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Laptoprockers launches Spacehog Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Spacehog Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced the Spacehog Remix Contest, a contest in collaboration with Sonos and Blue Microphones.

On October 24, 1995, Spacehog released their debut album Resident Alien, which sold a million copies and spawned the hit single and video In the Meantime. By colliding glam-rock influences with a wall of distorted guitars and the stupendous daring of their lead vocals, Spacehog created their own genre of sound. The band’s second LP The Chinese Album (1998) featured a more ambitious symphonic sound in the spirit of British psychedelic rock, garnering critical acclaim. Moving away further from commercial viability with their 3rd album The Hogyssey, Spacehog disbanded in 2001. But they’re back!

With a new album on the way, Spacehog invite you to remix their 1996 hit: In The Meantime.

The band have teamed up with Sonos and Blue Microphones to fill the prize pool for this remix contest with some very nice gear worth over $1000.

We’ve posted the instrumental and vocal stems to In The Meantime on Soundcloud for you to download.
The contest closes May 16th, one month after the release date of their new album As It Is On Earth.

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Laptoprockers launch DAMNDOGS Remix Contest

Laptoprockers have announced the DAMNDOGS Remix Contest, a chance to win prizes and get your remix released on vinyl.

Laptoprockers DAMNDOGS Remix Contest

Australian indie dance act DAMNDOGS are looking for FIVE remixes to be released on vinyl.

Chris Cester and Mark Wilson already made name & fame as members of the Australian rock outfit Jet, but have taken a different direction with their new DAMNDOGS project. Completed by longtime friends Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin, the band doesn’t produce rock music à la Jet, but a unique style of their own that’s been dubbed “doom disco”. DAMNDOGS are bound to tear up dance floors worldwide and they want you to be part of it!

With 5 songs to choose from, this is another big contest for you to join here at Laptoprockers! Remix any of the supplied DAMNDOGS songs to enter the contest.

We have teamed up with iZotope, FXpansion and Sugar Bytes to fill the prize pool for this remix contest with some very nice plug-ins worth well over $850.

Stems to a new DAMNDOGS song will be available every other week at Laptoprockers. The contest closes October 27, three weeks after the last song has been posted.

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Laptoprockers launches Vanity Theft Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Vanity Theft

Laptoprockers has launched the Vanity Theft Remix Contest its biggest remix contest to date.

All girl indie-pop band Vanity Theft (Ohio, USA) are looking for entries for their full-length remix album, which they will be putting out this summer.

With 5 songs to choose from, this is Laptoprockers’ biggest contest to date! Remix any of the 5 supplied Vanity Theft songs to enter the contest.
To fill the prize pool for this remix contest Laptoprockers have teamed up with Ableton and D16 Group Audio Software, a Polish developer of virtual instruments and FX.

Bonus prize! In addition to prizes for the three best remixers, there’s a bonus prize for the best Vanity Theft mashup song. Create an original track using vocals from at least 2 songs.

“We are really excited to be participating with Laptoprockers in this contest, and we are also really happy to have some amazing sponsors. Ableton is big part of our writing and prep on the road. Live has time and time again proven to be the best and really the only way to put ideas together on the fly off of a laptop while on a 16 hour drive.”
Brittany Hill (Guitars, Vocals, Keys)

“All of the remixes that were done after our album dropped wound up really influencing our writing, the D16 stuff is amazing, Its simple, wound up being so good for us because we have so much going between vocals, guitars and synths that their sounds kinda sit in the song and in the track live like the way old roland sounds do, which is a lot of what we used on our last LP.”
Alicia Grodecki (Vocals, Synths)

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Laptoprockers announces Bonus Prize for Eddie The Gun Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced a bonus prize for its Eddie The Gun Remix Contest.

Laptoprockers Eddie The Gun Remix Contest

Here’s some interesting news concerning the remix contest by Laptoprockers in collaboration with Slanted Black Records for Eddie the Gun’s track “Don’t be Afraid.” Given the feedback on the contest page so far, it’s fair to conclude Laptoprockers can reckon on many submissions by great participants. When they discussed this with Craig Mitchell (Slanted Black’s label manager) over the weekend, he spontaneously came up with a very promising idea.

“Why not ask the three winners to also submit one of their own tracks for consideration of release on a special Laptoprockers EP containing their original tracks, in addition to the Remix EP? This way, participants not only have the chance to display their remix talents through the contest, but also can showcase their production skills with their own tracks.”

Unsurprisingly Laptoprockers didn’t have to think twice and immediately pinned Craig down. So they’re happy to announce they have added a very tasty bonus prize to the prize pool, which by the way contains plenty of great music software and goodies already!

In addition of getting their remix released on the “Don’t Be Afraid” Remix EP, the three winners can submit one original track for consideration to be included on a special “Laptoprockers EP” on Slanted Black Records.
Good luck everyone! With over a month to go from now there’s still plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing! Don’t be Afraid!

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Laptoprockers launches ´Eddie The Gun´ Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Eddie The Gun Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced the launch of the ´Eddie The Gun´ Remix Contest.

Laptoprockers teams up with Camilla Romestrand and Slanted Black Records to launch the “Eddie The Gun” Remix Contest. Norwegian born Romestrand has been making waves in the London music scene ever since she arrived there with one single goal: to succeed as a musician. Fronting her band Dolls House, Camilla first enjoyed the taste of success in 2007 – and now she’s back as Eddie The Gun. Title track to the horror movie Chain Letter, her single “Don’t Be Afraid” recently topped MTV’s on-line video charts.

Dubbed to be a singer “that drips with so much sex she jellifies the legs of any boy or girl watching!” by UK music magazine NME, “Don’t Be Afraid” is a rock ballad that fits Camilla like a second skin. Just listen to the track and you’ll know why. It’s all in her voice. According to Craig Mitchell, Slanted Black’s label manager, the track is a big challenge to remix. “I’m really excited to see how the former #1 song gets reimagined! Dubstep, drum & bass, house, tech. Hey, as long as the music is good -THAT is what it’s all about!”

In their sixth remix contest, Laptoprockers managed to find several sponsors to fill the prize pool with some nice prizes. Great mastering plugins from Sonoris Audio Engineering, an Eclipse MP3 player, Third Shift T-shirts and posters from Steez. Plus a release on a remix EP on Slanted Black Records for the best three remixes!

The deadline for entering your submission is 11 January, 2011.

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Laptoprockers announces Denis A ‘Heroin’ Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Denis A 'Heroin' Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced the Denis A ‘Heroin’ Remix Contest, a chance to win a release on Denis’ DAR label and FabFilter plug-ins.

Ever since Denis Alentieff became Denis A in 2007, Moscow’s rising star is making his mark around the globe with each new release.

“Legends of dance music culture such as Danny Tenaglia, Nick Warren, Timo Maas, Dave Seaman and John Digweed have supported my music and have taken part in label action. It is pleasant to see and hear the tracks in sets by Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Jimmy Van M.”

With his music, Denis A blurs the boundaries between genres via progressive, techno, deep dub and minimal influences – and the remix track ‘Heroin’ is no exception. In this remix contest you are asked to infuse your own remix talents and create your own remix cocktail. ‘Heroin’ is most certainly not a downer in this incarnation, more of a pure peak time euphoric progressive future classic.

“The composition was named ‘Heroin’ as such associations and emotions arise at me when I think about this forbidden drug. I absolutely do not use any narcotic drugs myself.”

Win synthesizers and audio effect plug-ins supplied by FabFilter. If the winning remix has the edge Denis is looking for, it will be released on his DAR label. Your track on vinyl!

The deadline to enter your remix is August 15, 2010.

More information: Laptoprockers / Denis A ‘Heroin’ Remix Contest


Laptoprockers announces Eat Static Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Eat Static Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced a Remix Contest with Psytrance pioneers Eat Static.

Featuring a drum & bass track, a rock ballad and a synth-pop song in previous remix contests, this time Laptoprockers have joined forces with pioneers of psytrance ‘Eat Static’ to offer remixers two great tracks to play around with. ‘Sin Quest’ is an upbeat dance track with a classic psytrance feel, while ‘Up Periscope’ explores the more downtempo psychedelic avenues. The tracks are off Eat Static’s two most recent albums, De-Classified and Back To Earth.

“Both tracks unmistakeably carry Eat Static’s signature sound and make up for great remix material,” Laptoprockers said. “And as it is the first time Eat Static source material is available from the Internet in a remix contest, this unique opportunity caters for something extra. We’ll have winners for each remix track, and the best overall remix will get a very special bonus.”

As on earlier occasions, Laptoprockers offer a generous prize pool for this remix contest. LinPlug donated six of their best plug-in synthesizers for you to win! “Three prizes for each remix track is only adequate,” LinPlug commented on their contribution, “so each track will have three separate winners.” Prizes include LinPlug’s all in one drum solution RMV, their sample mangling plug-in ChronoX, and FM Synth Octopus and represent over $900 total value.

But there’s more at stake! The icing on the cake comes with a bonus for the best remixer overall. “We definitely will be able to release the best remix,” Eat Static’s Merv Pepler revealed, “we have several options in the coming months for that.” Need say more?

The contest deadline is January 02, 2010.

More information: Laptoprockers / Eat Static Remix Contest