Particular releases Spectrality – Spatial Impulses

Particular Audio has launched Spectrality – Spatial Impulses, a collection of 269 impulse files. Particular paint the world in color with Spectrality – Spatial Impulses; dimensional impulses of harmonic backdrops, singularity warps and a soothing … read more

Xenium Audio updates XR-1 convolution reverb to v1.1

Xenium Audio has updated its XR-1 convolution reverb effect plug-in to version 1.1. Would you like to bring high quality room effects to your music? Make your music with XR-1 – zero latency VST convolution-based … read more

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Tone2 releases Ambisphere soundset for RayBlaster

Tone2 has announced the release of Ambisphere, a soundset for the RayBlaster software synthesizer. Jam packed with high-end quality sounds that will bring color to any piece of audio work, Ambisphere takes you on an … read more

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Loops de la Crème releases Footstomp Pack

Loops de la Crème has announced the release of the Footstomp Pack, a collection of 900+ foot stomps. Building upon the concept, sampling and programming technics used for the CLAP PACK DELUXE, this new sample … read more

Waves intros IR-Live Convolution Reverb effect plugin

Waves Audio has announced the IR-Live Convolution Reverb, a reverb effect plug-in customized for live sound use. The upcoming Waves IR-Live Convolution Reverb plug-in. Like its predecessor, the IR1, the IR-Live is convolution-based, using sound … read more

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Morevox launches NAMM Offer – 40% off bundles

Morevox has announced a limited time NAMM promotion, offering its bundles at a 40% discount. Will you attend to the incoming Namm Show (Anaheim – CA 24|27 Jan)? Stop at the Wavemachine Labs booth (#6907) … read more

Kemper Amps announces Cabmaker IR loader for the Kemper Profiler

Kemper Amps has announced Cabmaker, a software tool to create speaker cabinets from impulse responses (IR) for the Kemper Profiler. A lot of owners asked for a way to load impulse responses into the Kemper … read more

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Particular releases Spectrality – Temporal Impulses

Particular has launched the Spectrality – Temporal Impulses sample library. Particular paint the world in color with Spectrality – Temporal Impulses; convolution patterns of granular mashups, twisted harmonic delays and modulation madness. Suitable for just … read more

Tone2 releases Futuron expansion for Rayblaster

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced the Futuron expansion for its Rayblaster software synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Futuron includes 3 new skins for Rayblaster, including this white one. The Futuron expansion takes Rayblaster’s capabilities even … read more

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Audiority releases Abstract Textures for Kontakt

Audiority has announced the release of Abstract Textures, a new library for both modern music composition and sound design. Abstract Textures is a collection of unique sound sources created by processing sounds captured from both … read more

Morevox launches Christmas Offer

Morevox has announced its Christmas Sale, offering a 40% discount on its impulse response and drum sample libraries for a limited time. The sale ends January 6th, 2013. More information: Morevox

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Vintage Synth Pads releases Righteous Rooms for Trash 2

Vintage Synth Pads has released Righteous Rooms, a collection of patches for the Trash 2 effect plugin by iZotope. This 180+ preset collection has a special focus which is powerful spaces and environments. We also … read more

MaxSynths releases free waveforms pack for RayBlaster

MaxSynths has released a free collection of waveforms for use with Tone2’s RayBlaster software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. The archive include two folders: 1. ElextraX filters (almost all, only the EQ filters has been … read more

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Morevox releases Hit! impulse response library + Impact Pack Bundle

Morevox has announced Hit!, a collection of 300 impulse responses. High impact reverberation is fundamental in achieving a great drum sound inside a mix. That deep, wide, aggressive sound is created by mixing both real … read more

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Synth Magic releases Sounds of the Delta for Kontakt

Synth Magic has released Sounds of the Delta, a sample library for Native Instrument Kontakt featuring the Korg Delta DL-50 analog synthesizer. The Sounds of the Delta GUI for Kontakt, designed by Flavours of Lime. … read more

Soundiron releases Angklung and Sick 3: Dark Places + 10% off in Halloween Sale

Soundiron has announced the release of Angklung and Sick 3: Dark Places, two new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. Angklung is a unique instrument from Indonesia with a particular, short bamboo percussive flavor. At … read more

Vienna Symphonic Library MIR PRO gets AU, VST, RTAS & AAX support

Vienna Symphonic Library has updated its Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna MIR PRO 24 multi impulse response mixing and reverberation software, which now comes in plug-in formats for Windows and Mac. Vienna MIR PRO—Multi Impulse … read more

Audio Ease intros Next Door III impulse response library for Altiverb 7

Audio Ease has announced the release of Next Door III, an IR library for use in the Altiverb 7 reverb processor. This IR set for Altiverb 7 lets you place audio in the room next … read more

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Morevox MSP Impulse Response Library only $9 + 50% Off Voucher in Happy Summer Offer

Morevox has announced a Happy Summer offer for its MSP impulse response library. Over 75% off a collection of 200 impulse responses from Morevox. Spring verbs with fat and rich tails, Modulated Plates, Dense Spring … read more

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Neocymatics intros Hybrid Strings – Solo and section strings for Kontakt

Neocymatics has announced Hybrid Strings, a virtual string instrument library for Native Instrument Kontakt. After a long period of detailed research, development and fine-tuning Neocymatics is proud to announce the release of Hybrid Strings, a … read more