Dream Audio Tools has announced that its Dream Rythms and Dark Dreams sample libraries are 40% off in the last week of its 3-week sale.

Dream Audio Tools Sale

  • Dream Rythms is a modular library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring more than one hundred combinable rhythms and sequences, including warped keys, guitars, synths, basses, kicks and percussive elements. Elements can be layered to obtain complex rhythms and textures. The included multis are a great example of how Dream Rythms can be combined.
  • Dark Dreams is the brand new library featuring cinematic designed raw percussion samples, hits and sound effects. Think dark. Think raw. Think playable. Metallic hits, Klangs, Slams, Bottoms, Ambience hits, Big hits, unprocessed bits and a large variety of designed patches for Kontakt 4 and above.

Dark Rythms is now on sale for 14.90 EUR, Dark Dreams is 20 EUR until June 7th, 2013.

More information: Dream Audio Tools