The Art of Brushes Vol 2, sample pack by The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft has announced the release of The Art of Brushes Vol 2, a new collection of drum loops. A collection of loops and samples focused entirely on brushes, this second volume contains over … read more

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Best Service releases Cinematique Instruments

Best Service has released Cinematique Instruments, a boxed version of Cinematique Instruments products powered by Engine, the sample player based on Yellow Tools Independence Pro. Cinematique Instruments sets a focus on weird, odd and rare … read more

FXpansion releases BFD Signature Snares Vol.2

FXpansion has released BFD Signature Snares Vol.2, the second instalment of Yamaha artist signature snares for your BFD2 library. With the usual high levels of detail, multiple channels and multiple articulations, BFD Signature Snares Vol.2 … read more

The Loop Loft releases The Art of Brushes Vol 1

The Loop Loft has released The Art of Brushes Volume 1, a collection of brush performances. Have you been searching for a loop pack focused entirely on brushes? Well, you’re not alone. At The Loop … read more

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Acousticsamples updates DrumTaste Brush, VibysM and A-Pian

Acousticsamples has released updated version of three of its sample libraries. Changes in DrumTaste Brush / VibysM V3 / A-Pian V2 DrumTaste Brush: now features a Multi-output patch to really be able to mix and … read more

Acousticsamples releases DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples has announced the release of DrumTaste Brush, a sample library featuring a brush drum kit. DrumTaste Brush features The DrumTaste Brush is a Brush Kit featuring a 22″ bassdrum, a 12″ hi tom, a … read more

Soniccouture releases VA Brush Kit

Soniccouture has released VA Brush Kit, a free drum kit taken from the Variable Ambience Drums library for Kontakt 1+2 and Battery 2. Variable Ambience Brush Kit was recorded at one of the U.K.’s leading … read more

xoxos releases pling2, sym5, boing and cylinder33 (updated)

xoxos has released a few new interesting instruments. pling2 is a plucked string model which uses waveguide modeling to create touch harmonics (instead of other techniques such as filtering). Because of the higher waveguide count, … read more

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xoxos releases brush, cylinder33, ping, reed and snare (VSTi)

xoxos has released a package of 5 new models. Brush was created for generating multiple impulses for use in waveguide modeling. Instead of triggering a single impulse, or initiating an oscillation, a gate event starts … read more

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Rayzoon releases Jamstix BrushPak

Jamstix BrushPak is a beautiful brushed fusion set with the unrivaled sounds of Jeff Hamilton’s Hammer sizzle ride and more! It comes with new snare brushing controls in the Jamstix interface. Great for jazz but … read more

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Wusik releases HQ Drum Set 2: Pearl & Remo (Pinstripe)

The High Quality Multi-Sampled Drum Set 2 Prime & Remo (Pinstripe) has been released. It features: Brush Metal: 46 Multi-Sampled Files Brush Nylon: 54 Multi-Sampled Files Regular: 149 Multi-Sampled Files 86 Meg in WusikSND format. … read more

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Soniccouture announces Variable Ambience Drums

Featuring over 1300 24 bit samples, Variable Ambience Drums is another superb value sampled instrument from Soniccouture. Recorded in stunning detail on an SSL9000 series console, the drum kit features separately recorded room ambience, allowing … read more

Wusik releases HQ Drum Set 1: Prime & Evans

Wusik releases a Prime & Evans High Quality Multi-Sampled Drum Set. This set will work for any WusikEngine (V2.0.1 or higher) product (Wusikstation VSTi, Manystation VSTi, VOX’d VSTi, TSW VSTi, …). The set contains two … read more

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