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Multiples EDrums Kit Arsenal released

Multiples EDrums Kit Arsenal

Multiples has introduced E|Drums: Kit Arsenal, a drum sample library.

E|Drums: Kit Arsenal represents a huge step forward in my creation process of drum sounds.

3611 one shot drum sounds created using the Kong drum machine in reason.

They were then put through 10 different effects processes in order to complete the full pack.

The sample pack is available to purchase at Sampleism for £3 GBP.

More information: E|Drums: Kit Arsenal


Multiples Rexarama free REX sample packs at MrTheBigMan

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Multiples Rexarama

MrTheBigMan has introduced Rexarama, a collection of Multiples sample packs featuring a free REX loops.

In the continuing build up to the full release of Multiples 2.0 I have been exploring a number of additional sample formats.

First out of the blocks is the .rex format created by Propellerheads.

So I have taken the loops from Padded Cell Rebirth, EDrums Mini vol2, EDrums 3 and ELoops XL and converted them to this format for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t forget to join the Multiples 2.0 mailing list to be kept up to date with the release of Multiples 2.0 and of course the 4 samplepacks that will be available then also.

More information: MrTheBigMan / Rexarama


MrTheBigMan intros Multiples Padded Cell: Rebirth free sample pack

Multiples Padded Cell: Rebirth

MrTheBigMan has released Padded Cell : Rebirth, a free 1.5 GB collection of rhythmic pads, one shot samples and performance loops.

Padded Cell has allowed me to release some of the most avante garde of sounds since its inception late last year and as one of the most downloaded products in the range, I wanted to take a look at it again and freshen it up a little.

The premise is simple, releasing top quality rhythmical pads that can be used in a variety of music but that can also be called ‘weird’.

Rebirth is the culmination of all of the hard work I have been putting into all of the sample-packs I have released over the last year and see’s a shift in not only the quality but how they can be easily used as beds for the best of tracks.

In this installment, I have not only included rhythmical loops for your use but also one shot samples taken from those loops and additional loops made from those one shot samples.

Padded Cell: Rebirth features

  • 100 Rhythmical Loops
  • 120 One Shot samples
  • 50 One Shot loops

The sample pack is available as a free download.

More information: MrTheBigMan


MrTheBigMan releases Dust: Skanner free sample pack

MrTheBigMan has released Dust: Skanner, a free sample library featuring soundscapes and drones made with the Skanner Reaktor ensemble by Native Instruments.

Multiples Dust: Skanner

Late last year, Native Instruments dropped what can only be described as one of the best synthesisers that their Reaktor platform had ever been devised.

But it went below the radar for some as it became another Reaktor monster with a learning curve.

Not for MrTheBigMan.

This new package contains some of the best sounds this synth has to offer across pad sounds that would make users of Padded Cell cry and multi-samples recorded meticulously to bring you some of the best premium sample sounds for free.

Dust: Skanner features

  • 100 pad sounds over 32 bars.
  • 10 Bass sounds sampled at c1-c4.
  • 10 Lead sounds sampled at c2-c4.
  • Total of 612 samples, 720 MB content.
  • Available in .WAV, Kontakt 4 and Reason 6 Refill varieties.

Dust: Skanner is a free download from MrTheBigMan.

More information: MrTheBigMan


MrTheBigMan releases E|DRUMS S03 sample pack

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MrTheBigMan E|DRUMS S03

MrTheBigMan has released E|DRUMS S03, a free sample pack.

I used the Arturia Minimoog emulation to create all of he sounds and then recorded them through my preamp before effecting the sounds in Ableton Live.

I have also added all of the hits I used when making E|Loops XL01 to the pack as well because I hadn’t released them and they are very nice indeed, made fully using the Microtonic drum synthesiser.

E|DRUMS S03 features

  • Synth Pack – 125 hits covering Kick, Snares and Percussion.
  • E|Loops Pack – 161 hits covering kicks through to Found Sounds.
  • Overall – 286 Hits @ 56.6mb.

The E|DRUMS S03 sample pack is a free download at MrTheBigMan.

More information: MrTheBigMan


MrTheBigMan releases Padded Cell L04

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MrTheBigMan Padded Cell L04

MrTheBigMan has released Padded Cell L04, a free sample pack.

In the pursuit of writing my next record I came across a few new synths with which to mangle sounds and this led to the sound you will hear in this current release of Padded Cell.

Having ran a multitude of loops through Graincube I then harnessed the power of Skanner by Native Instruments. Once this was completed, I ran all of them through Guitar Rig which sealed the deal on some of the best rhythmic and quite plain out there sound design samples I could manage.

Padded Cell 04L includes 50 Loops at 32 bars long sampled at 120bpm. The sample pack is a free download at MrTheBigMan (428 MB).

More information: MrTheBigMan / Padded Cell L04


MrTheBigMan releases E|Loops XL01

MrTheBigMan E|Loops XL01

MrTheBigMan has released E|Loops XL01, a collection of free loops.

After wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.

I received quite a lot of things over the Christmas period that quite frankly, can be beaten with a stick.

E|Loops XL01 features

  • Full Mix Loops – 86 loops recorded at 120bpm – 219.5mb.
  • Kick & Snare – 144 loops recorded at 120bpm – 196.6mb.
  • Hats & Toms – 137 loops recorded at 120bpm – 213.3mb.
  • Tom FX & Found Sounds – 90 loops recorded at 120bpm – 158.1mb.
  • Total – 457 loops @ 787.5mb.

E|Loops XL01 is a free download from MrTheBigMan.

More information: MrTheBigMan