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EastWest announces Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2

EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2

EastWest has announced that Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2, a modern rock toolkit produced by Nick Phoenix, will be released January 11, 2011.

Ministry Of Rock 2 was put together with one goal in mind: to create a virtual (software) instrument capable of producing sounds that could actually produce a hit record or film score without any live drum, bass, or guitar overdubs. The articulations and programming were all reverse engineered from actual performances. The 57 gigabyte collection features LIVE technology which makes multi-sampled drums sound like a live performance.

“Rock music is always in a state of evolution,” said Phoenix. “Ministry Of Rock 2 will give users the latest software tools to produce finished tracks. Ministry Of Rock 2 takes the Ministry Of Rock concept to a whole new level of playability and impact.”

Recorded at the Legendary EASTWEST Studios in Hollywood, CA, by Phoenix, Doug Rogers, and Rhys Moody, Ministry Of Rock 2 features some of the industries top players like Shane Gibson, guitarist with Stork/Schwarzenator/KoRn, Greg Suran, guitarist with Goo Goo Dolls/Avril Lavigne/Glee, Doug Rappaport, guitartist with Edgar Winter/Potent, and Tal Bergman, drummer with Billy Idol, LL Cool J, Rod Stewart, Terence Trent Darby, Joe Zawinul.

The drums for Ministry Of Rock 2 were recorded in East West Studio 1 on three large rock kits from DW, Gretsch, and Ludwig, along with 6 additional snares. Top vintage and modern gear from Neve, Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Manley, Fairchild, Royer, Chandler and Meitner were employed for a legendary sound. Repetition samples were recorded for everything as well as extreme dynamics and three mic positions for drums (close + room, or close + compressed room) to dial in the desired sound and an ultra-realistic performance. Any drum from any kit can be selected to create a custom kit, plus there are 6 additional snare drums to choose from.

Ministry Of Rock 2 guitars were recorded on Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster Thinline, Carvin 7 String, Baritone, Gibson Les Paul, and Schecter 7 String through Fender, Divided By Thirteen, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Bogner and Vox Amps. Samples feature round robin, hammer on and pull off legato, sliding legato and dozens of other techniques. Dual channel recordings let you pick a wicked real amp sound or use the direct signal with popular plug-ins.

Ministry Of Rock 2 includes all of the remastered content from Hardcore Bass and Hardcore Bass XP plus an all-new 5 string Musicman Stingray bass with 7000 samples and true legato. Fender, Hofner, Gibson, Silvertone, Rickenbacker, Musicman and Lakland basses were recorded through large bass rigs. No wimpy dry sounds.

Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2 will be available on 11 January, 2011, for $395 USD MSRP. A $295 USD upgrade price is available for Hardcore Bass and Hardcore Bass XP users.

More information: SoundsOnline / SoundsOnline Europe

EastWest/Quantum Leap announce Buy 1 Get 1 Free Holiday Offer

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SoundsOnline Buy 1 Get 1 Free

EastWest is celebrating 2010 with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Holiday Promotion.

Customers who purchase a qualifying EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP product between November 19 and December 31, 2010 can choose a second product of equal or lesser value for free. In addition, EASTWEST has partnered with Nomad Factory to add their British Bundle (a $149 retail value) for an additional $15.

With over 60 international awards, EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP offer a wide variety of critically-acclaimed virtual instruments, many of which are used in today’s top film, television, videogame, and music productions. This offer presents a great opportunity for customers to build their collection of sounds for up to 50% off the retail price, or more if they choose the British Bundle add-on.

Qualifying EastWest/Quantum Leap products:

  • EastWest/Quantum Leap SYMPHONIC CHOIRS
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap PIANOS
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap PIANOS GOLD
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap GOLIATH
  • EastWest FAB FOUR
  • Quantum Leap STORMDRUM 2
  • Quantum Leap GYPSY
  • Quantum Leap MINISTRY OF ROCK
  • Quantum Leap VOICES OF PASSION
  • Quantum Leap SILK
  • Quantum Leap RA

The Nomad Factory British Bundle is comprised of the NEQ-1972 – 4-Band Equalizer, a plug-in modeled from the classic-vintage 1081 EQ module for a truly “British-Style” vintage EQ, and the MLC-2269 – Compressor/Limiter, which is modeled from the legendary 2254 compressor. Demos are available at

Customers can take advantage of this offer at or (for instant rebate and optional purchase of the British Bundle) and through authorized EASTWEST resellers with a rebate form.

More information: SoundsOnline

EastWest releases Complete Composers Collection HD

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EastWest Complete Composers Collection

EastWest has announced an upgrade of its popular Complete Composers Collection (HD), a collection of virtual instruments on a hard drive.

At $995, this customizable bundle is the most inexpensive way to obtain seven EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP virtual instruments, which now ship on a 1TB high performance Western Digital Black Caviar internal hard drive, which avoids the tedious and time consuming process of installation from dozens of DVDs.

The standard version of the Complete Composers Collection HD includes seven of EW/QL’s most popular virtual instruments for music, film, TV, and game composers: EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra Gold, EW/QL Pianos Gold, EW/QL Symphonic Choirs, Quantum Leap Goliath, Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2, Quantum Leap Voices of Passion, and Quantum Leap RA. Individually, these products retail for more than $3,000, including the free hard drive. Purchased in the Complete Composers Collection HD upgrade, they are more than 67% off at $995.

The Complete Composers Collection HD can be customized by replacing any of the standard titles with any other EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP title at the same percentage discount off the retail price. Changes may increase the overall bundle price, but enables purchasers to get the absolute best price on these award-winning products.

The Complete Composers Collection HD is available with free shipping until October 31, 2010 for $995 USD / 699 EUR (Standard version).

More information: SoundsOnline / Complete Composers Collection

EastWest announces Rocktober Special

EastWest Rocktober Special

EastWest has announced the Rocktober Special, a chance to save 53% off the individual retail price of any 3 EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instruments in October.

The standard edition of the ROCKTOBER PACK features MINISTRY OF ROCK, GOLIATH, and FAB FOUR. If purchasers have one or more of the standard selection, they can change any or all of the 3 virtual instruments and still get more than 53% off the retail price. The product selection may increase the overall price.

Sound on Sound Magazine called MINISTRY OF ROCK “a screeching, howling, booming, clanging, clattering, bashing noise-fest that will fool your neighbors into thinking you have a tame death-metal band lurking in your studio”. MOR is a huge modern day rock toolkit that covers a myriad of styles that’s perfect for songwriters and composers.

GOLIATH is a massive virtual instrument that includes over 180 instruments and over 600 patches. It features Drums, percussion, guitars, keyboards, pianos, orchestra, choir/vocals and more. GOLIATH is a Swiss army knife of songwriting/composing that you will reach for time and time again.

Inspired by the signature sounds of the Beatles, the MIPA Award-Winning FAB FOUR includes authentic and rare acoustic and electric guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, stringed and other misc instruments, all played through and recorded on the same kind of vintage equipment used at Abbey Road Studios by Beatle’s engineer KEN SCOTT and EASTWEST multiple-award winning producer DOUG ROGERS.

The ROCKTOBER PACK can be customized to suit a customer’s individual needs. Eligible products include Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock, EW/QL Goliath, EW Fab Four, EW/QL Pianos, Quantum Leap Gypsy, Quantum Leap Ra, Quantum Leap Silk, EW/QL Symphonic Choirs, EW/QL Symphonic Choirs Bundle, EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra, Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2, Quantum Leap Stormdrum PRO Bundle, and Quantum Leap Voices of Passion. Any combination can be built at over 53% off the retail price.

The Rocktober Pack is available until October 31, 2010 for $595 USD / 429 EUR. Custom packs are hand assembled and shipped in one package, usually ship within 2 business days.

More information: SoundsOnline / SoundsOnline Europe

EastWest The Dark Side, collection of virtual instruments by Doug Rogers and David Fridmann

EastWest The Dark Side

EastWest has released The Dark Side, an unconventional, hip and exciting collection of virtual instruments, some dark and eerie, and some which have been purposely—and skillfully!—mangled, distorted, or effected out of all recognition.

THE DARK SIDE provides inspiration for all composers and artists that are looking for unique instruments, designed to work for everything from alternative to symphonic rock, and of course, film, TV, and game music production.

THE DARK SIDE includes a vast, 40 Gigabyte collection, including dark and eerie instruments, and highly processed drums and percussion, basses, guitars, ethnic, keyboard, strings, and effected instruments, all organized into instrumental groups so you can create complete tracks.

The Dark Side includes EastWest’s PLAY 2 software, which can operate standalone or as a plug-in inside popular DAW hosts that support VST, Audio Units, and RTAS.

The Dark Side is available to purchase for PC and Mac for $395 USD MSRP.

More information: Soundsonline / The Dark Side

EastWest/Quatum Leap announces Hollywood Strings

EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings

EastWest/Quantum Leap has announced the debut of its latest virtual (software) instrument, Hollywood Strings, a collection of string instruments with unprecedented control over sound and performance.

HOLLYWOOD STRINGS has many groundbreaking features not found in any other collection. Finger position is, for the first time, controllable by the user, so you can play as far up the strings as you want, and get a fuller more romantic Hollywood sound. Vibrato intensity and extensive dynamics are controllable by the user. Extensive multi-dynamic true legato has been sampled for all sections in three different categories: slurred, portamento, and bow change. This results in unsurpassed legato performance that has never been available. HOLLYWOOD STRINGS has five user-controllable mic positions, including main pickup (Decca tree), mid pickup, close pickup, surround pickup, and an alternate vintage circa 1945 RCA ribbon room pickup.

Hollywood Strings features

  • Articulations
    • Multiple finger positions for all sections including open strings
    • 3 unique styles of legato interval sampling, including never-before-sampled bow change legato, slurred legato, and portamento sliding legato, sampled at 3, 3 and 2 dynamics respectively, all with speed control
    • 5 dynamics of up- and down-bowed sustains
    • Multiple vibrato intensities
    • Up- and down-bowed notes
    • Extensive runs
    • Playable runs
    • Powerful scripting
    • Other articulations: Bartók pizzicato, Col legno, Detaché, Flautando, Harmonics, Marcato, Measured tremolo, On-the-string staccato, Pizzicato, Repetitions, Ricochet, Spiccato, Staccatissmo, Staccato, Sul ponticello tremolo, Tremolo, Trills (major and minor).
  • Instrumentation
    All sections were sampled with wide extended ranges including almost 4 octaves for violins.

    • 16 1st Violins (9/7 divisi mode)
    • 14 2nd Violins (8/6 divisi mode)
    • 10 Violas (6/4 divisi mode)
    • 10 Cellos (6/4 divisi mode)
    • 7 Basses (4/3 divisi mode)
  • Recording
    • Recorded in the famous EASTWEST STUDIOS 1
    • Neve 8078 mixing console
    • Meitner ADC converters
    • 5 user-mixable microphone positions (use as sound options): Main – Decca tree (Neumann M50s) and Brauner VM1 KHE (Klaus Heyne Edition) outriggers, Mid – Neumann KMi, Neumann KM 254, Sony C37A, Neumann U-47, Close – AKG C12, Neumann U47, Neumann U67, Nordic Audio Labs NU-47, Surround – Neumann KM 83, Alternate Room – Vintage RCA44 Ribbon
  • Pricing
    • Diamond Edition – pre-order at $1,495 USD
      All articulations and bowings; Includes five user-controllable optional mic positions; 44.1kHz 24-bit and 16-bit samples; Supplied on hard drive (List price $1,695, scheduled to ship on February 15)
    • Gold Edition – pre-order at $995 USD
      All articulations and bowings, except divisi, bow-change legato, and sordino; Includes single mic position; 44.1kHz 16-bit samples; Supplied on dual-layer DVD (List price $1,195 USD, scheduled to ship on February 26)

Hollywood Strings will be presented at the NAMM Show on January 14, 2010, and a series of tutorials demonstrating the features of the library will then be available from the SoundsOnline website.

More information: Sounds Online / Hollywood Strings

Soundsonline releases Symphonic Orchestra Free PLAY Edition

Soundsonline EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra PLAY Edition

Soundsonline has announced Symphonic Orchestra Free PLAY Edition, a free starter edition of the popular symphonic orchestra virtual instrument by EastWest/Quantum Leap.

Answer a short survey, CLICK HERE, and get a FREE starter version of the most popular professional symphonic orchestra virtual instrument ever made. It works with most sequencer/notation hosts including Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Finale, FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Sonar, etc. Or you can use it as a standalone application with your music keyboard.

If you like the starter version, you can upgrade to the Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus versions. Using the promotional code in your email, CLICK HERE, enter the promotional code and you will see the discounted price. European customers CLICK HERE. This offer expires January 31, 2010.

Of course, if you choose not to upgrade, you get to keep this version which is not time limited, and not copy protected!!

Symphonic Orchestra Free PLAY Edition is available as an instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS).

More information: Soundsonline

EastWest updates PLAY to v1.2.5

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EastWest has released version 1.2.5 of PLAY, the 64-bit sample engine featuring Advanced Streaming Engine (ASE).

Changes in PLAY v1.2.5

  • Fix for issue with Nehalem processor in new Mac Pro.
  • Logic corrupt fonts bug fixed.
  • Pro Tools sticky menus bug fixed.
  • Pro Tools blank GUI bug fixed.
  • Additional fixes to prevent stuck notes on some hosts.

Visit EastWest for more information.