DSK Music plug-ins by Víctor Márquez are created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker and released as freeware for Windows PC.

DSK Music

Before you download, please note!

  1. You will need software that can host these VST plug-ins. Read more about VST here.
  2. If you’re experiencing problems with corrupt downloads, please try downloading without a download manager and check that the downloaded file is the same size as noted on this page (some files are quite big so make sure to complete the download).
  3. The DrumZ Series plug-ins are also available as single stereo output versions for hosts where routing the multiple outputs doesn’t work well. Download page here.
  4. Some plug-ins (i.e. Brass, Strings) don’t work too well when using multiple instances in your project. If you experience problems with rendering you could try to export the plug-in output separately as Sharchi pointed out in the comments.

The plug-ins below are listed by release date. Follow the read more links for more information and screenshots of specific plug-ins.

Since hosting these plug-ins takes a lot of bandwidth, donations are much appreciated.

donate to rekkerd.org

Note: this page is no longer maintained. Check DSK Music for the latest updates.

Title Description Date
SF2 v2 Advanced SoundFont player for Windows, includes delay effect, filter amp. envelope, and more. (2.6 MB) … read more 2010.09.14
SF2 Advanced SoundFont player for Windows. (3.3 MB) … read more 2010.09.06
Darkness Theory 3 Ambient synth with 3 advanced osc & 72 waveforms. (7.4 MB) … read more 2010.09.04
TechSynth 2 osc synthesizer with 5 waveforms. (7.9 MB) … read more 2010.08.25
Synthopia 2 Multi layer synth featuring 128 sounds featuring bass, synths, keys, pad, etc. (34 MB) … read more 2009.08.17
DSK ChoirZ (beta) Rompler instrument featuring 32 choir & pad sounds (21 MB) … read more 2009.04.02
mini DrumZ 2 Vintage drum machines rompler (12 MB) … read more 2009.01.28
Ethereal PadZ 2 Multi layer synth featuring 111 pad sounds (80 MB) … read more 2009.01.24
Synthopia Multi layer synth featuring 122 cool sounds in 5 categories (34 MB) … read more 2009.01.16
World StringZ Rompler featuring 8 world string instruments (32.8 MB) … read more 2008.12.10
ElectriK GuitarZ Rompler featuring 10 electric guitars (9.3 MB) … read more 2008.10.27
BlueZ 2 Osc synth (2 MB) … read more 2008.10.20
RhodeZ Rompler featuring 6 Rhodes piano variations (12.6 MB) … read more 2008.08.18
SaxophoneZ Rompler featuring 3 saxophones (13.1 MB) … read more Note: a version with better pitch bend is available here 2008.08.11
BassZ Bass (acoustic & synth) rompler (4.7 MB) … read more 2008.08.04
AkoustiK GuitarZ Rompler featuring the sounds of 4 acoustic guitars (3.1 MB) … read more 2008.07.28
Analog MatriX A 2xOsc synth with a 7×14 routing matrix (1 MB) … read more 2008.07.22
Indian DreamZ A rompler synth with 6 Indian instruments (12 MB) … read more 2008.07.15
Ethereal PadZ A rompler synth with 22 pad sounds (12 MB) … read more 2008.07.07
Virtuoso A multi layer synth featuring 40 instruments in 7 categories (46 MB) … read more 2008.06.30 (update: 2008.12.24)
Chaos Theory 2 Osc synth with randomize function (1.1 MB) … read more 2008.06.16
DrumZ AkoustiK Acoustic drums module featuring 4 full kits (8.0 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.06.05
OranZe 2 Osc synth with step & gate sequencer (1.4 MB) … read more 2008.04.10
Darkness Theory Ambient synth instrument (3.8 MB) … read more 2009.06.11 (update)
Asian DreamZ A rompler featuring 7 Asian instruments (10.7 MB) … read more 2008.03.04
DrumZ BeatVoiZe A drum module featuring Human Beat box sounds (6.5 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.02.22
AkoustiK KeyZ A piano module (16.1 MB) … read more 2008.02.18
MachineZ A drum sound module (17.5 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.02.04
SixSenZe A small multi osc synth (1.0 MB) … read more 2008.01.08
mini DrumZ Vintage drum machines rompler (12.1 MB) … read more 2008.01.08
Odisea Deep space synth (4.0 MB) … read more 2008.01.02
ThoR 4 Osc, 5 waveforms synth (4.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.31
PleyadeS (beta) 4 Osc synth with octave and microtunning control (4.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.28
Harmonica (beta) Mini harmonica rompler with 5 variations (2.5 MB) … read more Note: a version with better pitch bend is available here 2007.12.12
KaoS (beta) Experimental synth (1.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.10
Strings String instruments module (31.0 MB) … read more 2007.07.12
DreamZ Additive synth, 3 Osc (0.9 MB) … read more 2006.10.21
XXX Experimental additive synth (0.8 MB) … read more 2006.10.21
Brass Brass module with 2 layers and 23 waveforms (34.2 MB) … read more 2006.09.03
ZetH FM synth (0.9 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
ZitH Hybrid synth with 3 layers and 30 waveforms (4.8 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
ElektriK Keys Electric piano module with 2 layers and 13 waveforms (5.1 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
Download B3x Organ module with 2 layers and 12 waveforms (4.0 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
Xfer Serum Bundle
  • Hi. I downloaded the Brass VSTI and tried it. Way cool. Sounded very real. Good job!

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  • kinos

    I got your vst, now i would like to know how to use them with FL studio?

    • muhammad sarmad hussain

      Just paste the dll file of vst plugin in your fl studio vst folder

  • Thank you for the most wonderful VSTs!
    I love these things… I can’t wait for your NEXT VST.
    I have a DEMO for the DSK BRASS posted on myspace.com/tktrust. The song is titled ‘tears for the fallen’
    I hope u like it… please feel free to drop me a line.

    p.s. my album release is gonna be this summer so go crazy!


  • sane

    Thanx 4 all VST, esp. Brass in FL Studio.

  • dandruff

    Love your vst’s and they will probably be a big part of my music pipeline! Lovely!

  • thanks :)

  • Collo

    Thanks DSK!
    I hope that run under Reaper… The gui are very nice!

    W the freeware plugins!


  • DJ Gwreck

    The string and electric piano were my favorite’s. I think I will get alot of great usage out of the string VST.

  • Hey!
    Thaks there is not everything to pay. I’d very like to donate some EUros at the moment I’M NOT SO FAR.
    i LIKE ELECTRONIC MUSIC VERY MUCH. Since I wrote it by hand as well. To translate it in a computer music takes a bit more effort and time and editing of such a free ware like yours. Thanks. Faithfully yours
    Oskar (computer electronic musician (on a hardship))

  • well, i have news:

    an electronic & acoustic bass module is comming ;)

  • Onur K.

    Thanks for all of these VSTis, I have them all and like them all.

  • Stew H

    I am blown away by your Strings. Combined with the Brass your heading for a full orchestra. I’m currently using a Cello sound from a very well known symphony collection. But the violins in the string section are all from Strings

    I am now a huge – and thankful fan. God bless ya.

  • ;)

  • Chris W.

    I have downloaded every single module/synth and they are all high quality. Awesome work ok the DSK line… whats next on the list??? perc.? guitars? I can’t wait till the next…

  • WangBin

    Thank you very much!!!

    I like it! very very like it!


  • Onírico

    DSK Strings is Wonderful! I Love it! Thank you very much!

  • jayson

    cant seem to render vsts on wav. or mp3?

  • Man, this fuc… amazing vst program, really amazing, are small to download, easy to use,anyway, i’ts wonderfull i feel so proud for use that kind of vst programs. The strings vst it’s so far to be a midi synth, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Michelson Robertho

    Amazing…amazing ….amazing

  • Directionless

    Thanks for this!!

    As a hobby musician that provides music freely, very happy to use your FREE VSTis in further productions. :)


  • boney_man

    I downloaded the Strings VST… it’s great. It sounds real. I’m getting the brass now…

  • THX THX THX for your great work!!!!!

    Keep on!

  • jpauffredo

    I’m French and my english is not too good,sorry.I’ve just loaded strings+brass+electric piano.I would like to tell you my greatfulness for these wonderful gifts.I’m sure I will make a good work with it.Its good to have friends like you.I’ll keep preciously your website.Once more thank you and see you soon.


    u got great stuff man…ive already signed the guestbook on your website…but i figured id comment here also, and another thing, im currently working on some tracks that atlantic records are going to recieve, and possibly purchase from me, and im using your brass, and strings in some of these projects, so one day, you may hear your work on the radio…and if they do purchase something from me with your instruments in them, your going to get a nice hefty donation :)

  • thanks TOOBxSOCKS!!!! and congratulations!!! :)

  • cubasefiend

    argh! just downloaded strings and brass with much excited anticipation only to find they pc only! any chance there are some os x installers for these bad boys lurking somewhere on the www? would be muchos stoked…

  • Ian

    Thanks DSK :)!!

  • cubasefiend, I’m afraid the plugins are made with SynthEdit, which at this moment does not port to Mac.

  • cubasefiend

    oh the sadness, oh the tragedy!! next question is, is there any way to convert the .dll to a mac friendly .vst?

  • Alex

    esta bueno
    waooooo, el sonido es muy real .GRACIAS DSKmusic!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot for this development. I’ll use it within my new created songs. Be prepared… ;-)

    Of course you deserve a donation!



  • I am looking forward to trying out strings and brass together thanks to this website. I like. :-)

  • joshua

    how do i go about adding these sounds to fl studio so i can use them…thank you verymuch

  • Joshua, to use the plugin you need to:
    1. copy the .dll file to your vst folder (default for Fl Studio is C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 7\Plugins\VST)
    2. in FL Studio, add an instrument by right-mouse clicking on a channel in the step sequencer, choose Insert and select the top entry More…
    3. Click the Refresh button in the bottom of the dialog screen and select Fast scan (recommended).
    4. It should say it found a new plug-in, browse the list to find the DSK plugin and double-click to load it (before you do that, you can use the checkbox to have it appear in the Insert list next time).

    Good luck!

  • joshua

    thank you very much for the help and thank you to the creator of these sounds. I would deff. pay for these but im only i poor high school kid. So sorry :(

  • DSK-

    Before I begin, let me just say…these are absolutely fantastic VSTis. Top notch. Simple without being simplistic, unique without sounding bizarre, and all around great sounding. I’m impressed enough to write about it, and I’m normally a horrible lurker.

    I skimmed the Thaw Thesis and I’m curious how the presentation went? It seemed pretty well written (though not being a programmer or audio engineer, I only caught the occasional word or two that I understood).

  • Hi Andy,
    The Thaw VST was done by Cormac Daly. You can find his email in the readme.txt included in the Thaw download. (I’m sure he’d like to hear from you, I don’t think he’ll read your question here)

  • B.E.Z

    Big thanks to the team at DSK,
    These are some great sounding vst’s.
    If i sell a beat with ur sounds on it u can except a donation.

  • I’m experiencing a problem with both DSK Brass & DSK Strings. I haven’t tried any other DSK plugins yet.

    DSK Brass seemed to install fine to a dedicated VST folder in Program Files, I was able to add the channel no prob. Then I composed a track with DSK Brass, went to render, and the resulting mp3 is complete but with the DSK Brass synth missing from the mix. Then FL Studio 7 hung, so I rebooted the PC. When I loaded the project back up I could no longer hear even the synth playback prior to render.

    So I downloaded & installed DSK Strings, same thing happened exactly. I try it with ‘Reset plugins on transport’ unchecked but same results.

    I got to at least hear these packages, and man I’m impressed & excited to get working with them. Please leave a comment or email if you have suggestion.

  • JAY

    whats up? A how come when I change the Pitch of the Brass in Fruity Loops and I save it to .mp3 the pitch is off.

    It changes the pitch when u listen to it in FL, but when u save it to .mp3 or .wav its like you never tweaked it. Somebody please let me know.

  • MYSH

    extra kurwa zamaszczacze :P

  • Lebbi

    I got the same problem like JAY. But when I save it to mp3 or wav, the whole Brass is gone. I would really like to know what to do.

  • I’ve found the problem occurs for me when I have the plugin used more than once in the same score, ie 2 or more channels, or even 2 or more piano rolls accessing the same channel.

    The workaround I’m using is to render out any section which uses the DSK plugin as a wav file, then reimport it in a sampler channel and continue building layers like that. SOmewhat clumsy and painful, but works nonetheless, and the sound is worth the effort. I got a mate who is a long timer with FL Studio to try it out and he had exactly same prob, so its not me just being a noob.

    Hope that helps. Looking forward to a fixed version :D (oh and some woodwind ktnx!)

  • Hi

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  • El sickone

    mil gracias 1000 thanks good stuff thank

  • Tony

    You guys are the best keep em coming

  • Tony


  • Micah

    Hey there,

    I just wanted to say thanks for some great instruments. I love the Keep up the good work. It’s much appreciated!

  • Stiven

    Unable to download any of brass or strings.

    I found no other place to download it.


  • Stiven, what’s the problem? If you can read this page you can download the plug-ins. Note that Strings and Brass are quite big…

  • With respect to the download problem mentioned by Stiven, I found that I couldn’t use my download manager (DAP) on these files. However, they did download ususing the normal method.

  • That’s right, the current download script don’t play nice with download managers. Thanks for pointing that out Graeme.

  • DSK Strings and Brass what a wonderfull gift, thanks!

  • surath

    Thanks a lot.very real and easy to use.good job dsk..!

  • Cris

    DSK! Yeah… I gotta give it to you man big props, you deserve it. I love all your plug-ins in has a realistic feel & quality to it that’s all i can say Thank :)


    Thanks, i like free stuff. They are my toys. i’m gonna insert it into the program!

  • Das_System

    I tried strings, brass and organ vsti and all sound great!

    These are the best free VSTi i’ve ever heared. Thanks a lot!

  • Tuna59

    Wow! Very impressive synths.
    Thanks so much!

  • I noticed some people had problems installing these in Fruityloops. Check out my blog about free VST plugins, i also have a short guide how-to install VST’s in fruityloops :)

  • Darren

    Great synths! any way to get my E-MU Xboard to control things like velocity, etc. ?

  • Hi Darren,
    I don’t know the Xboard, but the synths should respond to note velocity.


  • Kettenbrief

    hey! thanks for your wonderful VSTs!

  • thanks all!!!

    and thanks for the “support” RONNIE ;)

  • kevin

    I really like the brass. Sounds realistic.

  • kevin

    Another thing.. you’re amazing!

  • Allen

    I finally stumbled onto your vst’s. I have downloaded strings, organ, and brass. I was using edirol orchestra before now. I do have to say that for I am blown away by the quality and on top of that it is free! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Is there any chance that you will come with a bass and a guitar module? I can just imagine how awesome they will sound! Can’t wait……..I will check back tommorrow! LOL!

  • statusphere

    Downloaded the brass vsti – loved it so now im downloading the rest :)

    u guys are awsome thank you for your hard work :)

  • Hervé

    Hi I have downloaded the brass module and I got default.html file. It doesn’t work …

  • Hi Hervé, it should be working fine. Remember the download is kind of big so perhaps you need to wait a little before it has downloaded completely.

  • Hervé

    Sorry but I do not understand. When I click on this file (more than 34 mo), it only open a internet navigator page with special letters

  • If it’s a very long page with strange characters it seems your browser is opening the file in the browser instead of downloading it normally. Can you try a right mouse click and save target as…?

  • Krume Stefanovski

    Thank you for free options.
    Best wishes,

  • Dawidius

    Great work! It’s so nice if some peoples making good job like your :D

  • The string module is great. I love it… thank you!

  • JFK

    Hey, I love the plugins, very nice sound and very cheap! I’m a student and i couldn’t ask for better.

  • Karlo

    I had every vst from u quite a long time, but strings vst is new to me and its absolutly great like every other vst from u… I cant believe all those vstis are free!
    Donation will come soon…



  • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing these VSTi’s with everyone. My favorite is definitely the DreamZ… Awesome Additive pads! Cant wait to try the rest!

    All the best,


  • hey there!! i LOVE your VST’s mate. only thing is that ive started composing a song based on complete orchestrals,,, and after about 6 – 10 of the strings vst’s have been loaded in the eat my 2gigs of ram :S ,,, any suggestions?? and exporting the whole track negates all the vst’s as well
    and only the crash samples and stuff ive imported export. hope someone can resolve this issue for me :S thanks ,,, hit me up at allthatuwannabe@hotmail.com or at http://www.myspace.com/acitec thanks heaps people :D

  • Hi, DSK. I’m trying to use the string module with my FL Studio 7. It loads fine, sounds even better, but when I try to export an audio file it just doesn’t work. I mean, the file is completely empty (.wav or .mp3). It used to work fine with FL 4, I don’t know what to do… =(


    These issues already noted in my earlier post (dated Sept 11 2007)…

    For your benefit I’ll copy / paste:
    “The workaround I’m using is to render out any section which uses the DSK plugin as a wav file, then reimport it in a sampler channel and continue building layers like that.”

    The other tidbit I’ll offer is:

    I found it’s usually handy to keep a dummy track in a muted channel where I keep all the piano roll info for each track I render in case I want to go back and change something later, I also keep a brief notepad file for each track with some info about the DSK VST presets used, otherwise you can easily lose track of how you had it set up.

    As far as I’m aware this is the only approach that works so far for multiple instances of the DSK Orchestral VSTs. Let me know if you find another.

  • Gianni

    Nice sound! But.. problem controlling volume via Midi CC. What’s the trick?

  • Thanks, SHARCHI. I’ll try it.

  • sike-a-delic

    anyone figure out a way to use the brass plugin with MIDI?

  • Mykl

    I got them all and – whoa – very nice work, every single one of those!

  • Brown Hornet

    Much love to the brass piano and strings made some awsome tracks using them Very well Appreciated…

  • Harald

    your plug-ins are great, love the strings.
    thank you!

  • Juha-Pekka Kuusela

    Idea for samplevst woodwinds (minium :) flute,oboe,clarinet…) but later i test these softsynths.:)

  • Leviathan (A.K.A Johan Paulus S Rynjah)

    Thanks to you all the developers of these extraordinary plugins for putting up a lot of effort as well as the webmasters for hosting this great website and these plugins.


  • Breaknoiser

    Dzi?kuje ?mierdziele z zajebiaszcze wtyczki, huj wam w dupe cwele zajebane. Ci?gnijcia mi loda skórwysyny zajebane heheheheheh

  • Triquad

    Thanks a lot!

  • djnazz

    thanks men i apreciate this thanks for all

  • Dres

    Brilliant plugins, cheers, keys was just what i was looking for, perfect for that digidub sound..

    Nice one

  • beatman

    The latest harmonica beta must NOT be a serious plugin… but rather, something to goof around with.. a, few moments then move on?

    The basis of this conclusion is as follows:The release time is unnaturally long. There is far to much vibrato… Which,gives this plug a cheesy synth sound. Also,the pitch bend range is not practical.

    Conclusion: Not, good if you’re looking for a realistic harmonica sound.

  • drake

    well i downloaded most of these music programs but when i download it it doesn’t come up. can someone help me

  • drake

    plz tell me how to make it come, i really wanna use it

  • Graeme


    You do understand these are VST’s and need a host application to run them?


    Thank you very much for thoses free vst
    kiss from france

  • Jboy

    super aweosme stuff, making a song with elektrik keys and pleyades right now. :)

  • Thanks all!! ;-)
    send your presets/comments/sugest to: dskmusic@gmail.com

  • GORO

    Thank you very much DSK vst very,very

    GORO from Armenia

  • yofool

    can some one help me? it does not work on my computer. I have windows and meet the requirements. When I click on it, it opens up windows photo gallery.

  • Hey, just wanted to let you know you’ve opened a lot of doors for me with these VST plugins.


    Catch 22 is what I have so far that uses your plugin.

  • lin ken

    I LOUE YOU~~~~~

  • jay


  • Riz

    im a little slow with this.but do i need a midi keyboard to utilize these vst’s in fruity loops.

  • Riz


  • claudio

    Estoy muy satisfecho con los plugins DSK, pero no puedo bajar “Mini Drum Z”
    ¿Cómo hago para no seguir mareado entre links?

  • DSKmusic

    hazk click en el nombre del plugin que quieres descargar, en la columna de la izquierda ;)

  • ChangeMan

    These are great plugins, I use them with Sonar – 4 and have had no problems with them.

    Good Work !!!!

  • Gary

    This is odd but I can’t get anything to download. I keep being re-directed to your front page.

    Opera 9.24/XP Pro

  • Gary

    It’s ok I fixed it this end :)

  • Alper

    Thanks DSK!!! I favorite plugin mini drumz,thor and odisea.And coming my plugin ATA Synth ;)

  • sam


    I’m in love with you

  • lagrange


    Also please boost the levels of MiniDrumz..



  • brooks productions

    I give thanks to the creaters of dsk………..thanks you for the things you do for upcoming musicians………brooks

  • BOTAK!

    thx DSK for free download,,,all of your VST plug in is good,,,but i like dsk dream,,,

  • Philip

    Thank you for your products. It is very kind of you to make these for people.

  • paul joseph

    Thank you !! awesome sound made two hot tracks in no time. Big ups !!!

  • lex

    human beatbox rocks! :]

  • BMP

    Which archiver was used to compress those plugins? I’ve downloaded some plugins (Akoustik keyz, Elektrik keyz, strigs, Brass, B3x, Harmonica and minidrumz), and only b3x can be decompressed properly. When I try to decompress other plugins, I get message saying that they are damaged or are in a unknown format. I tried 7zip, winrar and windows built-in compression manager.

    Can someone check if the archives are good or damaged?

  • Peter Wyngaard

    Have used your earlier vsti’s. Looking forward to trying your latest ones. Thanks for all the hard work!! Peter

  • Peter

    Wow! The Brass module has excellent quality. The soprano sax was perfect. Beautiful slurring effects. Thank you for these free modules.

  • max derelict

    DSK, thank you. I use only VST freeware (in commercial host CS 4), these are great

  • suppahGilles

    Thanx a million DsK…you vsti’s are just great, and again “merci beaucoup”…

  • Nice work. It fits perfectly in my concept – no money, high quality

  • lacavason

    Thanks all!!

  • LA


  • Ryu

    Your synths are dope !

  • Kai

    I just found your brass vsti and wanted to say: thank you very much. It’s absolutely unbeleavable that you give this away for free! The sounds are great and the gui is very well designed. Thank you very very much!!!

  • marwan

    i downloaded the DSK brass, its perfect, i am downloading the strings now,.. i hope they are as good :D :D

  • StLdre

    just downloaded the brass and strings. the brass kicks ass, but im getting popping from my strings. i really lovethese sounds please help me utilize them. thanx a million. you just dont know. you guys are the s**t

  • Rayzer

    Very nice collection of plugins u got here, tested the strings and piano and im well impressed. definitely using them in my next songs, have recommended this site to other producers i know too! =D

  • Wilangel

    please check someones files as DSK BRASS or DSK STRINGS does not download right I can’t enjoy best DSK releases by this problem please fix it

  • Hi Wilangel, the files are fine but you can’t use a download manager. Please try again.

  • Wilangel

    Im downloading with Internet explorer 6.0 and the downloaded files reports bad size and disn’t work in winrar, I dont know what to do, i need that plugins and does not extract corectly
    ¿what I can do in this case?

  • wilangel

    I got it I download it with firefox with the add on download status bar and the files are already good thankz excellent job…

  • MaNnyOo87

    Wow.. I dl every single one of them is just great!! I love the strings and the bass… there all really good!!! Thank you.. and hope to make a donation real soon!

  • Adriano

    Thank you for your B3x. I tried and it is great. I need a freeware sound accelerator. I am getting a REC delay of about half a second.Can you recommend a solution?

  • Rayzer

    Adriano, try adjusting your latency buffer on the program u are recording with. make it as low as u can go without crackling. if its still a bit off just adjust it later

  • I just wanted to say
    This is exactly what I have been looking for, and never found until DSK came up on google under ‘free vst’!
    The strings, the brass, B3x organs, these are a poor man’s dream come true!

  • Radiomars

    Asian dreamz is excellent! good work! really good sound in all instrument and low cpu usage
    thanks for give us this

  • Phil

    HI DSK, Love the Brass Vst, I have a query, I would like to use two different voices, but if I load two Brass synths in to my Synth Rack in Sonar, it crashes…. any ideas??



  • kenny

    you are good job.
    i’m favorite this blog.
    thank U
    have a lucky!!!

  • KG

    Thank you very much… Keep up the good work.

  • wilangel

    hi, I have a problem exporting DSK brass in FL studio because the exported file does not sound my brass who can help me please contact me.

  • Hi Wilangel, are you using Brass on more than one track?

    If so, please read Sharchi’s comment here.

  • kaker faker

    good stuff, killer sound

  • Luigi Jiménez

    Excelentes!!! & verry useful

  • DaSunKid

    cool stuff…. its funny… my name is DSK too… ha ha

  • badburt

    I was really looking forward to using the Beatvoize and Machinez plugins but, unfortunately, they don’t work in my version of Ableton Live, running on XP. Although the plugins load there is no sound coming out of either of these, any ideas anyone?

  • rayzer

    badburt if u have problems with playback, check the midi cc settings. in FL i have to move off the standard midi channel to get some notes working.

  • Ali-P

    damnnnn hot instruments
    the best


  • guyz u gat cool software,i love u

  • yo

    compatible mac osx ?

  • The synths are created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker. Mac is not yet supported I’m afraid.

  • Niell

    Hey great stuff guyz!
    But I have a problem with Strings VST.
    I use Sonar and when I downloaded Strings everything worked fine, but now after a couple of weeks, when I add another layer of it, Sonar shows me an error and I have to reboot the software.
    What should I do ?

  • beatman

    This site should be renamed: DSK’S PLUGS Emporium… instead of rekkerd dot org. I’ve never seen so many consistent comments for only one developer.LMAO!

  • Anime English


    Thank you for the most wonderful VSTs!

  • sonymedicis

    thank you so much
    oranz is astonishing

  • toxnico


    Thank you for this wonderful VSTs !

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  • Hey guys. I’m Josh, who made the first comment. When I arrived, this place was empty but now it is full up! It is great to know there are lots of fans for the VSTi. I can’t say I am the #1 DSK fan but I am surely a huge one. Still have been using the DSK Brass VSTi and is STILL AWESOME. I will donate soon, to keep the VSTi’s free, that is when I have enough cash.

  • Es ist einfach nur genial, wie diese Vsti’s funktionieren :D und wenn man ein bisschen an den Reglern dreht, bekommt man einen klasse Sound für freeware und das ja auch noch kostenlos! :)

    n1 DSK
    lg YellowP

  • Panisher

    You`re genius!!! Thanks a lot for very good VST!!!

  • Nayan

    ????? ??????????? ???????? ?????…???????
    ??????????? ? ????? ????.
    ???? ?????? ???????:overhead CPU very big.


    (Solution for DSK Strings Problem )


    Thanks for all these wonderful plugins !!!

    I don’t know if the problem was solved, but i found a solution to use DSK Strings in several channels with FL studio (6) :

    I first copy the dsk strings original file (wich contains ‘AF_CHORUS.SEP’, & others) and renamed it ‘DSK Strings2’ in the VST file of FL Studio.

    Then I renamed also the dll assignated to it (‘DSK Strings.dll’ –> ‘DSK Strings2.dll’)

    Now you normally have two DSK Strings files, and two dll file which correspond to them.

    I repeated the procedure 4 times (DSK Strings 3, 4) and then ran FL studio.

    Then when refreshing the plugins’ listing, i use ‘scan & verify’. I noticed the different ‘versions’ of DSK Strings were avalaible, so i selected them and was able to use several DSK strings (3 in fact, i didn’t try with 4), and export in wave file.

    I hope this comment could help.

    Thank you once again !!!!


  • Tim Reed

    Really great sounds – nice, clear interfaces. All your plug-ins are top quality. I especially like Akoustik keyz. Thanks a bundle.
    Now…any chance of a Bass rompler?

  • First of all I want to greet you, and to be grateful to you for the whole support and the incredible number of downloads of my instruments.

    I write this of a so personal way because sincerely, I do not find another way of doing it.

    Nowadays I go two months without work, and this is going to suppose having cancel my connection to Internet, for what at least for a period of time I will not be able to hang new instruments, since I do not even have reservations(reserves) of money to pay the hosting of my domain(control).

    I do not write this in order that the people are motivated to realizing paypal donations, simply I want to inform about a fact that for much that I am upset with it, its very real and is affecting me seriously.

    I wait all that is able to solve soon and return to be on line!

    At the moment, my last released will be ” DSK Virtuoso”, you will have notify shortly.

    From this moment I cannot say anything more … Only I expect to be able support at least my internet domain, though it I does not have way of seeing it :)

    A greeting to all and again thank you for everything

    Víctor Márquez (aka DSK Music)


  • Victor,
    thanks for all you do man, virtuoso is da mutha-funkin bomb…hope your work thing gets straight soon, folks, please visit dsk’s website, and donate if you can, now is the time to support our friend and brother.

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  • Thanks pink jimi photon ;)

  • Wow. I see I am very late in jumping on your bandwagon but I am nonetheless excited to try the goodies I just downloaded. It’s hard to imagine that I have released 4 cd’s without the help of these wonderful instruments!

  • 50000V

    Thank You Very Much!

    Really Great VSTis…

  • deej

    These are da shizznit !!

    Big ups for all yer effort

  • thanks!!

  • huyong788


  • Garnus

    Thank you very much for your efforts to create such amazing vst plugins.
    I really like most of them.
    Have a nice summer

  • thanks!!!

    have a nice summer too ;)

  • music for you

    with big thanks


  • thanks!! :O

  • kagami_seijin

    thank you for your coming back and offering these great things! lecently I happend to hear the”virtuoso”‘s sound, and it knocked me over! how do you do it? :-) I’ll be back again

  • ary5678

    Many Many Thks DSK

  • you are welcome :)


  • Kaushal

    Thanks friend…..
    Amazin plugins……
    Thankz again and hats off to you…..

  • thanks a lot for all these interesting plug-ins!!!
    if in the future i would use many times your plug-ins, i will give you a donation.

    greetings from France.
    Phil ;)

  • thanks Phil :)

  • Hey! U r da bomb man. I’m gonna use your stuff and put a link to your site everywhere I can!

  • thanns Vegan_Sushi :)


  • thanns Vegan Sushi :)


  • Boba Fettuccini

    I use almost all your VSTs. And aside from them, I only use DVS guitar and Crystal. Your synths are amazingly useful!

  • thanks Boba Fettuccini!

    I’ll release in a shortly time DSK AkoustiK Guitars… Stay tuned and check my web ;-)


  • Doxin

    I’ve downloaded all of them vst’s…they’re the sh*t indeed DSK, infact you is the sh*t fo sho. We’re busy with an album right now and this is exactly the instrument i needed to fill in that void. thanks…and lookout for a donation bra.

    K-libro, thanks a lot for your input bro…it worked fine…quite a process but it works, it crashed on FL6 but tried on 7 with the same settings and it worked fine. Thanks all

  • Jim


    Fantastic plugins, I’ve downloaded brass, virtuoso and Indian Dreams, all brilliant.

    However, Indian Dreams gave my version of Cubase SE3 problems, it caused big slowdown in performance, which I put down to its overall size, but it also caused display, loading and saving glitches plus major problems when switching to another virtual instrument.

    Don’t know if it works on newer versions of Cubase, but have fingers crossed for an update and a bug fix, because while it sounded so great, the more I used it the more the sequencer became unstable.

    I’m still over the moon with the plugins in general, and as its all freeware, I’m still happy.

  • Мышка


  • AkoustiK GuitarZ is by far the best free acoustic guitar rompler I’ve ever come across. I’m impressed. Completely professional, and extremely usable. 5 seconds after installing it, I’ve already got a song in the making. Ethereal PadZ is great too, using it in the same song. Great stuff!

  • thanks Mike! :-)

  • Dj tiny 2

    thanks man for the plugins
    I will donate later I just don’t have my credit card with me………………..

    gracias por todo mi amigo…………

  • de nada amigo ;-)

  • Legend’s Ghost

    Can someone please tell me how to get these to work in Windows Vista? Or are they not compatible with Vista?

  • ED

    gracias!!!! son de lo mejor, thanks a lot, this is so helpfull plugins, god bless you DSK stuff keep going, thanks again.

  • Ale

    Ehi, where’s DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ ?

    Sounds intersting, but I can’t find it in the page !

  • Hi Ale, sorry about that. I accidentally deleted that one when I added the BassZ plug-in.

    It’s back up now!


    Hola, saludos.

    Son unos sampler ideales para la producciòn los recomiendo al 100%. gracias

  • KING

    Great Softwares… espesially the Strings…
    Thanks :)

  • DSDsk should make something called dsk choir z

  • Boba Fettuccini

    I second Daniel’s comment. A choir would be most amazing.

  • Labby Road

    I started out making computer based music on a tight budget, so I naturally turned to DSK plug-ins for production of my first few songs.

    I still use many DSK plug-ins today, just because they sound great. DSK has my gratitude and my support. You rule!

  • thanks :-)

  • charles watts


  • many

    vos instrument son genial mais le probleme il faut avoire beaucoup de memoire vive

  • thanks all! :-)

  • qaazi


  • rp homey

    hey man,
    thanks for all!!

    i think you are doing a good job!
    so…u are a good man!!



  • Hi DSK
    Thanks a lot – great plugins!!
    you´re a great person


  • Bob

    Uhhh when I click on Virtuoso my whole computer freezes up and I can’t download it :(

  • Sylvain

    I like free vst but when I try yours, I find they are all very bad.

    Listen to the others and you will stop to make VST instruments.

    Try these ones:

    You’ll understand what i say

    You must increase quality of your VST !


  • thanks to you!


  • Beaucarty

    I would like to try your stuff
    but I work on Mac OSX…
    Don’t forget US…thanks

  • GD

    You have some VERY NICE VSTi’s…The best for free for sure!!! Maybe even better than some of the commercial ones. Big Props and thanks for providing us with these great sounds.

  • Scera

    Very nice, thanks so much.

  • LeviathaN

    All I have to say is a big “THANK YOUuuuuu” to all the developers who have spent hours or maybe days or even months in developing these GREAT PLUGINS as well as “THANK YOU REKKERD.ORG” for hosting them.

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  • john dumas


  • cafenitro

    All I get is dlls. Are you supposed to know what to do with these? There’s no FAQ or how to that I can find. Instructions can be helpful.

  • vst instruments extensions is .dll

    just copy to your vst folder

  • cafenitro

    What is with all this stone-age programming crap? They have these new things called Windows and Mac and you press buttons and things work. I don’t want to have to take a class to get a program to work. This thing has wasted two hours of my life I’ll never get back. You need to get a job. Take out the trash! (head explodes)

  • if you know a little more about vst instruments and muscial soft, then you can undestand that is a normal process to install some vst. VST not are executables programs, are plugins.

  • cafenitro – that’s hilarious. You’re joking, right? “I don’t know how these work. You must be a bad programmer!”

  • paYAZo666


  • The Gluecinator

    Hello, i have some problem with most of this plugins when i load them through fruity loops.
    there is some strange noise coming up from the instruments, and i don’t understand why. please, if somebody know what might be the problem please let me know, thank you!

  • А.Ю.Овчиников

    привет создателям синтезаторов сайта “rekkerd”! ваши синтезаторы меня поразили!.. я и не думал, что губную гармошку можно запихать в компьютерный код! правда, она немного “отпущена” в гибающей, но в то же время остальные синтезаторы меня тоже радуют. особенно – симулятор гитары акустической. такого в fruity loops с его slayer синтезатором “на зерне” не удастся! желаю творческих успехов в вашем деле и… привет из росийской глубинки!

  • one

    Thanks God for this plugins, realmente muy buenos God bless you to all

  • cesar

    Hi, your work is excellent, if i win some cash with my music compositions, i will help you . I was begun to compose music with lmms and your vst plugins, i have problems with the drum plugins, it dont load under the vestige vst plugin , if you can help me , write to my email please , i will apreciate it very much. One more Time !! Excelent job !! sorry for my very bad english. greattings

  • emtau

    ya plugins are great

    some jus need a bit of editing n adding more effects to get perfect quality sounds….http://rekkerd.org/dsk-vsti got great saxophone compared to this….jus a comment so u can improve yours

    so far all great….keep up the good work

    n thnx alot

  • thanks for comments!! :)

  • Slang Boulders

    Wow, all of these are such high quality, very authentic, I can see myself using these alot. Great stuff here, many thanks.

  • DSK, I am really awed at your vsti. I am a game developer and I use your vsti a lot when composing bg music for my games. They work really good, especially the strings and brass, for orchestral music.

    What kind of support/help do you need? I am not sure if I can help you or not, but I can try. Email me if you want my help…

    Stay coool!


  • Oops, my email is josh_tamugaia [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com

    edit accordingly

  • Brandon

    wow, ive been using your vst’s for a while now and i would just like to acknowledge how awesome you are. I cant believe that all of it is totally free O.O!

  • ;)

  • private Dave

    hey im a private in training with the CF, when I have time (rarely) i like to fool around with music on my laptop. running on a tight budget though, and you helped a lot. great stuff, easy to use and good sound. you’re a pioneer of electronic music, keep it up and thanks a lot.

    Pte Dave

  • Luke

    I would like to thank you guys,
    These VST plug ins are awesome.

  • Keithos

    Wow man, these VST’S are off the hook. Thanx and keep up the excellent work. Please notify me when you receive new insts. I would appreciate it very much.

  • keithos

    Thanx for these wonderful adds. Please notify me when u receive new vst’s Thanx a lot.EMAIL>a.smooj@gmail.com

  • thanks for our comments :)

    you can suscribe to DSK music newsletter in http://www.dskmusic.com

  • wally

    ive been using fl studio since version 3.4 and ive searched everywhere on the web for some good vst’s and so far nothing compares to the quality of dsk unless you plan on spending $400 for a plugin. i use dsk religiously and i plan on opening up a studio soon and i guarantee that every beat i make will have some kind of dsk plugin in it. good work guys and ill donate once i open the studio.

  • thanks wally :)

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  • It’s so cool plug’ins.
    Akoustiks Guitarz – number one

    But I have more & more =)

    Respect from Russia (Republic Sakha)

  • thank DSK, you are doing good job. thank a zillion. keep moving.

  • Impheris

    hello, some of vst plugins (i dont need all)are amazing really good job, sorry for my english

  • banaan

    really nice, thanks alot, i’m not really rich so i can’t afford to lose the money to donate, but i clicked some google ads for ya, i think that works as well ;>>

  • Poo Brown

    Hey man.

    I’ve been dyyyyyyyyyyying for better strings and orchestral sounds.

    You hooked me up big time!


    I’ve gone through every single comment on this page and have yet to find the solution to my problem. I’m having the same problem as a few people who commented about the lack of these beautiful sounds when a project is exported!

    I saw the work around, but there has to be a real solution.

    Please let me know if you figure anything. I’m trying to finish up an record and this is holding me up!

    Once again. Amazing stuff!

  • Poo Brown

    never mind.

    apparently I DIDN’T read all the comments.


    thanks k libro.

    I feel like there is still a better solution though….

    thanks again for the beautiful sounds for my ears to listen to!

  • noob

    yo dude i was looking for a way to make my own music and stuff like the software or whatever you have here and i downloaded them all but i don’t know how to use them it says dll or something plz help!!!!!

  • Just copy to your vst folder and load in your musical software (daw)

  • thanks Scott!! there is only one person behind DSK Music: me!!! (víctor marquez) ;-)

    Enjoy it all

    • Raj

      how ca i make it work in mixcraft 5?? tnx :)

  • Scott Schoenhoeft

    I want to thank all of the people at DSK whom work so hard on these VSTi Plugins’! I have burned through TONS of Soft Synths on Project 5. Synths that cost Hundreds of dollars, just to find (FREE) VSTi’s that BLOW the High Dollar VSTi out of the water! The sounds are AWESOME.
    I am using the STRINGS in one of the songs I am working on. It not only added that extra something… It made the song! Thanks for your hard work for us the musician!

    Scott Schoenhoeft (Cincinnati, Ohio)

  • BrianM

    Hey! Downloaded ur plug-in… can u tell me how 2 use it in fruity loops??

  • Gyro

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Hello :D

    Great work man!!!!

    I reeally liked DreamZ plugin, excellent and still simple.

    Keep it up bro.

  • Ginger

    Thank you for sharing.

  • pepe


  • Dave

    How to use in FL Studio / Fruity Loops:

    Extract the plugin(s) to a folder

    (you can use the default C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FLStudio5\Plugins\VST)

    In the application go to

    Add One
    Click the Refresh button at the bottom
    All newly found plugins will be highlighted in red.

    Double-click the one you want to use, open a piano roll editor and you’re good to go!

    Hope this helps


  • Docent

    Спасибо за замечательные плагины! Очень качественные!

  • Radi88

    These are great. I’m a fan of the Soundfont idea as well and I hope it continues!

  • julio

    vo testar

  • RT

    I am new to digital music production. I am trying to use DSK DRUMZ vst in Ableton live 7.0 but can not hear any sound even the preview does not work. Any help appriciated.

    All other DSK VST’s are great!!!

  • thanks!! :)

  • mellosonic

    Thanks DSK – You are the greatest – You’ve given everybody great VSTi’s covering all genre’s of music. I have alot of commercial vsti’s but I wind up using DSK plugins 70% of the time… Great sounds, low latency, and free…I really appreciate all of your work and your contribution to the world of music production. Thank you very much – peace/mello





  • Mellosonic

    To Ronnie – thanks for the link and to DSK – thanks for the DrumZ update – it makes it a little easier to get the idea first…then you can do the multiple output thing – and the sounds are top notch – thanks/ mello

  • Roland Man!


    Luk i dont actually i never leave comments on any sites BUT have 2 say these plugins ar WICKEDD!!
    Keep up the GREAT JOB!

  • Victor,
    nice job on the latest bro, world strings, as always rocks like a cat 9 hurricane thru a wall of marshall stacks…
    be well my friend and
    happy holidaze

  • Ray Shinoda

    All of your VSTi are great.
    I’ll wait for your Vibraphone vsti.

  • Pamela

    Best quality freeware ever! xD sorry i’m not able to donate anything right now; i’m unemployed :p keep the great work!!

  • N.A.

    Thanks for these great vsts, these will be used in some new tunes.

  • jayadev

    i swear i couldnt get a credit card yet because of some reasons so i couldnt even have a paypal account either ….but i will definitly donate in near future..so that you guys can keep up the great work …thanx to you all!!! its a dream come true today when i got such freewares…great work …keep it up.

  • RealistikSounds

    i have dowloaded dsk brass this is very nice,
    thanks you so much , i wanna be grateful about
    that ,let me tell you that i’m a programmer…
    i just wanna be a part of that…

  • LaveriC

    i cant believe such a good vst over here!

  • ArchaeoProphet

    Yes, excellent work on reproducing real life instrument sound. Do you have a VSTi that generates chime sounds?, bell sounds as in Tibetan bowls?


    Hey hey hey

    I hav a problem that I hope you out there can help me with. HOW TO USE ALL OF THIS IN FL STUDIO. WHERE SHALL I PUT THE dll. file?
    Tanks for helping


  • Heinet, put the files in your VST plug-ins folder.
    FL Studio has a default one but you can also define an additional folder in the FL Studio settings. It’s all in the manual…

  • Manu

    DSK Brass is my favorite.

  • New VSTi idea: TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS … please!, nobody really has this out as a VSTi…DSK will be the true champion if they put this out!

  • hard muslims

    ALLAH razı olsun

  • Archaeoprophet

    Do I hear those Tibetan bowls ringing?….

  • DSK vst work fine with PSYCLE. Thank DSK and rekkerd.org.

  • Hossein

    Thank you very much For All VSTi

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  • sushi

    whats the best vsti host?

  • tutaste

    uu really rock mann !!!

    thnk u so much

  • Thank´s

    i am looking every week for a new fine DSK Plug, i think i have them all fine work!

  • re.80

    Great stuff here!

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  • blood_raven

    Nice vstis! =) made my work SOOOOO musch better! keep up the good work!

  • indigocat

    Thank you so much for these lovely VSTs. I have been using Oranze and Darkness Theory for some time, and I absolutely love them. I am looking forward to trying some of your others. If I ever make any money as a result of using them, I will certainly donate. I have made some rather poor machines myself using Synthmaker and Synthedit, so I know what is involved.

    I have tried a number of DAWs and hosts – Cubase SX3, Sonar 8, ACID, ableton live and FL 8. For me , I find that FL8 is by far the most stable, gives the best sound, and handles the plugins really well. I haven’t tried Mixcraft or Reaper yet.

  • Michael Jackson

    Hey there fella. Can you design a vsti that generates Tibetan bowl sounds? I need it for my meditations for my new album project.

  • AZET

    completely cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i love you….

  • love thees plugins!

  • TwnS

    nice ammo!

  • ethereal pads 2 is feckin’ beautiful, victor,
    thanks much mate!!!

  • thank u very much….. its apreciated … take care god bless

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  • Man with DSK now

    Thanks Alot DSK.
    if i ever make money with music, or come into some cash , ill donate some cool cash flow

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  • Ranbir Singh Chahal

    Thanks DSK music your VSTi’s are really worth use.keep it up please

  • muhamed

    السلام عليكم
    thnk guy i realy used
    keep …..

  • iziel john

    Thanks DSK for the vst,I speak to a lot of people that use your vst, the want to donate but some don,t have credit card I thought it will be a good ideal to accept donation by mobile phone text message this will make it a lot easier for people like to donate and show my appreciation. once again THANK you so much, your work is much appreciated, Im out.

  • thanks iziel john!

    I put on my site a sms – phone donation button for some countrys


    hey Kinos, in order to use this pliguns, just drop the “DSK’s.dll” into your host applications VST folder. Run FruitiLoops and follow this: go to the main menu, OPTIONS, FILE SETTINGS, it will appear a window, select FILE, click the VST EXTRA SEARCH FOLDER and browse the root to your host applications VST folder. Go to main menu, CHANNELS, MORE, click REFRESH BUTTON & select the new found DSK plugin & thanks DSK!!!

  • foolsblue

    Hi great Vsti’s, have been using DSK Stringz/s and DSK Virtuoso in a project under Ableton 5 and 7.

    In vr 5 no problem in vr 7 Dsk Stringz/s returns an “assertion error in Live.bin” and proceeds to crash Ableton…

    Thought I’d give you a heads up….keep up the good work.

  • stuckmo

    Does anyone know how do get these plugins to work in Cubase LE? The Strings and Brass will not load because when I try it says: The mixer configuration expected DSK Brass to have Output 1 Stereo, this instrument currently has output 1 Mono, Output 2 Mono, The instrument will be silent. This is so frustrating please help!

  • Jason A. McCall

    MiniDrumZ 2 seems to have trouble loading fonts from folders with commas in their name… i have a folder called “Soundfont\Drums, Percussion, Etc” and if I attempt to load an sf2 from that folder, I receiver an error, and the load fails. If I remove the commas, changing the folder name to “Drums Percussion Etc” it works fine–but that’s something you might want to look into. Otherwise though, it’s a great plugin… thanks bunches!

  • Francisco C

    @Jason A. McCall:

    The commas in the filenames is a Windows issue. I thought it would work if an entire filename was surrounded by quotation marks, even if it included spaces, plus signs, pipe symbols, commas and whatnot, but Windows could wind up being fussy about what to call a certain file.

    You’re right, DSK miniDrumz 2 is a great plug-in with phat-sounding drums! And the ability to load SoundFonts makes it even better! :)

  • Jason A. McCall

    @Francisco C

    I’ve never had a problem loading files from this folder or any folder with commas in its name until this plugin–Shortcircuit doesn’t have an issue with the commas, nor does SFZ, etc., etc., so I’m not sure how it could just be a Windows-issue. Windows filename/folder rules permit commas in filenames, and if every other plugin and piece of software I use in Windows has no trouble with it, I am forced to conclude the issue is with MiniDrumZ 2 and not with Windows. For the record, the only characters Windows does not permit are

    / \ ? : * | / ”

    but it’s small beans I guess.

  • sfhsfh

    Please keep comments relevant. Inappropriate or offensive comments may be edited and/or deleted. Email addresses are never displayed. Line breaks and paragraphs are automatically converted – no need to use or .

  • Jeff

    Dear Ronnie,

    Re your request fro feedback, following the server upgrade:

    The download following links are failing, and take the browser to “http://rekkerd.org/?dl=587”, when clicked:

    1. AkoustiK KeyZ
    2. MachineZ

    Please let me know when the links are fixed.


    PS. Thanks for the VST/VSTi’s.

  • rashid

    hi i like all vsts sounds good m waiting for some kind ov real trance sounds and pads i mean vsts ………thanx alot for all this i got too much from that

  • @ Jeff, the url for the MachineZ should be http://rekkerd.org/?dl=557

    I made some changes to the cache on this page, could you try again?

  • nadeem

    i was doing hard on manual but u give us easy way to go on…………….by these vsts i gonn work with some big quality music anyway thanx

  • Theo

    Best of wishes, you’re created something really special for the music world!

    One of the best (freeware) out there

    Unique and fantastic plugins! Keep up the good work!

  • John Shaw

    Many thanks, love those I ‘ve downloaded so far, great sounding instruments for thier size, will donate, again many thanks.

  • raja khurana

    i want to give you some indian drum sounds to make its vsti to help my musician brothers.. let me know how it is possible.. i have plenty of indian samples of very good qwality..

  • raja khurana

    i have a suggetions for those who are getting prob. with rendering.. dont export/ render.. just play in solo mode and rec. it real time .. enjoy..

    • Elkanadavid

      Dear Sir, Where can I get free Tabla & Dholak Loops, if you have plz forward to my ID, elkanadavid@yahoo.co.in. Thanks

  • raja khurana

    hi everyone
    many musician have prob. with rendering/ exporting the DSK sounds.. if you have prob. that means your host is not supporting it.. i have no prob. with nuendo.. but FL user may have.. OK, now the solution is… just play the sound in solo mode and rec. it real time in different recording software.. you are through.. ENJOY..DSK.. the best vstis of the universe :-)

  • raja khurana

    hi everyone
    many musician have prob. with rendering/ exporting the DSK sounds.. if you have prob. that means your host is not supporting it.. i have no prob. with nuendo.. but FL user may have.. OK, now the solution is… just play the sound in solo mode and rec. it in real time with different recording software.. you are through.. ENJOY..DSK.. the best vstis of the universe :-)

    • Elkanadavid

      Dear Sir, I’m crazy with recording, I’m using Nuendo 4, May I know the procedure of recording, plz, Keep in touch with me.

  • raja khurana

    hi everyone
    many musician have prob. with rendering/ exporting the DSK sounds.. if you have prob. that means your host is not supporting it.. i have no prob. with nuendo.. but FL user may have.. OK, now the solution is… just play the sound in solo mode and rec. it in real time within different recording software.. you are through.. ENJOY..DSK.. the best vstis of the universe :-)

  • Emil

    Its very awsome work, but it seems like the plugins curse some problems
    For some reason my FL studios go freezing if i put on like 5 defrent string acords so i have 5 defrent melodies by Violins?
    Can i fix that?
    :It dosnt do it if i put like 2-3 string acords on:

  • jose

    hey i need help installing to my cubase ai4 help please

  • raja

    hi jose
    just copy all the dll files you dounloaded, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins.. thats it… ENJOY

  • raja

    hi jose
    just copy all the dll files you downloaded, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins.. thats it… ENJOY

  • jonty

    hi…really appreciated the minidrumz…great variety. wanted to try the Brass vst but in Plogue Bidule, its says ‘id duplicate error’…any chance of a versio ith a different id? Thanks

  • joan marti


    congratulations for the vsti.
    I have a problem with nuendo 3. Dsk brass and Dsk saxophonez doesn’t works quite well. I dropped the .dll files in vst folder but in a few sessions the problem appears again and the program is break. Please some help. Sorry about my english.

    Thank’s for all.

  • Jimiai

    Strings keeps on freezing and messing up on me

  • Muchas gracias por todo esto
    de verdad son muy buenos los plugins DSK

  • V-Star-V

    Excellent site, thanks for VST!

  • lolo

    zajefajne wtyczki dziekówa

  • Jay Nonnenmacher

    I love the strings plugin and brass but today i worked on a song all day and when i go to export the song from fruity loops to mp3 or wav when i listen to the file the strings arent playing i tried downloading it again and it still didnt work.


  • @Jay, did you read SharChi’s comment?

  • Carlos Sandobal

    Gracias, realmente una buena web y buenos vsti :)

  • MeloTone

    I’ve got your Brass, Elektrik guitar, Acoustic guitar, World stringz, Drums and Saxophonez. They are all awesome! sound just too real. Great plugins, Keep ’em coming.

    • Elkanadavid

      Dear Sir, I’m using Nuendo 4, may i know how to install these, plz help me. I’m crazy with recording, plz help me.

  • Raul

    DSK Strings, Harmonica, Asian, Eletric Keys e Indian Dreamz são plug-ins muito bem feitos. Parabéns ao pessoal da DSK!!!!! :)

  • Rezende

    Thanks a lot!!!! I’m a beginner in VST thecnology and that’s plugins are amazing!! Thaks!!

  • Dave

    FL Studio crashes when I open up and attempt to play projects containing either of these VST plugins. :(

  • damian

    thanks for this perfect instrumentsthanks for your work

  • marwan

    DSK , you guys rock big time !, serious hats off to people like you…
    got the acoustic guitarz, the DSK strings, DSK brass, and gotta tell you … am more than satisfied … waiting for your “DSK choirs”

  • Devotchka

    DSK plugins are fucking amazing. Half of my soundfonts would NOT IMPORT without your plugins. If i ever make any money, it’s coming to DSK and the guys who make reaper

  • Salvadorites

    thank you very much :) bless you!

  • Dark Company

    We absolutely *LOVE* DSK synths! Great work and please keep making these wonderful plug-ins. Much love from Dark Company. :-) http://www.wudrecords.co.uk/artists/dark-company

  • Whatisshirk

    Thank you so much DSK, power to you, love to you, i wanted a piano and i couldn’t afford it and God has given me so many instruments here, thank you so much, what to say may God bless you, always be happy whoever you are ,

  • DougieT

    Im Having Trouble with DSK Choirz. After Exporting the file to mp3 or wave the plugin makes no sound. After I render it i bring it up in i tunes the Choirz part is just not there. even in fruity loops i will hit play and it is as if it was muted. but its not. any help? thanks alot

  • srd

    thankyou so much this will really help

  • Mzimasimoyake

    DSk is the best

  • Guest

    I’m having problems with Rhodez inside FL Studio, it sounds with a lot of clicks and noise. :-( Does someone know how to fix this?

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  • Dark Company

    We have used a few different DSK synths in our songs now – if you like dark, tongue-in-cheek rock in the style of Tom Waits/Nick Cave/Iron Maiden/Prodigy/Rush/King Crimson etc etc you might like some of ours. Listen to Wonderlust and Easy Street on our partly constructed Alien Heat album to hear some of the DSK synths in action. http://www.wudrecords.co.uk/artists/dark-company/alien-heat-2

  • Dark Company

    The beautiful twinkly sounds on track #5 Nightshifters were created using a DSK synth, possibly ElectriK Keyz. The final mastered version of this song has been made but not released yet. We’ll let you know when Wud Records releases it. Thanks for coming to visit, we know you do from this board! :-)

  • K dot


  • Raj

    how can i make it work in mixcraft 5?? pls help me tnx :)

    • Raj

      mixcraft 5.2 build 12

      • Raj

        build 152

    • It should simply load as a VST plugin (.dll)
      Check the Mixcraft manual for details on how to do this.

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  • Help :(! The dsk strings keep crashing when I try to load up my project on FL studio :(! Can you guys please help me out on how to fix this?
    I use two dsk strings vst (one violin, one cello pizz). They both crash like 70 % of the time when i load up a saved flp. Help!!

  • Zillonare84

    thanks you all for this creativity

  • DKDM

    You are absolutely amazing :) Pity I wasn’t able to find you before

  • dj MinRo

    wow the world would be a sad place without people like you amazing plug ins keep up the good work and money made using your plugins will result in money for you thank you so much

  • Wac-lox@hotmail.fr

    pliz vst foor adobe editor 3.0 gratout

  • CHRsoundZ

    Oh thank you DSK.. very nice plugins!! It sounds like real instruments. Thank you so much! God bless you more!

  • John

    muchas gracias a DSK,soy rapero y dure bastante rato buscando sonidos reales,llegue donde los propios,congratulations excelente trabajo,parceros Dios los bendigala la buena desde colombia (y)

  • dev

    you are great …may god bless you dear Alwayyyssss

  • S00per

    Thanks for the instruments. Much appreciated from Canada + Russia!

  • Greeat

  • Caleb


  • are these compatible with fl studios or protools ?

    • They are VST plugins for Windows PC. Should work fine in any host that supports that format.

  • This is another track by Pok that we released a few days ago with DSK’s AkoustiK KeyZ providing the beautiful, evocative, haunting, whimsical piano.http://wudrecords.bandcamp.com/track/young-light

  • We’ve given DSK a link on our ‘Links’ page as we love your work. Not sure why we haven’t already done it but it’s done now. It’s here if you want to check it out: http://www.wudrecords.co.uk/links

  • AudioAftermath

    Thanks for your generosity! You’re doing great work!

  • Thiago Araujo

    Hi DSK! you guys are amazing! I made a lot a music whit you VSTs and I will sure make a lot of more. I got really impressed by your Virtuoso and Brass. Its raelly hard to find good orchestral plugins and you made it!
    plz check my tunes!

  • emmacarter

    thank very very much . dsk you are the best

  • solomon w.k

    All my credits to DSK, i was able to get a record deal cuz of you wonderful, incredible, amazing, instruments. I love all and continue serving us with great updates.

  • Jamaleo77

    I’m having trouble opening these files in FL Studio and getting them out of dll format. Can anyone help? Thanks

    • Wizardovzen

      dll format should be dragged and dropped into your VST folder on your C/drive/programs FL/vst folder

  • Have installed DSK Electrik GuitarZ into my Plugins/VST folder and it appears in my VST list, but when I add it to a track in Reaper, the controllers appear and t though they move, they do nothing as if it is not activated or enabled. Any suggestions?

  • Jay

    Hell yeah. Is your name in the readme in case I choose to donate at a later time?

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