Pro Sound Effects releases Soundrangers sound fx library

Pro Sound Effects Soundrangers

Pro Sound Effects has announced the release of Soundrangers, a sound effects hard drive library.

Yesterday PSE announced the release of the new Soundrangers sound effects library created for use in video games and interactive environments.

In developing the library, the Soundrangers team applied their own creative expertise in sound design for console and social games, iPhone and iPad apps, interactive software and websites which resulted in a collection of 21,117 sound effects in twenty categories.

For more juicy details, audio/video demos and 25 free sound effects, visit the Soundranger library on PSE!

Soundrangers features

  • 21,117 sound effects (137 GB) on external hard drive.
  • Portable, Production-Quality Glyph PortaGig 50 Hard Drive (160 GB).
  • Broadcast .wav formats: 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/44.1.
  • Compressed formats: mp3 and Ogg Vorbis.
  • Optimized for interactive, video game, and web design.
  • Embedded Metadata, Intuitive Category and File names.
  • Sound Effects Search Software: NetMix Lite (video).
  • 1 Year of Free Sound Effects Updates.
  • Mac and PC compatible.
  • 3 -year Data Replacement Policy.

The Soundrangers library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $2900 USD, single user license (retail $3900 USD).

More information: Pro Sound Effects


Pro Sound Effects announces Holiday Specials

Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects has announced some Holiday Specials, including 20% off Blastwave FX products.

It’s that crazy time of year again, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon of holiday specials and offering you, our beloved clients, some eyebrow raising sales on some of the best sound effects libraries out there. Film? Broadcast? Games? Military? Veterinarian? We’ve got the sounds for you.

Pro Sound Effects deals

  • 20% off ALL Blastwave FX: This is especially great for BWFX SDS libraries, as 20% off equals $200 – $1200 in savings. Rememeber that SDS libraries include free updates for life that’s right!! Your library just keeps growing and growing… just like your belly after the holidays…
  • Sound Ideas FX deals: Sound Ideas is the world’s leading and most well known publisher of professional sound effects libraries. Sales items include Digiffects Sound Effects, Industrial Soundscapes 5.1, Series 6000 – Ext. I – VII (50% off), and Universal Studios SFX Library.

The Holiday Specials are available through December.

More information: Pro Sound Effects


Pro Sound Effects Summer Sale, $500 off on Sonopedia and more


Pro Sound Effects has announced a Summer Sale on some of its sound effects libraries.

Itching to add some more Sonic Goodness to your sound effects library arsenal? August is the time to do it, as our summer sale on ALL Sound Ideas libraries extends throughout this month.

Pro Sound Effects Summer Sale

  • SONOPEDIA – $500 off — Blastwave FX’s flagship library, an encyclopedia of HD sound effects. PSE featured Sound Design Solution (SDS) Libraries.
    • 20,100 HD sound effects pre-installed.
    • 250 GB Glyph GT 050Q drive.
    • Broadcast .wav files (24/96, 24/48, 16/44.1) & mp3.
    • Search Software : Search, Audition, Drag N’ Drop.
    • Free Updates for Life.
    • Glyph 3 Year Warranty.
  • Transportation I SFX — USB Flash Drive/1037 sounds, $399 USD (regular $499).
  • Fire I SFX — USB Flash Drive/67 sounds, $109 USD (regular $149).
  • Animals I SFX — USB Flash Drive/316 sounds, $199 (regular $249).
  • Sound Ideas libraries, all 30% off. From the Ultimate SFX Collection to Captain Audio, if it comes from the pioneers of the sound effects world, you get a sweet discount (over 100 libraries available).

More information: Pro Sound Effects


Pro Sound Effects announces distribution of BBC Sound Effects Archive

BBC Sound Effects Archive @ Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects has announced that the BBC Sound Effects Archive is now available to purchase from its website.

The BBC Sound Effects Library is one of the most vast and respected sound effects libraries in the world. The BBC Sound Effects Library has the largest, most global and diverse selection of animal sound effects and historical sound effects currently available.

Pro Sound Effects (PSE) works with the BBC Information & Archives to make the BBC Sound Effects Library available both digitally and on sound effects hard drives with search engine software.

BBC Sound Effects available from Pro Sound Effects

  • Five libraries including the BBC Complete Sound Effects Library with 33,000 sounds.
  • Re-release of the BBC Original 1 – 60 Sound Effects Library with updated metadata.
  • Search Software included free.
  • Delivered pre-digitized on hard drive with 3 year data replacement policy.
  • Embedded metadata, compatible with NetMix, Soundminer, Basehead and more.

More information: Pro Sound Effects