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Review: Ample Guitar M by Ample Sound

Only about a year after Ample Sound first launched, it has already managed to produce no less than 5 virtual guitar instrument libraries. After doing a set of three electric guitars (Fender Strat, Gibson Les … read more

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Review: Patchpool Diversity for Diversion

I am always excited to see what Simon Stockhausen of Patchpool can do when he gets his fingers on a new synthesizer plug-in. After hearing some of the teaser sound clips, I knew the Diversion … read more

Review: Loopmasters Hip Hop Instrumentals 2

London based record producer and recording artist Chemo is back with the second volume of Hip Hop Instrumentals, a collection of 10 construction kits. Each construction kit has everything you need to build inspirational Hip … read more

Review: Joseph Hollo’s Padsheaven for Zebra

Arte Nuovo’s Joseph Hollo has recently released Padsheaven, a soundset for the Zebra 2.5 software synthesizer by u-he. An ultimate collection of useful lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes from a multiple golden and … read more

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Review: Toontrack The Blues EZX

Toontrack’s latest expansion for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0 is The Blues EZX, a sound library featuring two drum kits and MIDI grooves played by seasoned drummer Hans Lindbäck. The Blues EZX comes with two … read more

Review: Native Instruments MASCHINE mk2

First there was the Maschine, then came Maschine Mikro, and now Native Instruments has updated both to mk2 with new software features, an improved controller, and additional hardware accessories. For those who have never heard … read more

Review: Boxed Ear Sys100 for Kontakt

Boxed Ear has recently released Sys100, a sound library featuring the System 100 analog synthesizer by Roland. Sys100 is a Kontakt library made entirely with the incredible Roland System 100 semi-modular analog synthesizer and we … read more

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Review: Luftrum 9 soundset for u-he DIVA

Ever since hearing some of his patches for Camel Audio’s Alchemy, Søren Hybel aka Luftrum has been on my radar. With Luftrum 9, users of u-he’s virtual analog DIVA synthesizer now have a chance to … read more

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Review: D16 Group LuSH-101 multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer plugin

D16 Group’s LuSH-101 is probably one of the most anticipated synthesizer plug-in of 2012. Since the initial announcement of the synth (then named Shioiter) over three years ago, it has been a long wait with … read more

Review: Waveformless Soundware DIVA Prima

Waveformless Soundware’s latest offering is DIVA Prima, a collection of sounds for u-he’s virtual analog DIVA software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. DIVA Prima is a testiment to the flexibilty of u-he’s creation. Chunky Minimoog … read more

Review: u-he The Dark Zebra soundset by Hans Zimmer & Howard Scarr

Users of Zebra have no shortage in sounds for this virtual modular synthesizer. Thousands of patches are available in both free and commercial soundsets. U-he’s latest offering – The Dark Zebra, is a little more … read more

Review: June Miller Dark Complex Drum & Bass sample pack

I’ve been following Bart van Dijk and Mark McCann on SoundCloud for a while now. Collaborating under the alias “June Miller”, the two have been steadily gaining momentum in the drum and bass and dubstep … read more

Review: Soundiron Rust 3 for Kontakt

Soundiron’s Rust 3 is the latest in its series of found-sound percussion sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. With this grand 3rd volume, we set out to conquer powerful bass and rich musical tone, recording … read more

Review: Samplephonics Analogue Witchcraft by Paul Rez

Tons of sample libraries are released week in week out, and I reckon it’s getting increasingly harder to get noticed. Still, every once in a while there’s a sample library that grabs my attention. Since … read more

Review: Tone2 Saurus virtual analog synthesizer plug-in

In many ways there is a world of difference between hardware and software. Feel, size & weight, smell(?!), price… But as far as sound quality goes, virtual analog synthesizer plug-ins are increasingly becoming more like … read more

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Review: Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02

For SFX Collection 02, the guys of Wave Alchemy collaborated with producer Matt Lange of IsoRhythm, to deliver a library of sound effects for electronic music, cinematic scores, and game audio productions. SFX Collection 02 … read more

Review: Bronto Scorpio Music Future Retro soundset for u-he Diva

Dennis Harms aka Bronto Scorpio has contributed many patches to various u-he plug-ins — including Zebra and Uhbik, and some of his sounds are also included in the third party patches that ship with Diva, … read more

Review: Rado Records Epic Battle – Cinematic percussion sample library

Nick Moritz of Rado Records has just released his first commercial sample library: Epic Battle. Epic Battle is a compact cinematic percussion sound library which is intended to add an epic spirit to any composition. … read more

Review: Boxed Ear Mighty M5 for Kontakt

Professional musician and sound designer Rory Dow recently launched his new company Boxed Ear with the release of Mighty M5, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Mighty M5 was made with samples from the … read more

Review: u-he More Feedback Machine 2

Dan Worall’s recent introduction video for More Feedback Machine 2 reminded me I never posted a review for this most excellent effect plug-in from u-he. As the name hints, this plug-in is all about delay … read more

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