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McDSP updates plugins to v5.0×9

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McDSP has released version v5.0×9 of its plugins.

Changes in McDSP v5.0×9

  • Corrected dsp shuffling bug in TDM versions causing system hangs.
  • Fixed NF575 and DE555 TDM versions to report accurate dsp usage at higher sample rates (88.2 kHz, 96 kHz) and prevent system hangs.
  • B1 Notch/Bandpass filter plug-in re-added to FilterBank Legacy plug-in collection for complete backwards session compatibility.
  • Corrected plug-in insert names as displayed in Pro Tools 8 and 9 for Analog Channel (Next Gen version), MC2000 (Next Gen version), and the DE555.
  • Corrected flipped output phase in FilterBank Audio Unit (AU) version, Retro EQ TDM, RTAS and Audiosuite versions, and MC2000 Audio Unit(AU) version.
  • Legacy Classic Pack plug-ins now automatically installed from Classic Pack Next Gen installers (both PowerPC and Intel-Mac installers).
  • 6030 Ultimate Compressor version text corrected.

This update is recommended for all v5 customers (Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, other Audio Unit hosts).

More information: McDSP


SoundToys launches Mega Plug-in Trade-In

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SoundToys Mega Plug-In Trade-In

SoundToys has announced the SoundToys Mega Plug-in Trade-In, a limited time offer for its plugin bundles.

From June 2nd to June 20th, if you have individual SoundToys Plug-ins you can trade them in for reduced pricing on SoundToys bundles. The more you trade the more you save.

For example, trade in your FilterFreak, Decapitator and Speed and get the 8 plug-in SoundToys Native Effects V4 for only $149 (Save $346.00)!! Wow! Or trade in your SoundBlender and EchoBoy and get the 11 plug-in SoundToys TDM Effects for only $695 (Save $500).

You can log-in to your account and see all the available specials based on what you own.

More information: SoundToys


TC Electronic plug-ins up to 50% off

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TC Electronic has announced it will have discounts on most TC Electronic plug-ins for the next two weeks.

TC Electronic promo

From Wednesday June 1 to Wednesday June 15 (both days included), you can save up to 50% on TC Electronic plug-ins for PowerCore and Pro Tools. For instance, you can save at least 50% on ‘Assimilator’, ‘Fabrik C’ and ‘Restoration Suite’ for PowerCore and from 30% to 50% on ‘MD3′, ‘UnWrap’, ‘Harmony4′ and ‘DVR2′ for Pro Tools.

Also, you’ll find a significant discount on ‘Access Virus’ for PowerCore!

All PowerCore plug-ins come in VST and Audio Units versions, and the Pro Tools plug-ins are available in TDM format. All plug-ins support both PC and Mac.

More information: TC Electronic


Waves releases MPX Master Tape effect plugin

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Waves MPX Master Tape

Waves has introduced the MPX Master Tape, a virtual tape effect plug-in modeled in association with Eddie Kramer.

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, the MPX Master Tape plugin is modeled on a rare machine consisting of an Ampex 350 transport and 351 electronics. With adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow & flutter, and noise parameters, the MPX provides comprehensive control over the contours of your sound. And to top it off, we’ve added a flexible slap & feedback delay, ideal for rock, dance, dub, you name it. For recording, mixing, mastering, and more, bring the richness and warmth of real tape saturation to your DAW with the MPX Master Tape. It’s the reel deal.

MPX Master Tape features

  • Modeled on the Ampex 350/351 1/4″ reel-to-reel.
  • Adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow & flutter.
  • Slap & feedback delay.
  • Up to 24bit 96kHz resolution.
  • Mono and Stereo components.
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU.
  • PC and Mac compatible.

The MPX Master Tape is available to purchase for $99 USD (Native) / $149 USD (TDM).

More information: Waves / MPX Master Tape


SoundToys releases Devil-Loc Deluxe

SoundToys has released Devil-Loc Deluxe, an audio level destroyer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe
SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe

Devil-Loc Deluxe includes the original Devil-Loc, but then takes it up a notch to put some serious evil into your mixes. Devil-Loc made drums massive, and Devil-Loc Deluxe gives you total control over that massive sound.

With Devil-Loc Deluxe the Darkness control can tame the high end or create thick rumbling lows. Then use the phase correct Mix control to blend and balance the original sound with the Devil-Loc’d sound for massive but clear drum sounds just like the pros (but without the irritating and confusing bussing and routing). You can even automate that mix right inside the plug-in. Top it off with a switch for getting a faster release time that really puts the smack on your track and this is one mighty beast. That’s one free plug-in and one for $49. You can’t lose. Feel its power!

The Devil-Loc Deluxe upgrade is now available to purchase for $49 USD. The plug-in is free with a purchase (and registration) of the SoundToys bundle (Native or TDM) between April 4th and April 15th, 2011.

More information: SoundToys / Devil-Loc Deluxe


Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2, dynamic equalizer released + new bundles available

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Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2

Brainworx has announced the release of bx_dynEQ V2, a dynamic equalizer effect for Windows and Mac.

The concept of the bx_dynEQ V2 is a truly NEW approach to dynamic EQ-ing, using innovative M/S features and the new “Inverse Mode” to allow for results not possible with any other EQ.

bx_dynEQ V2 is a mini-bundle in itself, containing bx_dynEQ mono, bx_dynEQ stereo (L/R) and bx_dynEQ stereo (M/S).

bx_dynEQ V2 features

  • 1-band and 2-band dynamic EQ.
  • Mono, multi-mono and stereo (L/R & M/S).
  • BRAINWORX critically acclaimed filters.
  • Complete set of filter types for both, main audio path and sidechain: low & high shelving, peak bands, band-pass filters, high-pass, low-pass, bass-shift, presence-shift.
  • New and innovative solo modes.
  • New “Inverse Mode”.
  • New external sidechain input.
  • M/S inside… M/S stereo width control on any stereo channel.
  • M/S cross-feed feature for sophisticated results.
  • Dedicated BYPASS switch in the plug-in GUI.
  • “Mouse Over” feature: adjust the parameters by holding the mouse over any knob and simply turn your mouse wheel.
  • Direct access: just type in any valid number into the text fields for direct access to the exact value.
  • EQ panel with multi-mode EQ display (actual EQ-curves & sidechain filter curves).
  • Fully automatable.

bx_dynEQ V2 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 99 EUR for registered Brainworx users, or 149 EUR for new customers until April 30, 2011 (regular 199 EUR). Prices excl. VAT.

Brainworx has also announced bx_ALL, bx_MASTERING, and bx_MIX, three new bundles with up to 30% discount compared to individual plugin prices.

More information: Brainworx


SoundToys Devil-Loc, analog level destroyer (free for limited time)

SoundToys has released Devil-Loc, an analog level destroyer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Devil-Loc and Devil-Loc Deluxe are a SoundToys twist inspired by the classic Shure Level-Loc. These plug-ins add huge sucking compression, grit, dirt, distortion, and take drums (but try it anywhere) to a wonderful hellish nightmare. It’s not for the faint of heart.

SoundToys Devil-Loc
SoundToys Devil-Loc

Essentially a distorting compressor but so much more, it’s really quite simple but also a bit supernatural. Because the release time of the compression is effected by the input level (like the Level-Loc) it’s a bit hard to predict exactly what will happen the first time you work with it. Luckily with just two knobs, you can find the magic spot for your track fairly quickly and you’ll be going for that sound more and more. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple front panel, this plug-in has a lot more cool sounds than you’d expect out of two knobs. Get crushing kick drums, to almost rhythmic level sweeps with the crazing sucking compression, to blitzed out blasting beat loops. Drive it hard and you get straight hardware sounding break-up and drive. It’s a devil in disguise, and the devil’s in the details, and the devil made us do it and all those other devil references.

For a limited time you can get a free copy of Devil-Loc, as part of a contest.

Check the forums, check FaceBook, check everywhere cause that code gets you the free plug-in and gets you your own sharing code. Then you can give yours to all your friends and they can get it free, too. Plus, each soul you sign up with your code, get’s you closer to earning more free stuff. Free bundles, t-shirts and upgrades to the true master of evil, Devil-Loc Deluxe: Pure Evil Compressor. The deluxe model turns up the heat and takes you to never before achieved levels of madness and horror, and it sounds real cool, or uh, hot

The Devil-Loc contest closes March 31, 2011.

More information: SoundToys / Devil-Loc