiter-8, the Minimoog, the ARP 2600, the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Prophet VS).
  • Alternatively, use an existing synthesizer recreation: the Minimoog, the ARP 2600*, the Jupiter-8* or the Prophet 5*
  • Superb audio quality with TAE® engine in a hardware chassis. 24 bits/44.1 kHz supported.
  • High-Quality Real time Effects: Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Distortion, Parametric EQ*, Bit Crusher*.
  • 500 presets created by a selection of international sound designers
  • 16/32 step advanced sequencer allowing you to program three sub-sequences at a time and to perform live.
  • Multi mode allowing you to play 4 instruments at a time, for example a Minimoog, a Jupiter-8*, a modular patch and an ARP 2600*.
  • Creative Macros, advanced LFO’s, innovative modulation sources, different Joystick modes.
  • Advanced Preset browser.
  • Analog Audio Connectivity: 2 audio ins, 10 audio outs.
  • Digital Audio: SPDIF out, USB 2.0
  • Built-in expression pedal and footswitch control inputs
  • MIDI : In, Out, Thru or USB 2
  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony
  • Also a MIDI controller offering 33 encoders, 21 potentiometers and 1 joystick
  • Ergonomic hardware design and quality manufacturing in France and Germany.
  • Origin lets you open dedicated software on your Mac and PC in the form of Origin Connection an ergonomic application allowing to archive preset, exchange data, upgrade firmware.
  • 160 pages manual in English.

* To be delivered later on as a free upgrade

Arturia Origin is available now for $3200 USD / 2490 EUR.

Visit Arturia for more information and some audio & video demos.

Roberson Audio updates Prophanity and Oddy-Free to v1.2

Roberson Audio Prophanity

Chris Roberson (a.k.a. Blu Gruv) has released version 1.2 of Prophanity, a freeware VST instrument which aims to clone the Prophet 5, and Oddy-Free, a clone build of an Arp Odyssey Mk.2.

Changes in Prophanity v1.2

  • Fixed some oscillator distortion problems.
  • Massively overhauled filter/preEQ to make it more pleasing and technically correct.
  • Many small adjustments to hone behavior to that which is closer to original.

Changes in Oddy-Free v1.2

  • Numerous internal changes to oscillator structure, including totally different oscillators to begin with.
  • Modified filter to behave differently and a little more “analog”.
  • Removed much pre-EQ in the signal path, making it a much easier to mix instrument.
  • Removed older user patch banks from pack, they became incompatible with new oscillators and filter.

Both Oddy-Free and Prophanity are available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and the download includes a SAVIHost (standalone) version.

Visit Chris Roberson for more information.

Goldbaby Productions releases Tape Drum Machines Vol 1 and TheTapeVermonaDRM

Goldbaby Productions Tape Drum Machines Vol 1

Goldbaby Productions has released Tape Drum Machine Vol 1, a collection of drum machine sounds recorded on various tape machines.

What do you get if you take 10 drum machines, 4 tape machines and a whole lot of love… 1481 x 24 Bit drum samples… a truly oustanding collection of drum machine sounds infused with the vibe of tape.

Tape Drum Machines Vol 1

  • Drum machines: Linn LM-1, MBase01, Roland TR-505, Boss DR110, Sequential Tom, 4 In The Floor, Yamaha MR-10, MRX-185, Emu Drumulator and MPC The Kit.
  • Tape machines used: Ampex valve 1/2 inch 2 track, Otari MX5050 1/4 inch 2 track, Teac A-350 Cassette Deck and the Hitachi 3 head Cassette deck.
  • Bonus set of Rom based TR-808 sounds also recorded on tape.

Tape Drum Machines Vol 1 is available as a wav pack for $24 USD, and a GURU featuring 12 bundles (including some patterns) and 12 kits costs $29 USD. Battery and ReFill versions are coming soon.

Goldbaby Productions TheTapeVermonaDRM

Goldbaby has also released a free sample pack to celebrate the release of Tape Drum Machines Vol 1.

TheTapeVermonaDRM contains 142 x 24 bit samples of the Vermona DRM, recorded on an Otari MX5050 1/4 inch tape machine. The original drum hits are included as well.

Each drum sound has been recorded multiple times for use in Round Robin Layering. This can help recreate the analog feel of the machine.

Visit Goldbaby Productions for more information, audio demos and a link to download TheTapeVermonaDRM.

Ueberschall releases Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack

Ueberschall has released two new Elastik Soundbanks, Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack.

Reggae Fundamentals

Ueberschall Reggae Fundamentals

Reggae Fundamentals is a specialized sample compilation which includes 33 construction kits and 12 Drumkits sheltered in 2 GB of ready to work content offering authoritative most current Reggae environments.

The kits are jam packed with everything you need to give your production the finishing touch: bass-, synth-, drum- and padlines also vocals, FX and atmospheres. All patterns, shots, and riffs have been molded with state of the art techniques,tricks and tools. This set has a colossal variety of styles from different periods of reggae history: Roots, modern Roots, Rub-a-Dub, Dancehall, Modern Reggae, Caribbean and Dub.

Also included are hundreds of drum and percussion samples and loops. Providing a wide radius of reggae concentrated mix tools. All this material is supported by the elastik audio instrument, so you can expect organization and easy tweaking straight from the get go.

Analog Attack

Ueberschall Analog Attack

Analog Attack is a complex, well structured sample library which includes more than 1450 diverse Patterns and Sequences.

Jammed with 1.6 GB of first class analog purity. This massive library is organized into 116 folders. You´ll find in each folder several variations of the main sequence in terms of filtermovements, sounds and grooves. It makes it very flexible to use. All sequences provide BPM and root key information within the samples name, simplifying optimal selection and rapid fusion to productions.

Analog Attack was developed with analog synth and signal processing gear of today and yesterday The instruments used for this production include: Minimoog, Moog Voyager, Prophet 5, Prophet 600, Andromeda, Se-1x, Omega 8, Arp 2600, Yamaha CS 80, Juno 106, SH 101, Matrix 6

Both Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack are available for $119 USD / 99 EUR each.

Visit Ueberschall for more information.