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Sound Magic Esser Terminator plug-in released

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Sound Magic Esser Terminator

Sound Magic has announced its Esser Terminator de-esser effect plug-in for Windows.

Sometime in a vocal recording, you will hear sounds like “esssss” or “shshsh”. That’s called esser. It is a common case but does not good in a mix. You have to remove them as soon as possible.

Esser Terminator is the right tool for doing that without cutting the high frequency as dynamic EQ method by using Sound Magic innovative algorithm. Esser Terminator delivers a smooth and transparent sound. In addition, Esser Terminator provides 4 controls for you to fit in your case. If you need a tool for de-esser job frequently, Esser Terminator is the one.

The plug-in (Windows VST) is available to purchase for 29.90 EUR. Existing Sound Magic customers pay 25 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Esser Terminator

Sound Magic releases Piano One Special Edition free piano plugin

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Sound Magic Piano One

Sound Magic has announced Piano One Special Edition, a free virtual piano instrument for Windows and Mac.

In order to Celebrate Piano One is selected as one of the 27 best free VSTs by music radar! Sound Magic releases Piano One Special Edition. The Special Edition contains all the presets published up to Sep 2012, 20 presets in total and most important, adds previous hidden key noise and harmonic controls into automation list, which previous only available on our commercial products.

The Sound of Piano One comes from the Yamaha C7 concert grand, a true workhorse in the professional piano world, appearing on famous concert stages, in international competitions and in prestigious music events throughout the world.

By utilizing the Sound Magic Hybrid Modeling Engine, Piano One offers both the Realistic Sound of Sampling and the Playability of Modeling. Hybrid Modeling provides an instantaneous feeling – no delay – and a truer and richer sound than canbe created with either sampling or modeling alone. What’s more, Piano One utilizes only 160MB, which is quite a small footprint, making Piano One usable even on older PCs. There is no waiting time when loading and the CPU usage is so small that it’s virtually unnoticeable.

Piano One is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) at no cost.

More information: Sound Magic / Piano One

Sound Magic bundles Neo Dynamic and Neo Loudness in Dynamic Bundle

Sound Magic has announced the release of the Dynamic Bundle, a collection of two Neo effect plug-ins for dynamic processing.

Dynamic Bundle currently includes Neo Dynamic and Neo Loudness, which features Compressors, Limiters and Maximizers.

Sound Magic Neo Dynamic

Neo Dynamic is a new concept in dynamic processing technology. Different from ordinary compressors/limiters, Neo Dynamic not only offers more sonic variety than traditional units, it is far easier to use. Neo Dynamic is based on Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology. This makes Neo Dynamic more like a sampler than typical compressors and limiters. It embodies several algorithms (such as sample sets) that make this plug-in easy to expand and extend with new compressors/limiters models in the future. Neo Dynamic starts with 10 compressors/limiters, modelled after famous brand names such as SSL, TubeTech and so on. Each of these has their own famous “flavors” ready to use.

Neo Loudness is a comprehensive tool designed to control loudness. Neo Loudness not only includes traditional compressors and limiters, but it also features a new type of Maximizer.

For years, producers have wanted their music to be louder and louder. So the brickwall limiter became the main weapon for getting to that maximum volume. However, there is always a price to pay when pushing to the extreme. The music would tend to lose its “breath” and sound too “tight”. Sound Magic has spent years designing a solution for this issue and has developed a new algorithm that can make the sound as loud as a brickwall limiter (even achieving within -5dB Average RMS), without destroying the original natural sounds. Neo Loudness keeps the “breath” of the original music.

The Sound Magic Neo Loudness Algorithm is based on psychological acoustics, the science that shows how human ears are less sensitive to loudness when it reaches certain ranges. Neo Loudness uses this area to compress the audio signal. When using traditional limiters – and under heavy limiting – music will sound very tight and breathless. The main instruments will sound like they are being pushed way forward. With Neo Loudness, the overall result is a more natural sound while the imaging of the instruments is hardly changed.

The Dynamic Bundle (Windows VST/Supreme Piano 2 add-on) is available to purchase for 99 EUR. An upgrade from one of the plug-ins to the bundle costs 30 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic

Sound Magic Piano Thor updated to v1.5 for Mac

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Piano Thor

Sound Magic has announced Mac version 1.5 of its Piano Thor virtual Steinway piano instrument.

This is the sound of the piano “Thor” developed from the most famous Steinway piano – perhaps the most famous grand piano – in history. This is the Steinway D numbered CD443, the piano that Vladimir Horowitz loved most. The CD443, Mr. Horowitz’s last piano, was selected by the artist for his own personal home use. When he was first introduced to this instrument, Mr. Horowitz had reservations about the piano’s action (which was rather heavy) but came to love the instrument so much that, when he briefly considered concertizing in 1989, he planned to take the CD443 with him. This piano was used for recording sessions made at his home in both 1988 and 1989.

Piano Thor featured an amazing dynamic range which other pianos were hard pressed to compete with. It had more “bite” when it was played really hard but it produced a soft, singing tone when played softly. And Steinway’s famous singing tone and bell like sympathetic resonances made it a truly great piano. This vast dynamic contrast and its lighting fast response won this superb instrument the name “Thor”, the Norse god of storms and thunder.

Changes in Piano Thor v1.5

  • Add Audience Mic Position.
  • Add Key Release Modeling.
  • Add String Resonance.
  • Adjust Dynamic.
  • Many Minor Changes.

Piano Thor for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 129 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Piano Thor

Sound Magic Laurel Pipa Chinese lute sample library released

Sound Magic has announced the release of Laurel Pipa, a Chinese lute sample library.

Sound Magic Laurel Pipa

The Pipa, also known as the Chinese lute, is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years. In comparison to western instruments such as violins or guitars, the Pipa has traditionally been dependent on many performance skills to produce it’s wide variations in sound.

Laurel Pipa is the largest sampled Pipa to appear on the market. Our 2.5GB library covers nearly all existing performance skills of Pipa, with over 15 categories and 60 variations.

To ensure the maximum accuracy and musicality in the reproduction of this complex and beautiful sound, Sound Magic invited the virtuoso from the prestigious Central Academy of Drama in Beijing to record their wide variety of sounds. To make it easier for you to sound like one of these world reknowned Pipa performers, Sound Magic has developed a simpler set of controls to let you control all 60 skills on the fly.

By using the best recording gear available on the market, including a Neve console, dCS AD converter and Beyerdynamic MC740 Microphones. Laurel Pipa brings you super clarity and an expressive sound. Laurel Pipa has over 2000 samples, each recorded with 24Bit/96KHz resolution for maximum fidelity.

Laural Pipa is available as an instrument plugin for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) and as a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Each format is priced at 99 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Laurel Pipa

Sound Magic releases Pianist effect plugin

Sound Magic has announced Pianist, a revolutionary effects unit that has been specially designed to give you control of your piano tracks/recordings.

Unlike other effects units we see every day, Pianist has been designed with the piano in mind, efficiently shaping the sound of your keyboard tracks – with the same ease and control you’d have with any other Virtual Instrument.

Pianist is not just a simple combination of EQ and Dynamic effects, it is a revolutionary tool combining several of Sound Magic’s acclaimed technologies. Pianist includes Sound Magic’s Award Winning Modeling Technology, Neo EQ technology and Neo Reverb technology. The precision and ease of use of these cutting edge systems combine to bring you unheard of control in creating the sound you need.

Pianist is designed around a simple 3 step system. First, color your piano sound, changing the darkness or airiness to fit the room, the song, the ideal. Next, adjust the dynamics, change from hard hitting thunder to dancing pianissimo. The special desgined compressor here can help you fit your piano track into any style of music! Finally, play with the space – move it around, left and right, create lush reverbs, tighten it up with a small club feel. All of these operations are easy to understand – no complicated technical terms, no engineering degree needed!

Sound Magic Pianist
Shape the sound of your piano with Sound Magic’s Pianist effect unit.

Pianist features

  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision.
  • Innovative 3 Step System to help musician better and quicker achieve their ideal sound in a mix.
  • Key Noise, Harmonic and Positions are all under control on your fingertips.
  • Special designed EQ part with Neo EQ technology.
  • Special designed dynamic processor for piano. easy to operate.
  • Special designed True Stereo Reverb Unit with Neo Reverb technology.
  • Virtual 3D stage control enables you to move a piano position in real time.
  • Support Add-On System Link Version 2, which will have better result with incoming Supreme Piano 3.
  • Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

Pianist for Windows (VST and Supreme Piano 3 add-on) is available to purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Pianist

Sound Magic updates Supreme Piano to v2.5

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Sound Magic has updated its Supreme Piano virtual piano instrument bundle for Windows and Mac to version 2.5.

Supreme Piano 2 starts with a revolutionary concept: “A single virtual instrument can not solve all of the problems in the entire music production process, or fit every musician’s unique need. We need a whole solution for this, a flexible system which is easy to operate, that follows our changing needs.” Supreme Piano 2 is not a bundle of pianos but an entire system that focuses on solving problems. Supreme Piano 2 has the power to handle many different situations – and you will find a solution for your problem.

Sound Magic Supreme Piano
Supreme Piano bundles 4 virtual piano instruments – “From the famous dark, rich Bosendorfer tone to that fantastic and sexy Fazioli sound, From well known brilliant steinway to Yamaha.”

Changes in Supreme Piano v2.5

  • New Key Release Modeling algorithm.
  • New Sympathetic Resonance Sound algorithm.
  • New Scala Tuning System
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • New Sustain Pedal Release behavior.
  • Minor changes on GUI
  • Many other changes.

Supreme Piano (includes 4 piano modules) is available to purchase for 299 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Supreme Piano

Sound Magic releases Pop Piano Collection 1 for Piano One

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Sound Magic Piano One

Sound Magic has announced the release of Pop Piano Collection 1, a sound library for the free Piano One virtual instrument.

Pop Piano Collection 1 consist of several presets specially designed for using Piano One in Pop Music. Collaborated with several pianist, Sound Magic chooses the best timbre color for pop music from thousands of timbre. By using this preset, not only you can obtain a modern pop piano sound for pop music, but also you can obtain a vintage pop piano sound appears in many great hits dating back to 1960s. If you frequently using piano sound for pop music, this collection is a must have you do not want to miss.

Pop Piano Collection 1 features

  • Pop Golden Age: A piano timbre similar like the style of Beatles and other great hits in 1960′s.
  • 80s Pop: A piano sound style that often heard in 1980′s recordings.
  • Modern Pop: A clean, transparent piano sound of nowadays.
  • Note: requires Piano One for Windows version 1.3 or above.

Pop Piano Collection 1 is a free download.

More information: Sound Magic / Pop Piano Collection 1 (KVR Audio)