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Hollow Sound launches 8090 Special for Kontakt

Hollow Sun 8090 Special

Hollow Sound has announced the 8090 Special, a bundle of sound libraries for Native Instrument Kontakt.

With the evening of All Hallows… or Hallowe’en … just around the corner, it seems only appropriate to do a ‘special’, this time, a bundle of some 80s and 90s classics – the Korg M01 collection the Yamaha FS1R and Oberheim Matrix 1000, staple hardware synths from the 80s and 90s for some truly retro goodness. S+S, FM and true analogue in one affordable bundle with over 250 patches.

Furthermore, custom scripted panels allow extensive tweaking and modification of this wide range of patches with control over level, three filters, amp envelope and multi effects with phaser, chorus, delay and reverb…

8090 Special features

  • Classic S+S, FM and rich analogue.
  • Over 250 patches.
  • Kontakt 3.5 (will work in K4 and K5).
  • Custom scripted panel featuring fixed formant filters, ADSR amp envelope, phase shifter, chorus, delay and reverb multi-FX, variable velocity curves, pitch bend, etc.

The 8090 Special is available to purchase for £25 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sound / 8090 Special


Hollow Sun Altaerion Sci-Fi sound library for Kontakt released

Hollow Sun has announced the release of Altaerion, a new “Music Laboratory Machines” sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hollow Sun Altaerion

Once again, we have requisitioned an ageing relic which we have re-fashioned for our purposes. This time, from a 1950s of the future where science fiction and science fact were somewhat blurred … a portable communications device intended for an over-ambitious and abandoned manned mission to Mars…

With two oscillators offering a wide variety of true analogue, ring modulated waveforms which can be tuned and mixed, modulated further by a multi-wave LFO and envelope as well as FM and AM modulated, there’s a broad palette of sounds to play with and mix and match before these pass to an ADSR envelope and an array of speaker simulations and lo/hi cut filters to create a wider range of antiquated, retro sci-fi sounds that could have originated in an old black and white B-movie or the early experimental electronic music studios of Europe.

These then pass to a comprehensive chain of effects comprising distortion, chorus, phase shifting, echo and a convolution reverb featuring a wide range of impulses.

Furthermore, touch the ‘scope/sonar/radar in the centre of the panel and Altaerion will come up with a randomly generated sound for you. Not just that but touch it in the effects page and it will generate a new effects configuration at random. Between them, Altaerion will create good starting points for you to tweak and take you in creative directions you might not have thought of. All good fun!

Hollow Sun Altaerion
Altaerion features a custom Kontakt interface resembling a portable communications device.

Altaerion features

  • 48kHz/24-bit.
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
    • Two oscillators.
    • True analogue ring modulated waveforms.
    • Serendipity ‘scope for random patch creation.
    • ADSR envelope.
    • Multiwave LFO, envelope and FM/AM modulation.
    • Distortion, chorus, phaser and echo multi-FX.
    • Convolution reverb with a wide range of impulses.
    • Speaker sim combinations for vintage lo-fi tones.

The sound library is available to purchase for £10 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Altaerion


Hollow Sun intros Advanced Noise Generator for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Advanced Noise Generator

Hollow Sun has announced the Advanced Noise Generator, a new Music Lab Machine for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It features very long 44/24 white, pink and low frequency noise samples taken from a true analogue modular synth which pass through a multimode filter offering eight different filter types. This filter can be controlled by two LFOs (one with simultaneous multiple waveforms which can be mixed for complex control waveshapes) and an ADSR envelope and then onto an output section with separate LFOs for control of amplitude and panning. This passes to a distortion section with up to four different distortion units followed by a delay and a convolution reverb featuring custom impulses.

The Advanced Noise Generator is therefore capable of creating all manner of dense and undulating noisescapes as well as no end of noise sweeps and effects … and with the distortion units, they can stray into IDM territory.

But the Advanced Noise Generator has another trick up its sleeve – the ‘Serendipity’ button! Click on the Hollow Sun brass plaque at the top and have the A.N.G. create a new sound for you at random. It might not be immediately useful but could send you off in new, creative directions. It also comes with 40 ‘presets’ which can be used as is or as the basis of your own creations.

It’s quirky, odd, different, unique and typical of the MLMs and a fine adjunct to the rest of the series.

Hollow Sun Advanced Noise Generator
Hollow Sun’s Advanced Noise Generator is suitable for almost any modern musical genre, providing noise sweeps, SFX and various distortion units.

Advanced Noise Generator features

  • 44.1kHz/24-bit.
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine.
  • True analogue white, pink and low frequency noise.
  • Each sample 2 minutes long and seamlessly looped.
  • Multimode filter -2/4/6-pole LP, 2/4-pole BP, 1/2-pole HP.
  • Phase shifter filter.
  • 2 x LFOs, one with simultaneous multiwaves.
  • Various distorion effects.
  • Delay and convolution reverb.
  • ‘Serendipity’ function randomly creates new sounds.
  • 40 presets.

The Advanced Noise Generator is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Advanced Noise Generator


Hollow Sun launches Vital Organs – Diamond Jubilee Special

Hollow Sun has announced the release of Vital Organs, a special Kontakt sample library in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

We’ve assembled a varied and diverse range of organ sounds from our dusty archives … B3s to cathedral, pipe and church organs and a whole host of various synthesised organs. There’s control over level, distortion, cabinet simulation, rotary cabinet and reverb with which to tailor your sound. There’s also a second page to tailor velocity response, velocity curve, tuning, key range and pitch bend range…

Hollow Sun Vital Organs
Vital Organs features a collection of very useful organ sounds, appropriate for any number of musical genres, wrapped up in a suitably commemorative GUI.

Vital Organs features

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit.
  • ‘Lite’ and optimised and easy on memory and CPU.
  • 35 organ presets.
  • Rock, jazz, gospel, church, pipe and cathedral organs.
  • Editable custom scripted GUI.
  • Distortion, cab simulator, rotary cab and reverb.

The sound library is available to purchase through June 2012 only, priced at just £2 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Vital Organs


Hollow Sun DrumBox for Kontakt 50% off

Hollow Sun DrumBox

Hollow Sun has announced that its DrumBox sound library for Kontakt is 50% off through May, 2012.

DrumBox brings together a few decades of classic, rare and obscure drum machines in a multi-channel interface where you can mix and match, layer, balance, pan and tune different samples from a total of 55 different machines and even some ‘toy’ devices…

DrumBox features

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit.
  • Classic, rare, obscure and toy drum machines.
  • 10 Channels.
  • Mix, match and layer drum sounds.
  • ‘Presence’ control for adding punch.
  • ‘Mutilate’ control for lo-fi.
  • Amp and cab sim, EQ and echo.
  • Convolved reverb.

DrumBox is available to purchase for £15 GBP until May 31, 2012.

More information: Hollow Sun / DrumBox


SampleTekk releases The INIL Choir – 10cc Voice Loops

SampleTekk has released The INIL Choir – 10cc Voice Loops, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and NN-XT.

SampleTekk The INIL Choir
The INIL Choir sample library in Kontakt (GUI and scripting by Hollow Sun)

In 1974 10CC recorded their third album, “The Original Soundtrack”. On that album there was a song that would not only be one of the greatest songs ever recorded, it also was a production masterpiece, way ahead of its time. The song is, of course, “I’m Not In Love” written by Eric Stewart and co-writer, Graham Gouldman.

A prominent feature of the song are those amazing, ethereal choral parts. These choirs are unique. There’s simply nothing else like them! The combination of voices and the way they where produced have given them a sound that’s truly one of a kind.

Now, SampleTekk, in cooperation with Eric Stewart of 10CC, are very proud to release of The INIL Choir, thus taking one of the most famous analogue samples into the digital era.

The INIL Choir sample library is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: SampleTekk / INIL Choir


Hollow Sun releases Tubelitzer for Kontakt

Hollow Sun has released Tubelitzer, an electric piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hollow Sun Tubelizer

We are extremely pleased to announce a new library – ‘Tubelitzer’, a valve/tube-based Wurlitzer 120 electric piano from the late 50s/early 60s, the one used by Ray Charles on his early hit, “What I’d Say”, which earned him some mainstream recognition.

Sampled chromatically with full length samples (no looping) and up to 27 velocity layers per note and release samples, this is an authentic recreation of a rare piece of music history…

We’ve taken some liberties with the functionality that departs from the original somewhat – adding tremolo, balance and stereo spread plus variable velocity curves, hum, etc.. There are also ten ‘factory’ presets plus provision to save ten of your own.

But it doesn’t end there – it also comes with a virtual pedalboard of stomp boxes to add a wide range of effects.. With distortion, cab simulator, chorus, phase shifter, rotary speaker, echo and convolution reverb (featuring a wide range of custom impulses from vintage springs, plates, rooms, etc., to halls and massive ambiences), the effects allows you to transform the sound quite dramatically.

Tubelitzer features

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit.
  • Full length, chromatic samples.
  • Up to 27 velocity layers per note.
  • Release samples.
  • GUI adds extra functionality.
  • Comprehensive multiFX with phaser, chorus and delay.
  • Convolved reverb with a wide range of impulses.

Tubelitzer for Kontakt (requires Kontakt 4.2.3 full version) is available for £30 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Tubelitzer