DSK Music plug-ins by Víctor Márquez are created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker and released as freeware for Windows PC.

DSK Music

Before you download, please note!

  1. You will need software that can host these VST plug-ins. Read more about VST here.
  2. If you’re experiencing problems with corrupt downloads, please try downloading without a download manager and check that the downloaded file is the same size as noted on this page (some files are quite big so make sure to complete the download).
  3. The DrumZ Series plug-ins are also available as single stereo output versions for hosts where routing the multiple outputs doesn’t work well. Download page here.
  4. Some plug-ins (i.e. Brass, Strings) don’t work too well when using multiple instances in your project. If you experience problems with rendering you could try to export the plug-in output separately as Sharchi pointed out in the comments.

The plug-ins below are listed by release date. Follow the read more links for more information and screenshots of specific plug-ins.

Since hosting these plug-ins takes a lot of bandwidth, donations are much appreciated.

donate to rekkerd.org

Note: this page is no longer maintained. Check DSK Music for the latest updates.

Title Description Date
SF2 v2 Advanced SoundFont player for Windows, includes delay effect, filter amp. envelope, and more. (2.6 MB) … read more 2010.09.14
SF2 Advanced SoundFont player for Windows. (3.3 MB) … read more 2010.09.06
Darkness Theory 3 Ambient synth with 3 advanced osc & 72 waveforms. (7.4 MB) … read more 2010.09.04
TechSynth 2 osc synthesizer with 5 waveforms. (7.9 MB) … read more 2010.08.25
Synthopia 2 Multi layer synth featuring 128 sounds featuring bass, synths, keys, pad, etc. (34 MB) … read more 2009.08.17
DSK ChoirZ (beta) Rompler instrument featuring 32 choir & pad sounds (21 MB) … read more 2009.04.02
mini DrumZ 2 Vintage drum machines rompler (12 MB) … read more 2009.01.28
Ethereal PadZ 2 Multi layer synth featuring 111 pad sounds (80 MB) … read more 2009.01.24
Synthopia Multi layer synth featuring 122 cool sounds in 5 categories (34 MB) … read more 2009.01.16
World StringZ Rompler featuring 8 world string instruments (32.8 MB) … read more 2008.12.10
ElectriK GuitarZ Rompler featuring 10 electric guitars (9.3 MB) … read more 2008.10.27
BlueZ 2 Osc synth (2 MB) … read more 2008.10.20
RhodeZ Rompler featuring 6 Rhodes piano variations (12.6 MB) … read more 2008.08.18
SaxophoneZ Rompler featuring 3 saxophones (13.1 MB) … read more Note: a version with better pitch bend is available here 2008.08.11
BassZ Bass (acoustic & synth) rompler (4.7 MB) … read more 2008.08.04
AkoustiK GuitarZ Rompler featuring the sounds of 4 acoustic guitars (3.1 MB) … read more 2008.07.28
Analog MatriX A 2xOsc synth with a 7×14 routing matrix (1 MB) … read more 2008.07.22
Indian DreamZ A rompler synth with 6 Indian instruments (12 MB) … read more 2008.07.15
Ethereal PadZ A rompler synth with 22 pad sounds (12 MB) … read more 2008.07.07
Virtuoso A multi layer synth featuring 40 instruments in 7 categories (46 MB) … read more 2008.06.30 (update: 2008.12.24)
Chaos Theory 2 Osc synth with randomize function (1.1 MB) … read more 2008.06.16
DrumZ AkoustiK Acoustic drums module featuring 4 full kits (8.0 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.06.05
OranZe 2 Osc synth with step & gate sequencer (1.4 MB) … read more 2008.04.10
Darkness Theory Ambient synth instrument (3.8 MB) … read more 2009.06.11 (update)
Asian DreamZ A rompler featuring 7 Asian instruments (10.7 MB) … read more 2008.03.04
DrumZ BeatVoiZe A drum module featuring Human Beat box sounds (6.5 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.02.22
AkoustiK KeyZ A piano module (16.1 MB) … read more 2008.02.18
MachineZ A drum sound module (17.5 MB) … read more Note: a single output version is available here 2008.02.04
SixSenZe A small multi osc synth (1.0 MB) … read more 2008.01.08
mini DrumZ Vintage drum machines rompler (12.1 MB) … read more 2008.01.08
Odisea Deep space synth (4.0 MB) … read more 2008.01.02
ThoR 4 Osc, 5 waveforms synth (4.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.31
PleyadeS (beta) 4 Osc synth with octave and microtunning control (4.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.28
Harmonica (beta) Mini harmonica rompler with 5 variations (2.5 MB) … read more Note: a version with better pitch bend is available here 2007.12.12
KaoS (beta) Experimental synth (1.1 MB) … read more 2007.12.10
Strings String instruments module (31.0 MB) … read more 2007.07.12
DreamZ Additive synth, 3 Osc (0.9 MB) … read more 2006.10.21
XXX Experimental additive synth (0.8 MB) … read more 2006.10.21
Brass Brass module with 2 layers and 23 waveforms (34.2 MB) … read more 2006.09.03
ZetH FM synth (0.9 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
ZitH Hybrid synth with 3 layers and 30 waveforms (4.8 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
ElektriK Keys Electric piano module with 2 layers and 13 waveforms (5.1 MB) … read more 2006.09.02
Download B3x Organ module with 2 layers and 12 waveforms (4.0 MB) … read more 2006.09.02

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Josh T
Josh T

Hi. I downloaded the Brass VSTI and tried it. Way cool. Sounded very real. Good job!


I got your vst, now i would like to know how to use them with FL studio?

muhammad sarmad hussain
muhammad sarmad hussain

Just paste the dll file of vst plugin in your fl studio vst folder


Thank you for the most wonderful VSTs!
I love these things… I can’t wait for your NEXT VST.
I have a DEMO for the DSK BRASS posted on myspace.com/tktrust. The song is titled ‘tears for the fallen’
I hope u like it… please feel free to drop me a line.

p.s. my album release is gonna be this summer so go crazy!



Thanx 4 all VST, esp. Brass in FL Studio.


Love your vst’s and they will probably be a big part of my music pipeline! Lovely!


thanks :)


Thanks DSK!
I hope that run under Reaper… The gui are very nice!

W the freeware plugins!


DJ Gwreck
DJ Gwreck

The string and electric piano were my favorite’s. I think I will get alot of great usage out of the string VST.


Thaks there is not everything to pay. I’d very like to donate some EUros at the moment I’M NOT SO FAR.
i LIKE ELECTRONIC MUSIC VERY MUCH. Since I wrote it by hand as well. To translate it in a computer music takes a bit more effort and time and editing of such a free ware like yours. Thanks. Faithfully yours
Oskar (computer electronic musician (on a hardship))


well, i have news:

an electronic & acoustic bass module is comming ;)

Onur K.
Onur K.

Thanks for all of these VSTis, I have them all and like them all.

Stew H
Stew H

I am blown away by your Strings. Combined with the Brass your heading for a full orchestra. I’m currently using a Cello sound from a very well known symphony collection. But the violins in the string section are all from Strings

I am now a huge – and thankful fan. God bless ya.



Chris W.
Chris W.

I have downloaded every single module/synth and they are all high quality. Awesome work ok the DSK line… whats next on the list??? perc.? guitars? I can’t wait till the next…


Thank you very much!!!

I like it! very very like it!



DSK Strings is Wonderful! I Love it! Thank you very much!


cant seem to render vsts on wav. or mp3?

Ernesto Alchemy
Ernesto Alchemy

Man, this fuc… amazing vst program, really amazing, are small to download, easy to use,anyway, i’ts wonderfull i feel so proud for use that kind of vst programs. The strings vst it’s so far to be a midi synth, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Michelson Robertho
Michelson Robertho

Amazing…amazing ….amazing


Thanks for this!!

As a hobby musician that provides music freely, very happy to use your FREE VSTis in further productions. :)