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Jeroen Breebaart free Plugins Bundle—12 effect plugins for Windows

Jeroen Breebaart Plugins Bundle

Jeroen Breebaart’s collection of previously released freeware and commercial effect plugins for Windows is now available to download as a bundle.

This bundle of old(!) VST plugins is provided free of charge and comes with no warranty or support. Feel free to use these plugins, but use them at your own risk. The plugins are based on the VST 2.3 specification, and provided for Windows x86 platforms only. For improvements and completely re-designed versions of these plugins, including native support for x64 platforms, Mac OSX VST and Audio Units, please move over to ToneBoosters.

JB Bundle features

  • Auditor Pro professional metering plugin.
  • Barricade Pro multi-factor limiter.
  • FSynth Pro audio resynthesizer.
  • Isone Pro binaural simulator.
  • Red Phatt Pro dynamics processor.
  • Smash Pro spectral processor.
  • Barricade brick wall limiter.
  • Ferox tape simulator.
  • Broadcast processor.
  • SEND spectrum enhancer.
  • Omniverb reverberator.
  • Omnisone spatial processor.

More information: Jeroen Breebaart


ToneBoosters updates its effect plugins to v2.8.2

ToneBoosters has announced version 2.8.2 of its audio processing effect plug-ins.

Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception.

ToneBoosters Equalizer
The TB Equalizer is one of the VST effect plugins that was updated in v2.8.2.

Changes in v2.8.2

  • Equalizer
    • Fixed frequency labels for high and low cut filters.
    • Changed default value of Q factor to 0.71.
    • Changed default value of the frequency slider.
    • Added option to de-select all equalizer sections.
    • Added precision X/Y labels.
  • Barricade
    • Improved handling of true peaks / ISP processing.
    • Output meter now shows true peak levels if ISP switch is enabled.
    • Output ceiling control now gives the exact peak output limit.
  • EBU Loudness
    • Added G10 and G70 relative/absolute gate activity indicators.
  • All plugins [v2.8.1]
    • Fixed an issue that could cause hosts to crash when opening/editing the user interface.

ToneBoosters plug-ins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU)

More information: ToneBoosters


ToneBoosters effect plug-ins updated to v2.0.8

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ToneBoosters has updated its effect plug-ins for Windows to version 2.0.8.

ToneBoosters EBULoudness
The update includes improvements to the EBULoudness stereo and multi-channel loudness measurement plugin (compliant with ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R-128, EBU TechRep. 3341, 3342 and ATSC A/85).

Changes in ToneBoosters plug-ins v2.0.8

  • All plugins
    • Improved GUI refresh handling for lower ASIO/CPU load.
    • Small improvements in GUIs.
  • Isone
    • Fixed bug that could crash AU host on Mac when resetting output VU meter.
  • Equalizer
    • Fixed an issue that could result in incorrect screen refresh in Sonar x64 when selecting a preset.
  • EBULoudness
    • Added dedicated stereo and surround modes.
    • Improvement in true-peak detection algorithm.
    • Loudness integration time is now virtually unlimited (display time up to 2 hours).
    • Loudness history view now has a variable display time.
    • Loudness history view now has hover functionality for detailed readings.
    • Loudness history view now has select/zoom functionality.
    • Added indicators of 10% and 95% percentiles of short-term loudness.
    • Redesigned user interface.
    • Improved loudness accuracy if meter is switched to different loudness standards on the fly.
    • Added extra modes (K scales).
  • EBUCompact
    • Improvement in true-peak detection algorithm.
    • Loudness integration time is now virtually unlimited.
    • Improved loudness accuracy if meter is switched to different loudness standards on the fly.
    • Added extra modes (K scales).
  • Barricade
    • Improvement in true-peak detection algorithm and true-peak handling.
  • Module
    • Updated user interface.

More information: ToneBoosters


ToneBoosters updates plug-ins to v2.6.2 incl. Mac AU beta

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ToneBoosters has announced version 2.6.2 of its effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

All VST plugins have been updated to version 2.6.2; new downloads are available at

Changes in ToneBoosters v2.6.2

  • All plugins: Audio Units for Mac OSX available (beta!)
  • Equalizer
    • Improved readability of the equalizer graph.
    • Equalizer curves are now sample-rate aware.
    • Analog bell-shaped equalizer curve improved; better match with true analog filter.
    • Plugin now recalls the node that was modified last when re-opening the GUI.

More information: ToneBoosters


ToneBoosters releases ReelBus tape simulation effect

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ToneBoosters has released ReelBus, an analog tape simulation plugin carefully modeled after legendary Japanese and Swiss reel-to-reel recorders.

ToneBoosters ReelBus

TB ReelBus is an analog tape recording simulator that aims at accurate simulation of all properties related to tape, including its frequency and level dependent saturation, inter-modulation effects, bias dependencies, tape hiss, asperity noise, wow and flutter, and clipping of electronic circuitry. It is especially suitable for bus processing (including the master bus) to subtly sweeten and enhance the sound.

TB ReelBus currently contains 7 preset recorder simulations, which can be adjusted individually by offsetting the tape hiss, asperity noise, amount of spectrum and saturation processing, and alike.

TB ReelBus features

  • Very low-latency processing (only 4 samples delay) as a result of analog design.
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 up to 192 kHz.
  • Adjustable record level with auto level makeup option.
  • Accurate simulation of existing reel-to-reel recorders with different tape speeds.
  • Adjustable tape hiss and asperity noise levels.
  • Adjustable tape spectrum and tape saturation.
  • Adjustable wow and flutter strength.
  • Option to amplify bias strength for overbiasing.
  • Simulation of both tape saturation as well as analog circuitry clipping.
  • Calibrated analog VU meters.
  • Each and every processing element carefully modeled after analog circuits and filters.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

ReelBus for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 10 EUR.

ToneBoosters has also updated its effect plug-ins to version 2.6, featuring various improvements, additions and fixes.

More information: ToneBoosters / ReelBus


ToneBoosters plugins updated to v2.5, TB OmniSone now available

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ToneBoosters has updated its audio processing effect plugins for Windows and Mac to version 2.5, including the release of TB OmniSone.

ToneBoosters TB OmniSone

TB OmniSone is a zero-latency VST plugin to (re-)pan sound sources, even outside the loudspeaker base.

It also allows for increasing the perceived ‘width’ or spatial extent, and depending on the spectral content, may allow to subtly modify the perceived height of a source. Simply position the handles to change the desired position of each input signal, and use the mouse wheel to modify the spatial width.

Changes in ToneBoosters plug-ins v2.5

  • All plugins
    • VU meter peak hold values have been extended beyond the visible range for more accurate peak tracking.
    • Various CPU load optimizations.
    • All GUIs have been enhanced.
    • Plugins are now compatible with OSX Lion.
    • No more PPC support on Mac.
    • Fixed mousewheel control of knobs with non-linear behavior.
  • Barricade
    • Added new auto-saturation module for better transparency and warmer character.
    • Added quantizer/dithering/perceptual noise shaping modules for high-quality bit-depth reduction.
    • CPU load reduction for true-peak / ISP detection.
    • Output gain parameter changed to maximum output peak variable for more consistent gain handling.
  • OmniSone
    • First release of OmniSone spatial image processor
  • De-Esser
    • Complete re-design of de-essing algorithm – please check settings for DAW projects created with older DeEsser releases.
    • DeEsser now functions indepedent of signal levels (as opposed to a multi-band compressor approach).
    • Added GUI elements to visualize the detected amount of sibilance.
    • Added control to change amount of de-essing independent from threshold/sensitivity.
    • Listen mode now only passes the removed sibilance as output.
  • EBULoudness and EBUCompact
    • Resolved plugin reset issue in some hosts when stopping playback.
    • Removed gating mechanism from ATSC A/85 mode for ATSC standard compliance.
    • CPU load reduction.
  • Compressor and EZCompressor
    • Added a new vintage/classic compressor mode for colored compression, especially suitable for buss processing and to glue tracks together.

TB OmniSone for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to download at no cost.

More information: ToneBoosters / OmniSone


Toneboosters plugins updated to v2.4

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Toneboosters has updated its VST audio processing plugins to version 2.4.

Changes in v2.4

  • All plugins – Many improvements in resource management and GUI updates.
  • EZQ
    • Fixed bug to open web page twice when clicking on info button.
    • Added activate/deactivate functionality to the draggable node.
  • Isone and Isone Surround
    • Improvement in HRTF transfer functions and early reflections simulation.
    • Added output VU meter (Isone) to identify signal levels and clipping.

More information: Toneboosters