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Cluster Sound releases Tech House Bass Loops for Maschine

Cluster Sound Tech House Bass Loops

Cluster Sound has announced Tech House Bass Loops, an expansion sound library for Maschine by Native Instruments.

Tech House Bass Loops is a Maschine expansion library, a massive collection of pre-sliced bass loops specifically designed for Tech House productions.

The library is a fine selection of 170+ puncy basslines that can be easily imported in your live set or used as the basis of your next compositions and remixes. Tech House Bass Loops is far to be a collection of static loops. Each bass can be modified by altering the MIDI structure and by using the 8 macro controls that allow to manage the built-in FX chain.

Tech House Bass Loops features

  • 173 pre-sliced Bass Loops (Maschine Loops / Wav).
  • Built-in Multi FX Chains: Each bassline group is equipped with a built-in FX chain (Exciter -> Filter -> Chorus -> String) coupled with two additional Aux effects (Reverb – Delay). This particular design allows to use a Multi FX chain without having to dedicate it to one of the 8 precious tracks of your Maschine and to save your FX settings together with the loop.
  • Dedicated Macro Controls: In order to guarantee an immediate sound manipulation, the main FX parameters have been assigned to the 8 macro controls of each bass group, easily accessible via hardware controller. Here you will be able to manage the frequency and the amount of the (EQ) exciter, the filter cutoff and resonance as well as the amount of the insert (Chorus and Spring) and aux effects (Dark Room and Mid Delay).

Tech House Bass Loops is available to purchase for 24.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Tech House Bass Loops


Cluster Sound releases Wave Bass-A for Ableton

Cluster Sound has released Wave Bass-A, the first wavetable synth collection for Ableton Live.

Cluster Sound Wave Bass-A

Wave Bass-A is a massive collection of 100 bass synthesizers and 100 Live Clips based on 128 pristine analog wavetables. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, Wave Bass-A generates amazing simulations of vintage bass synths characterized by incredible low-end and definition.

Wave Bass-A features

  • The Sound Engine: Wave Bass-A doesn’t make use of pre-recorded samples. Each sound is generated by a small 18 Kbyte file, a genuine analog wavetable (single cycle waveform) with a table size of 2048 samples. These atoms of sound, thanks to the amazing interpolation quality of Live and to the skilful use all the Sampler/Simpler features, allow to reproduce the warmth and the nuance of old analog synthesizers.
  • Wave Selector: This feature allows to select the wavetable oscillator on-the-fly simply by moving the “Wave Selector” knob. This knob scans through the 128 wavetables included in each Instrument and allows to radically change the sounds without dragging new patches nor loosing the patch settings. Most of the included Instruments implement two selectable oscillators, making it possible to radically increase the possible sound combinations. The built-in wavetables been extracted from 7 glorious vintage synthesizers:
    • 001-018 — Oscar Synthesizer
    • 019-035 — Moog Sonic Six
    • 036-058 — Moog Minimoog
    • 059-078 — Korg MS20
    • 079-094 — Korg DW8000 (Dco-Vcf)
    • 095-109 — Yamaha CS-80
    • 110-128 — Oberheim Matrix 1000
  • Content: The 100 Bass Instruments are organized into 4 categories (Double – Octave – Pitcher – Splitter) characterized by specific Macro Controls designed for dynamic tweaking while performing. All the instruments implement a parallel Sub-harmonic channel and share a special “Stereo Dynamo” FX Module that allows to increase the warmth and the spatial image of the sounds.

Wave Bass-A for Ableton is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sounds / Wave Bass-A


Cluster Sound releases Low Beats Clipbox for Ableton Live

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Cluster Sounds has announced Low Beats Clipbox, a clip collection for Ableton Live.

Cluster Sound Low Beats Clipbox

Low Beats Clipbox is a powerful and ultra-flexible collection of sliced clips for Ableton Live, specifically designed for electronic and tech-based music productions. The library consists of 195 Clips, 240 deep samples organized in 6 drum Kits with dedicated macro controls and 12 extra synthesizers created by looping and tuning percussive elements. This Live Pack is basically dedicated to electronic low beats but thanks to the powerful effect modules you can easily create unusual Snares, Hats, Kicks, Glitches and several pseudo-drum elements.

Sliced Loops : The included Clips has been extracted from 195 WAV loops carefully selected from Cluster Sound catalog. Each Clip consists of an Instrument Rack, created by slicing and key mapping the original WAV file, bundled with a MIDI loop that triggers each slice. This design allows to instantly create new patterns by simply editing the MIDI notes and to drastically change the track tempo with no artifacts.

Instrument Racks : Each Instrument Rack consists of the dry loop coupled with two parallel layers dedicated to the dynamic effects including Resynthesis, AM/FM Oscillators, Resonators, Noisers, Pitch Shifters, Reverse and Filter Shapers. Additionally, the 3 layers share the Pitch and the Decay controls and a very versatile FX module that allows to add sub harmonic frequencies, Delay, Reverbs and Metal effects. Thanks to this huge amount of parameters the original loop can be easily twisted and altered beyond recognition.

Low Beats Clipbox features

  • Size : 330 Mb.
  • 195 Live Clips.
  • 6 Drum Kit Instruments.
  • 12 Synth Instruments.
  • 240 WAV Drum Samples.
  • 3.500 WAV Slices.

More information: Cluster Sound / Low Beats Clipbox


Cluster Sound releases SST-282 Convo impulse response library

Cluster Sound has launched SST-282 Convo, an IR Library that accurately reproduce the staggering sound of the vintage SST-282 Space Station.

Cluster Sound SST-282 Convo

In 1979 a small company called Ursa major introduced a highly sophisticated audio signal processing unit called SST-282 Space Station. The SST-282 was described as a “reverberation effect” but that is far from the complete story. Thanks to its design based on multi-tap delay modulation it was able to generate a wide variety of reverb, echo and comb filter effects. The SST-282 implemented 16 “Audition Delay Programs” (Rooms, Combs, Delay Clusters and Space Repeats) which decide the principal characteristics of the reverb / delay effect.

SST-282 Convo is based on 224 IR samples, obtained by sampling the 16 “Audition Programs” with 14 different delay/reverb decay times. The library works perfectly on vocals, synths, basses and guitars but also on drums and percussions and can be easily used with all the convolution reverb plugins on the market.

SST-282 Convo features

  • Size : 440 Mb.
  • WAV 32bit / 96Khz.
  • 224 IR Samples.
  • 16 Audition Programs.
  • 14 Decay Time settings.
  • 224 Kontakt Presets.

SST-282 Convo is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / SST-282 Convo


Cluster Sound releases FX Drooms for Ableton Live

Cluster Sound has announced FX Drooms, a massive collection of FX layered percussion kits specifically designed for Ableton Live and for a wide range of electronic music styles.

Cluster Sound FX Drooms

This Live Ready Instrument provides 5400 WAV samples, 312 percussion clips and 312 instrument racks organized into 13 categories : Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Metals, Woods, Toms, Mixed, Ethnics, Snares, Kicks, Shakers, Low Percs and Clanks.

Sample FX Layering : In FX Drooms, each of the dry percussion samples has been processed with 24 esoteric reverb and sound effect templates obtained by stressing DSP, hardware and convolution sources. Thanks to our Sample FX Layering technique you will be able to mix these external effect signals to the dry samples and manage them via dedicated controls : FX Amount, Decay Time, Pre Delay, Low Cut, Hi Cut, Pitch, Shaper, OSC Volume.

Mixed with the solid dry sources, the included FX templates give the library a distinctive glommy psycho (acoustic) athmosphere characterized by incredible hi end and definition. In addition to the dry percussions and the Sample FX Layers the included instruments implement also several sound-specific send effects created by using Ableton Live plugins.

FX Drooms is available to purchase for 24.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / FX Drooms


Cluster Sound launches new website + 6 new products

Cluster Sound has announced the launch of its new website and six new products.

Cluster Sound website

The new Cluster Sound website comes with very exciting news and products. Our new official webstore implements a multiple discount system and contains two additional categories dedicated to Live Ready instruments and Bundled products.

Bundle products & discounts

In addition to the classic reduced prices, these products allow to receive further discounts for customers who already own one or more bundled products. Four fresh new bundles are now available on Cluster Sound website :

  • Dark Techno Bundle
  • Minus Techno Bundle
  • Tech House Bundle
  • Minimal Techno Bundle

Enhanced Gbox Series

  • Minimal Gbox MKII
  • Micromal Gbox MKII

Our Gbox Series has been drastically re-designed in order to offer an even more flexibility. These Live Ready Instruments easily turn Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox for minimal and techno music productions and allow to create instant ultra-customizable tracks in few clicks.

Sample Selector : This feature is the core of our Gbox MKII Series and allows you to replace in real-time the single samples while the MIDI file is playing your instrument.

Sample FX Layering : This feature represents the difference between the previous GBox series and the new one. In this new Series each drum sample is coupled with 3 parallel FX versions that can be mixed to make the flat sound richer. These sound-specific FX layers can be also modified via dedicated controls, accessible by clicking the Drum Rack pads.

More information: Cluster Sound


Cluster Sound Tech House Basslines, bass loops sound library

Cluster Sound Tech House Basslines

Loopmasters has released Tech House Basslines, a collection of bass loops by Cluster Sound.

Cluster Sound is proud to present Tech House Basslines, a massive collection of mastered bass loops designed to bring great low end and deep impact in your Tech House tracks. The included basslines have been created with analog and DSP synthesizers and meticulously treated with professional hardware compressors, equalizers and harmonic exciters. The result is an extremely wide sound palette characterized by solid lows power and superior definition.

Tech House Basslines features 320 main basslines coupled with 320 filtered versions. The filtered loops have been created by manipulating and re-structuring the original bass loops in order to obtain special synths that can be used as accompaniment or to make the basslines richer. All the loops are musical key labelled so you can instantly select various filtered loops and mix them with the same key of the bassline.

In addition to the 640 WAV content, the library features also 146 powerful drum samples, 320 REX Loops, 320 Kontakt Loop instruments and 1290 Ableton Live clips that allow to add FX, filter and de-structure the loops. Tech House Basslines is 100% royalty-free and it will drastically increase the ability of your mix to move people.

Tech House Basslines is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Cluster Sound Tech House Basslines